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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. I love Lay but D.O is my fave. He is beautiful and has the voice of an angel! Chanyeol is a close second. But I love them all.

    And their performance of With You on Immortal Song was one of my favorite K-Pop things of 2013:

  2. Tao and Sehun teaser photos are out.



    The maknae line is looking very good. I can't wait for Kyungsoo's. I am glad they will be promoting separately as EXO-K/EXO-M. I want more members to shine and it's hard when there are 12 in a song/MV.
  3. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been resurrected for EX'ACT.

    Currently jamming to Artificial Love.
  4. I don't get why coffee was such a central theme to it but snatch those coffee shop sales ddd.
  5. Sehun did a photoshoot.
  6. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    My theory is that SM's intern is responsible for all of EXO's universes and they pitched in the suggestion for a coffee shop au after noticing the fans are very into it. The same intern that lost the Mr. Mr. video, in my opinion.
  7. They are the highest ranking Kpop group and the only one in top 20 on United World Chart for 2017

    Also Universe already got 2 Music Show wins without any promo
  8. Nearly ten milions for Sheeran. Tragic...
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  9. January 24th needs to hurry up.
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  10. They pushed it to 31st
  11. That's homophobic.
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    I’m pretty impressed by how well Universe held up, considering it’s just a winter release? Like the only thing keeping the album from having all kills on Melon was Ko Ko Bop kii, and apparently it drew in some 40+/50+ year old listeners, which is always a fun thing to see.
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  13. Dance Practice + Full version @Ceir

  14. Not me bopping in my chair at 6:50am.

    The ad-libs and the extra production in the last chorus...I like it.

    I forgot how tall Chanyeol and Sehun are though. Xiumin looked like a hobbit.
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    eccentricsimply Staff Member

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  16. I'm done with my wig being snatched.

    The old songs compliment so well with the new releases and Into My World is amazing
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  17. "It was said that EXO (and CL) were the most fit to perform at and decorate the closing ceremony at a competition that represents the world."

    Wig! Unless they perform Ko Ko Bop in February.
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