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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Oh yes! Mixed up the group haha Speaking of, they were both in full on fan-service mode at SMTOWN LA:

  2. Of course they're good at fan-service. Super Junior and SHINee taught them well.

    Though, I sadly doubt one of the members is going to turn into Heechul and makeout with everyone.
  3. Decent performance, They worked the pyramid hard haha.
  4. [​IMG]

    I am convinced he just came into existence by strolling out of a manga. SM must be patting themselves on the back for finding him.

    Anyway EXO-M on Happy Camp subbed, pretty funny, I think it was recorded a while back:


    And EXO combined have sold 130k in Korea! So impressive. I'd love to know EXO-M's Chinese sales. I think they all need to conclude MAMA promotion soon though!

    I really underestimated how much I'd be playing this mini, Angel and History I especially play regularly.

    [/completely obsessed]
  5. The mini is still FLAWLESS. And EXO-K are having their goodbye stages this week. Their goodbye stage for M Countdown:

    So proud of what they have accomplished. They've improved a lot. Their last stage will be Sunday on Inki. I hope they comeback with something amazing and some of the other songs we heard in their pre-debut teasers!

    And EXO-M Ifeng interview.
  6. They performed Angel in London, they lip-synced but it has great choreography, I mean Kai:

    MAMA was kinda sang live, great energy:

    From what I can gather the crowd were great and EXO seemed thrilled at the response.

    (The fancams of them being followed around London made me cringe though, why must K-pop fans be so crazy and embarrassing haha)
  7. What's going on with these guys? I'm a casual fan so it wasn't until recently that I started wondering about their popularity in Korea. Seems like they haven't charted as well as I thought there and Exo-M are more successful in China.

    I really think that they're the best boy band out there at the moment by far!
  8. They'll have a comeback sometime next month according to rumours.

    They are ridiculously popular in Korea for a group that only debuted this year. They've sold more mini albums than any other debut group in Korea. Even EXO-M's mini sold really well in Korea, outselling all the rookies. (It's safe to say they rely on their album buying fanbase though, their singles aren't commercial in the slightest).

    I do really love them but I think they have a long way to go yet, MAMA was an awful debut track, they need to be allowed to sing live, and they need to really establish themselves and what they're about. But they have huge potential and I'm so excited for their comeback.
  9. History was the best thing from their mini. I keep seeing new posts about Exo-M doing interviews in China, so I guess they're still milking their debut for all it's worth. I'd like for them to actually evolve into two separate groups instead of just releasing the same thing.

    I still haven't bothered to learn the names of the Exo-K members. I'll continue to stan for Exo-M.
  10. I have to agree that 'History' is the best thing to come from them so far. The song and choreography are amazing! I'm also glad to hear that they're popular as it seems SM has invested a lot in them.

    I wonder if we'll get to hear some of the songs that feature in their teasers. 'Let Out The Beast' and 'El Dorado' sound amazing.
  11. That makes two of us.
  12. It's been over a year since someone posted here! I will post good news.

    EXO Breaks 12-Year Drought, “XOXO” Becomes Million Seller.
    EXO has sold 1 million copies of their album, “XOXO.”

    Amazing. So happy they are doing so well. 2013 was the year of EXO!
  13. 3Xs


    1 million of... XOXO (Korean Ver.), XOXO (Chinese Ver.), XOXO Repackage (Korean Ver.), XOXO Repackage (Chinese Ver.)?

    Congrats though?
  14. Yes, there are a lot of versions, haha, but people still bought them! I think repackages counting are odd but that many people buying a groups album(s) is a good thing.
  15. 3Xs


    Well it was definitely EXO's year, no denying that.
  16. They're growing on me..
  17. 3Xs


    You mean Growl is growing on you, right? haha.

    I think that's how everyone feels. Even me who was one of their biggest doubters last year has started to come around to them. Mainly because Growl was just so undeniable. I was watching K.Will perform it and couldn't help but think Growl is the song a million male pop stars would kill for. That chorus is just glorious. Maybe the closest K-Pop has come to approximating the effortless cool of Dr. Dre.

    Of course, Howl is as diabolically awful as Growl is amazing, so I'm not on the train just yet, but Miracles In December was definitely another foot in the right direction. I'm hoping they can keep it up in 2014.
  18. I've never took much interest in EXO, but in the past week I've suddenly became obsessed with Growl. It's in my head all the time too. I think I must have heard it in some 2013 round up video and it just randomly clicked with me. Diddnt the first time I heard it.
  19. I'm glad Growl got a lot of people's attention! It's a great song and the video and choreography are fantastic.

    And their album is great (at least to these ears, I love 2PM & U-KISS so my taste is very different from the average K-PJ-er) but EXO's Black Pearl, Don't Go, My Lady, Let Out the Beast and Heart Attack are all great/nice album tracks.
  20. Their album tracks are much better than their singles (bar Growl). Also, I tolerate them because Lay is in this band and he is a heavenly creature.
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