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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eatyourself, May 3, 2021.

  1. Slow Journey is cute!! Is it something I go back to a lot? Not really. Am I gutted it's gone? No. But it's cute and there are songs that could have left earlier.
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  2. 39. -TIE-
    Average Score: 7,22

    Leaning on me
    I forget all the time that has passed
    Leaning on me

    Time is running out
    Come to me

    I will always wait by your side

    WIZ*ONE: (10) @vague, (9) @eatyourself
    IZ*GONE: (5) @ultraviolet, @ysev, (5,75) @Remorque
    @eatyourself (9)
    @Joli Chat (7,5)

    The bpm<250-phobia strikes again! Today’s victim is With*One, featured in Oneiric-Diary. With*One is cute but quite uneventful, I’m not surprised that it’s leaving this early, an 7,22 average score seems pretty fair for it! The lyrics point to the relationship between IZ*ONE and Wiz*Ones, memories, time passing by, and how they will always be there for each other!... But if the IOI experience is anything to go by, welp… I will be streaming!

    @BeingNormal (6) is the only one who left commentary for this song, coming for the girls' vocals “the key for this one is too high, the girls sounds a bit more struggling here”, I agree but remember, that ringing in you ear is part of the IZ*ONE experience!

    Edit: With*One is another tie btw, forgot to add that!​
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  3. I'm relistening now and With*One really is such a sweet song. I understand the complaint that they sound like they're struggling vocally a little bit but I still think the song is really pretty and lovely to listen to. I could see myself coming back to this more than Slow Journey. Yet, it's still not as strong as a lot of their other ballads. I actually really enjoy their vocals. They have some really sweet moments.

    If the next elimination is another ballad...it just better not be because I love their remaining ones. Waiting can leave.
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  4. Sis, Waiting was already eliminated fff
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  5. .......I love having zero braincells. In that case, I'll be (possibly?) more controversial and manifest Rococo leaving next. I'll also take We Together. But let's be real, it'll probably be a ballad.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Cancelling the GFRIEND rate!!!
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  7. [​IMG]

    39. - TIE -


    WIZ*ONE: @junglefish (10) @vague (9) @ysev @Love Deluxe (8.5)
    IZ*GONE: @ultraviolet @Ana Raquel (4) @Hurricane Drunk @eatyourself (5)

    @eatyourself: 5
    @Joli Chat: 7

    Someday (full Korean title: Someday Our Night Will Pass) is a ballad on IZ*ONE's first (and last) full studio album BLOOM*IZ, and it's also the first elimination from that album. The song was written solely by member Jo Yuri, who also participated on the production, and is performed by herself, Yena and Chaewon (the JoYuriz sisters in the banner above!). The lyrics talk about going through hard moments in life, but having a loved one by your side.

    Someday our night will probably all pass too, right?
    Even when the endless dark comes
    I will never be scared again
    Let’s hold our hands tightly together
    And I will walk the ends of the dark together with you

    No one left commentary for Someday, which is good because then we don't need to read "well... it's a ballad!" over and over. I gave it a 5 and I don't think I'm feeling any more generous today than I was on the day I rated these songs. Someday leans too much into good-with-GP-vanilla-OST-ballad territory for me and, for a vocal-line sub-unit, I guess I expected more pomp and display than these shreaky semi-belts they're delivering. It also doesn't

    Next up: we eliminate a song composed by a famous, legendary, sexy idol. Any guesses?

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  8. Y'all are so annoying. This is the perfect kind of K-Pop ballad, it's seriously stunning and gives me farewell single teas. Ughhhhhhhh!!!
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  9. Oh I wish I'd gone with my gut and actually predicted the next ballad to leave bc my guess was Someday.

    I'm with my GFriend rate co-host. You all did this one so dirty. It's gorgeous.
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  10. Look! Up in the sky!! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO!
    It’s ANOTHER ballad, rip @savilizabeths
    You & I

    Average Score: 7,22

    Right now this stage that you and I have made
    We can make it
    I’ll hold that shaky hand of yours, I’ll be your warmth
    Remember, us in this moment

    WIZ*ONE: (10) @Love Deluxe, (9,75) @savilizabeths, (9,5) @Slice of Life
    IZ*GONE: (4) @Ana Raquel, (5) @ultraviolet, @Joli Chat, @eatyourself
    @eatyourself (5)
    @Joli Chat (5)

    We say goodbye to You & I featured in BLOOM*IZ; I can’t help but scream when I think about the fact that this rate has been bleeding ballads since it began lol, WIZ*ONE’s only pledge of alliance is to a high bpm, synth blasting bop! As for the song, it was written by Minju… and HyunA, yes THAT HyunA! The only explanation I have for this is that HyunA was asked to create something for IZ*ONE, looked for some random unknown demo in some very hidden folder in the depths of her computer and sent it to Pledis or CJ E&M for some quick money! Dua Lipa’s High, ugh, her impact!

