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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Chen looks very cute in that school picture! And I love Chanyeol in the Genie video. The pictures of Kris, Luhan, Lay, D.O and Baekhyun look the most different. I think D.O just lost weight though. The same with Lay.

    But really, these Korean surgeons are amazing. Even if someone looks really different from pre-debut and you know they got surgery, they look amazing and like they haven't had plastic surgery (except for Bom...).

    And thanks for pasting that interview hakkangin, they are getting better at interviews! They all looked really great. Luhan's smile is amazing.
  2. I only seem to be getting more and more obsessed.

    I'm surprised I haven't seen any comments about how much Suho looks like Taec!

    By the way me and D.O are now secretly dating, I went to visit him and he was so happy to see me:

  3. Post pics of all of them with names.
  4. EXO-M






  5. EXO-K






  6. And stay away from my man big bang, haha!
  7. Kai is so weird looking in the best possible way. Is he fully Korean?
  8. Kai is stunning. Yes, he's fully korean
  9. i am starting to love Suho. hes really handomse
  10. Suho is my favourite. Guardian angel Joonmyun!
  11. I just want all of Exo-M.

    Chen's bone structure is ridiculous.
  12. Ceir I love your avatar. remember when she was in Mamma Mia!
  13. Everyone in EXO-M is very attractive. I love everyone is EXO-K/M but D.O is my fave, Chanyeol is second. Then it gets confusing trying to think who I like more than the other.

    And today is Tao's birthday! So send him your b-day wishes.

    And for all of you dying to have the MAMA look, here you go.
  14. D.O singing a bit of Billionaire. Bruno Mars who?? And also singing a bit of Keep Your Head Down. I love his English voice. His "Hello, I'm D.O" before singing the bit of KYHD sounded very cute.

    And D.O, Beakhyun and Suho singing the amazing Angel live.
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    I shouldn't be as excited as I am.

    And both groups combined sales are now over 100k, must be some kind of record for a debut group!
  16. [video=youtube;emYbdv-hKbQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emYbdv-hKbQ[/video]

    Even though it was mimed, I love this. They're really a force to be reckoned with as 12.

    They're currently in LA and went to Disneyland!

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  17. Who is the tall member of EXO-M (the one who looks like Chansung of 2PM)? I saw him in an interview and he is the cutest thing!

    I agree they are awesome as a 12 member band but i'm always drawn to EXO-M instead of EXO-K. They collectively look better than EXO-K and also seem more like individuals. For some reason the songs also sound much better in Mandarin.

    I think SM should have debuted them first as a 12 Member band instead of separating them at first.
  18. That's Chanyeol, he's pretty much one of the most adorable creatures on the planet!

    And yeah I agree, as much as I love the members of EXO-K, I prefer EXO-M.
  19. ^ I hope we are talking about Tao.
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