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Exposing Pop-Related References!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Ever feel like you're missing out on a big insider joke? Then come on in...

    Ever feel like you want to contribute to a conversation, but just can't quite grasp what's going on? Then look no further...

    Ever feel like a plastic bag? Actually, I can't help you out with that.

    * * *

    Welcome to Exposing Pop-Related References: Your one-stop guide to every joke and inside detail you need to equip yourself with on the Popjustice Forums! Do you find yourself scrolling through page after page of conversations that everyone seems to be delighting in, but you don't get the references being made? Now it's your time to ask!

    From vanilla candles to 'disrespectful fuks', this thread can be used liberally to educate. Think of it as almost like a crash-course for understanding the running sub-context that often underpins the Popjustice Forums. I feel like this would work better as a give and take sort of thread, where people can just post images/videos/stories of hilarious or 'iconic' chat-worthy content that they feel like everyone needs to see, but also to ask questions about certain pop-related phrases etc that they keep seeing around, but haven't a clue what they mean. For example, there was a sad time when I didn't know why people would, on occasion, spontaneously start referring to everything Britney Spears liked as being 'cool', 'funky', or 'fun. But then I discovered why...


    And everything was made clear! What a great day it was to discover that gem.

    * * *

    That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about! Light-hearted stuff. Stuff that'll make people laugh, and may also help to bring people together - almost like a cross-fanbase bonding! Stuff that doesn't require too much explanation or detail, and that people can appreciate and have a laugh at, regardless of whether they're invested in the artist/group or not.

    In the 'Random Pop Thoughts' thread, I made reference to a few potential starting points for those who don't particularly invest in the UK girl group scene outside of the music, like myself. Such as the Sugababes 4.0 'Windows 7' adverts, Mollie King's 'Ghetto Princess' reference, and basically anything from Girls Aloud's 'Off The Record' footage - particularly Nadine's classic 'neck' comment as she leans out of a moving car.

    Sound good? Anything fun will be appreciated, but it probably wouldn't be best to totally spam the thread with things relating to only one artist/group - mix it up! Although this will definitely be pop-related, once (...if!) 'Off Topic' returns, and if this thread is still knocking around, if Mods feel like it would be better suited in there, I'd have no problems with it being moved.

    * * *

    Over to you. Enjoy!

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  2. Good idea for a thread! I got 15 seconds into that Sugababes video before I had to stop.
  3. K94



    That's Mariah covered.
  4. Did Siobhan really jump out of a window? Did she hurt herself in the process?
  5. What the fuck is MDNA?
  6. Thanks! It was inspired from the recent confusion surrounding Brandy and, erm, vehicles. Speaking of which, for anyone who sees any traffic-related comment in reference to Brandy, and hasn't a clue what it means, then look here...

    And you're missing out! The 'Shake It' one is so hilariously cringey, it makes my eyes bleed. The clip-art! The font! The acting!
  7. There was a rumour for years that she climbed out of a bathroom window (rather than jumped) in Tokyo when she'd had enough of Mutya and Keisha's pig-latin bullshit. She has since claimed it's untrue. I like to think she's lying.
  8. Why thank you, SunshineConcubine.
  9. Great idea for a thread. The Britney and Mariah videos are amazing. The Sugababes one... not so much.
  10. "LIES!!"
  11. Oh no-no-no-no-no-no!
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member


  13. K94


    I had to watch back a little to get it - I'm dying. Queen K was not here for Amelle's shit.
  14. I love this YouTube comment on that video:

    then a second comment to clarify:
  15. Why did Keisha do that?
  16. K94


    Amelle completely messed up her middle 8.
  17. Oh Christ, it's been so long since I've listened to the atrocious 'Get Sexy' that I didn't even realise!
  18. Interviewer: That's Avril Lavigne! She would do that.

    Mariah: Really? Oh. I wasn't talking about her. The person I was talking about was actually really cool.

    Interviewer: Christina Aguilera?

    Mariah: No. *Turns around and plays with hair* But, anyway!

  19. Mariah is incredible. Seriously. She's a genius.


    A WASP?!

    [starting at about 0:20]
  20. LJB


    Replace Sarah with Keisha and that screencap would make the best Sugababes line-up.
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