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◇ Eyes On Me: The IZ*ONE Rate ◇ Top 20!!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eatyourself, May 3, 2021.

  1. Ballot senT

    Album Averages:

    COLOR*IZ (7,7)
    11 x 1
    5,25 x 1

    EART*IZ (8,8)
    10 x 2
    6,5 x 1

    LOOM*IZ (8,0)
    9,25 x 1
    5,25 x 1

    neiric Diary (7,2)
    8,50 x1
    5,25 x 1

    ne-reeler / Act IV (8,7)
    9,25 x 2
    8,25 x3

    welve (7,6)
    9 x 1
    6,5 x 2

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  2. hey hey hey! it is I, the slightly less popular host of this rate! technically y'all have like 2 hours left to vote but updating the spreadsheet takes like 5 minutes so if there's anyone who hasn't finished yet but feels like they'll be ready by tomorrow I can totally wait! @thommyh @Vixen
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  3. I can definitely make it by tomorrow!! I wound up sleeping longer than I intended but you can expect this in your inbox ASAP.mp3
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  4. I'm probably going to be able to send my scores today, if you want them, @Joli Chat!
  5. yes, I do!!
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  7. If you had to bet money on which IZ*ONE song is the most disliked on this sub-forum, which Japanese song would it be?



    WIZ*ONE: @Ana Raquel (9) @soratami (8) @Remorque (7.5)
    IZ*GONE: @BeingNormal (1) @savilizabeths (2)

    @eatyourself: 6
    @Joli Chat: 6.75

    The first song to leave our flowering rate is Vampire, IZ*ONE's third Japanese single released on September 25, 2019. The physical single had 8 versions and 4 b-sides (Love Bubble, Kimi Igai, Shigaisen Nanka Buttobase and Fukigen Lucy). It peaked #1 on Japan Hot 100 and on Oricon in its release week. It was produced by Yasushi Akimoto, who's responsible of many AKB singles.
    I'll be honest here... there's not much to say about this one. The production's crunchiness was at its peak here and the girls sound like they're underwater. Even then, I don't think a good mastering could salvage this. It's not memorable at all. Highest scorer @Ana Raquel says "This is such a guilty pleasure to me for absolutely no reason whatsoever?????" and I can understand - there's no reason to like this. @Love Deluxe asks you all kindly not to tag You Know Who: "Please God no one summon that devil imagery person when this gets eliminated at #49, haven't the girls suffered enough!" You almost got the spot right, unnie. @ultraviolet wonders "What is this disorganized mess" while @drod93 thinks "Not only does it sound so cluttered, they also sound like literal five year olds at some points". And to close off we visit @BeingNormal's tea shop: "Hate this one so much, at least Buenos Aires is boppy while this one just go nowhere." And that's that on that!

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  8. I think there's a competent creepy-cute song in there somewhere. It just needed to be... completely re-recorded with different production and vocals ddd (they can keep the strings though).
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  9. I thought one of the Japanese b-sides would be going first, not that. I wonder if we're about to see all the non-Suki to Iwasetai Japanese songs get eliminated one after the other nn
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  10. Do Sureba Tea should be the last Japanese one standing.
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  11. It's not realistic, though it definitely should be the second last, and hopefully it'll hang on for a bit at least.
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  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Off to a great start!
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  13. Great start. The rest of that album should go next <3. Also, didn't I send commentary for Vampire?? Or it doesn't matter because I basically said the same thing about every song in that bizarre album. kii
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  14. You absolutely did, I have included it now. Though yes, you did send basically the same commentary for every japanese track ddd. Consistency!
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  15. Wasn't Vampire the last thing they released before the PD48 scandal? Truly a cursed song!
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  16. I will hate these results won't i

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  17. 49.


    @Remorque (9) @ysev (8,5)
    @Slice of Life (3) @codecat (3,75)

    @eatyourself (5,5)
    @Joli Chat (4)

    Our next elimination is none other than Buenos Aires *pretends to be shocked*, capital city of Argentina, home to like… a million people, but most importantly, IZ*ONE’s 2nd Japanese single, I’ll be honest here, I don’t know how some of you clock Vampire for being a mess when Buenos Aires exists, but I guess ya’ll just hate a Sakura center (jk!). As for the song, where to begin… It just sounds like a noticeably worstly(?) mixed AKB48 song, with the “Bueh’nos Aires Bueh’nos Aires” bit being quite gritty to the ears and, of course, the sound engineer who mixed this, I mean, I used audacity for like two years and probably could’ve done better, THAT SAID, when they said “tetetete que guay”? wig.

    Have I told you guys about this theory that Buenos Aires’ lyrics are inspired by Wong Kar Wai's movie 'Buenos Aires', About 2 gay Hong Kong men who travel to Buenos Aires to start a new life? IZ*ONE true allies till the end, IZ*GONERS you’re all homophobic! Let’s see what you guys have to say about Good Airs:

    (8) bops to the Land of Silver saying “Yeah yeah the mix is shitty as hell, but it is kinda a bop”, I’ll be honest with you here, I don’t hear it lol; next is @drod93 (4) “There’s a lot going on, but it’s all mostly bad.” Ok hermana, but what about when they said “tetetete que guay!”??? I thought that was lovely… @ultraviolet (5) thinks Buenos Aires is an ok city, but it could use some work “Listenable, but still a mess”, tea. @Slice of Life (3) just wants to talk to IZ*ONE's management: "Who chose this is as a single??? I just wanna talk." I'll go with you unnie, we WILL get an answer to this mess!

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  18. Some of y'all have never been to Bull-Nosed Ayrez and it shows
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  19. U know what, Buenos Aires is actually kind of a little bop. A horribly mixed one, but still. Some other Japanese songs could have left before it!
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  20. Yeah, I didn't expect this to be the second one out. I mean, it's awful, but also kinda memorable, kii.
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