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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by imnotshy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. eck


    Am I the only person semi-hoping Lay will make a cameo appearance at the Olympics? After all, it's gonna be held in Beijing in 2022.
  2. eck


    No Lay, but at least the Growl/Power performance was sick to close the ceremony.
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  3. The gays want a Sehun solo.
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  4. 1. E.X.O (intro)
    2. What Up
    3. Hey (feat. Jimin)
    4. Break It Downna
    5. Uh
    6. E.X.O (Instrumental which is basically the first track)

    I would stan his mini.
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  5. We love the gay agenda.
  6. Bless this choreo.


    I need a comeback btw.
  7. eck


    CBX is coming back soon, EXO has a variety show soon (about time), and Xiumin is doing his stint with Daniel Kang and other stars on It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.
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  8. I just recently found out that Hey Mama! is such a bop and CBX's first mini is quite good. So I'm excited for their comeback.

    Also I really like Baekhyun nn.
  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I am disowning you. After stanning Super Junior, now you stan Bacon too???

    I don't even remember why I dislike Baekhyun so much ddddd. He has a good voice though.
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  11. Okay but this is actually a bop:

    + Hey Mama, Rhythm After Summer, and Ka-Ching were all bops, so hopefully the serve 2-3 more.
  12. Yas! I stan Baek quite a bit too but he’s hated here so I keep it to myself. Their both JPN and KOR minis were pretty good so I have high expectations
  13. Their mini was flawless and even the Japanese album had some bops so I'm excited. Also I've been a Baekhyun stan from day 1 and I will not apologize!

    (I will, he's problematic and I'm sorry but he's so cute and funny + has the best voice)
  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Me during the MAMA era. Before I joined the Church of EXO-M. Kii.
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  15. I had dual citizenship in the EXO universe as a Baek/Tao (RIP) stan! Still religiously stan Tao too tho.

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  16. eck


    I'm pretty sure I will be crucified but the I like Kai the least. The guy can dance but his singing feels like it's autotuned for the most part.

    That or his natural voice sounds like autotune.

    Also, episode one of It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets starts in a few hours in Korea (feat. Xiumin and Wanna One's Daniel), supposedly the new single for CBX is released today.

    8th April marks the 6th year for EXO.
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  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I love having taste and stanning the (2nd) main dancer and the main vocal of the nation.

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  18. eck


    I am ready.

    Today is also the 6th anniversary for Exo! Hopefully there will be way more to come.
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