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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. another live chat with Youku uploaded !


    I actually like Xiu Min more and more. He's so adorable and bright. Chen gets on my nerves because he doesnt make the effort to do anything! Xiu Min isn't fluent but he makes the effort and talks a lot and acts really cute!
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  2. Xiu Min is very adorable. And hakkangin, we are not allowed to post download links so you should edit your post from kn2blog before a mod sees it, haha. I'll be watching the rest of the Sohu (almost typed Suho hah) interview now. I loved when the host was like "translate Oppa Saranghayeo".

    And I will wait to watch the latest EXO-M chat till it is subbed somewhere. If it is not by Friday night then I will watch it, haha.

    And EXO-K on MNet! Performing History and MAMA (amazing and flawless like always) [EDIT: I did not see you already posted it in the other thread hakkangin! I should check the other thread first now] and on Mnet News. It's a short interview but not subbed. Chanyeol has such a deep speaking voice.

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  3. I grabbed my Chinese friend to watch this with me! Lol. Apparently when Tao first came to Korea, he didn't know any Korean except from those on the tv series. The first person he saw was Xiumin and he shouted 'Ooopa, anyohaseyo!' which shocked Xiumin because only gays and girls do that !
  4. Oops. I just now fell in love with D.O too. I really need to stop doing this!
  5. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's performance on MuBank because MuBank have a no mime policy so we'll finally hear them live haha. I don't know why they mimed on inki and m countdown, sigh. We all know they have the talent. I heard they had to record the Inki performance 6 times because things kept going wrong. Poor guys.
  6. I am excited for Music Bank as well. I am sure they will be great live. And that sucks they had to keep doing the performance over, I hope they don't get discouraged!

    And big bang, please stay away from my man D.O. You can admire from afar though, haha. But really, you will probably have a moment when you realize you love all of them, it'll just keep happening member by member. They are that great~

    And I still haven't watched EXO-M's Youku live chat. I probably will tomorrow though. I really need an EXO variety show!
  7. EXO on Music Bank: History & MAMA. I am sure they were very nervous, they did a good job for their first proper live. So proud of them~ And My D.O looked so amazing (when does he not though!?) but especially during MAMA.
  8. They didn't sound too great during History. But Mama wasn't too bad.
  9. History was awful. But they are rookies I'm sure they'll get better! Kai sounds like he can't sing at all though.

  10. History was a hot mess though :D
  11. They really got their shit together on Music Core!

  12. Far from perfect, but a HUGE improvement overall. Can't wait to see how they progress over time.
  13. Much much better on MuCore. I knew they'd do better. Crazy how much they were sweating at the start of the performance though. I think EXO is the first group I've supported since debut, it'll feel weird watching them grow ha.
  14. They are already improving with every performance! I still love MAMA & History a lot. EXO-K are already in my Top 30 most played artists ever. I could listen to D.O's voice all day. I hope we get more performances from EXO-M. I've loved their interviews though.

    And EXO were the first group I've stanned/ been a fan of since before debut, haha.

    And Kai, Luhan and Sehun with YoonA:
    They all look so cute.
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  15. I normally don't do the whole 'couples' thing (oh of course I do) but I'm loving Taoris:


    This group have turned me into an obsessed fanboy.
  16. Soon everyone is the K-Pop subforum will be obsessed with EXO. They are just too good and so stannable. And I love every EXO pairing but HunHan has a special place in my heart along with D.O and Kai, haha.

    And Xiu MIn and Lay (with Greg) dancing in the cloud room predebut to Jay Sean's Maybe. I love Lay with long hair. I wouldn't mind if he grew his hair out like that again. Lay and Minho are the only two guys in K-Pop I think look equally great with long or short hair.


  17. I kind of wish that Tao and Kris are a couple in real life :D
  18. I am absolutely here for that.
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