    This post’s commentary is brought to you by none other than the amazing @Love Deluxe (10) “Queens of singing an entire song just about each other and only giving their fans a brief shout out at the end of the song!”, the girls really said “wiz*ones? We don’t know them.”

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  11. .......

    Should have given it a ten, as if that would have helped but still. If Really Like You also exits soon I am going to burn this subforum down I swear! @Love Deluxe & @Slice of Life you are the only unnies I trust.
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  12. You should stop setting yourself up this way, unnie!



    WIZ*ONE: @eatyourself (10) @savilizabeths (9.75) @drod93 (9.25) @Glitterizer @junglefish (9)
    IZ*GONE: @Vixen @Ana Raquel (4) @ultraviolet (5)

    @eatyourself: 10
    @Joli Chat: 6.5

    Really Like You is a ballad from IZ*ONE's second mini-album HEART*IZ and it is the first elimination from that mini. The song was produced by 1by1 and written by YOSKE and members Kim Minju and Honda Hitomi. The lyrics are about the first time the girls met eachother, how difficult a time it was for them but how they still really cherished eachother's companionship.

    I think I really like you, I think of us on that day once more
    I wish that our dreams that grew since yesterday would reach the sky
    You and I, following the shining dream
    We walk a step forward, a step forward

    I really, really like this song. Back in 2019 when the mini came out and I first heard it, it was probably the first time I realized the bittersweet aspect of stanning this group. The girls felt the weight of their temporary existance from the beginning and were eager to express that, and I'm glad they were given the opportunity to compose lyrics for their releases. The result turned out gorgeous, an energetic, folky ballad with strong melodies and smooth vocals. Our sole commenter @drod93 is feeling the vibe: "I don’t know why I loved it so much this time. I tend to enjoy catchy ballads, but this one just really felt like a breath while listening to the entire playlist." mhm, catchy describes it too! This is by far my favorite IZ*ONE ballad and I'll never not melt watching the live version where Hyewon and Minju are playing the guitar. Instrumentalists!

    Our next elimination features the only 0 given throughout the rate. What song do you think it is?

  13. bless these eliminations
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  14. I am Suffering.
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  15. Double posting because I'm more awake now, but Really Like You + You & I should have been 10s from me now that I think about it. They're so soft and beautiful and I listen to them often. The girls sound so angelic and it makes me feel really warm and happy.

    God, this rate is painful.

    I think I might just have to keep my mouth shut so I don't jinx things for myself.
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  16. The moment has arrived...

    The only 0 to be granted to a song on this rate...



    WIZ*ONE: @ysev @BeingNormal @Vixen (10) @codecat (9.75)
    IZ*GONE: @Hurricane Drunk (0) @Ana Raquel (5) @Glitterizer @Remorque (5.5)

    @eatyourself: 9
    @Joli Chat: 7

    Welcome (Intro) is IZ*ONE's first (and last) intro track. It is present on the Oneiric Diary mini album and serves as a prelude for the title track, Secret Story of The Swan. It is 1:25 long, is written in 3/3 time like a waltz and features bells, xylophones, birds, kids, some drums and an arrangement of chords. The girls are harmonizing throughout most of the song, which honestly... why limit this to an intro? They're 12 girls, the harmonization potential was always there. Actually there are a couple more songs with harmony/choir elements but we'll get to them eventually!

    10 giver @Vixen seems to agree with me on this: "This is WAY better than it deserves to be as an Intro. Almost makes me wish it was a full-on song." You are absolutely right. @BeingNormal stans but can't help but drag the bird song: "I always love a jazzy lullaby stuff like this, it's a bit scream that the next song after this is so loud and brash." Not so sure about their scoring methods is @Slice of Life: "I don't know how to rate intros?" I'm glad at least you didn't give it a 0, unnie. @drod93 feels it: "it sounds like a theme park jingle, which I think was the point?" we love a concept that doesn't need explanation.

    The song was used as the album trailer for Oneiric Diary, and was basically always performed alongside its title track.

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  18. Yeah I never know how to rate intros that aren’t more song-like, and it’s always kind of funny to see them included in rates. This one doesn’t make me feel anything!
  19. This one was more of a song than some groups will ever have, and it's also just one, so there we are.

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  20. Hurricane really is drunk. Jail ha
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