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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eatyourself, May 3, 2021.

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    Welcome to The IZ*ONE Discography Rate!

    IZ*ONE was formed through the reality competition show Produce 48, which aired on Mnet from June 15 to August 31, 2018. The show was billed as a collaboration between the Korean Produce 101 franchise and the Japanese idol AKB48 Group. Out of an initial ninety-six contestants, the final twelve were announced via live television broadcast.

    With 4 years of activities, IZ*ONE met their end on April 2021 (the precise date is debated) which wasn't unexpected, since it was clear from the start that they would be a temporary group. Regardless of that status, they managed to achieve big numbers in Korea and ended up as the second biggest-selling girlgroup in 2020 in the country, only after BLACKPINK.

    Besides AKB48, members came from companies like Starship, 8D Ent., Yuehua, Urban Works, Woollim and WM. As most girls have had a career prior to appearing in the group, the hosts will be presenting you with a Member Spotlight during the voting period, where we'll present each individual member's past and possibilities for their futures (except for Hyewon - just kidding!).


    1. There are 50 songs in the rate, all of them are mandatory.
    2. You can give scores from 0 to 10, with one 11 allowed.
    3. Commentary is allowed and appreciated!
    4. Do I have to remind everyone not to troll? These girls have suffered enough! If you're not a fan of their music or don't know their work at all, I'd recommend not taking part on this rate.
    5. Please try your best to use the PM-able list provided at the bottom of the next post for casting your votes. You could use another way, but that list makes life easier for the hosts.
    6. You need to send your ballot to a PM containing both hosts (@Joli Chat and @eatyourself) before the deadline of June 3rd (with possible extensions). We have bird brains and would rather not lose track of any ballot.
    7. Keep decimals in the 0.25 / 0.5 / 0.75 area juseyo.
    8. Don't forget to have fun!
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    1. Colors
    2. O' My
    3. La Vie en Rose
    4. Memory
    5. We Together
    6. Suki Ni Nacchau Daro?
    7. Yume wo Miteru Aida
    1. Sunflower (Hey. Bae. Like It)
    2. Violeta
    3. Highlight
    4. Really Like you
    5. Airplane
    6. Above the Sky (Up)
    7. Neko ni Naritai Korean ver.
    8. Gokigen Sayonara Korean ver.
    1. Eyes
    2. Fiesta
    3. Dreamlike
    4. Ayayaya
    5. So Curious
    6. Spaceship
    7. Destiny
    8. You & I
    9. Daydream
    10. Pink Blusher
    11. Someday
    12. Open your Eyes
    1. Welcome (Intro.)
    2. Secret Story of the Swan
    3. Pretty
    4. Merry-Go-Round
    5. Rococo
    6. With*One
    1. Mise-en-Scéne
    2. Panorama
    3. Island
    4. Sequence
    5. O Sole Mio
    6. Slow Journey
    1. Beware
    2. Vampire
    3. Suki to Iwasetai
    4. Waiting
    5. Buenos Aires
    6. Yummy Summer
    7. Do Sureba Ii?
    8. Shy Boy
    1. D-D-Dance
    2. Zero: Attitude

    O' My
    La Vie en Rose
    We Together
    Suki Ni Nacchau Daro?
    Yume wo Miteru Aida
    Sunflower (Hey. Bae. Like It)
    Really Like you
    Above the Sky (Up)
    Neko ni Naritai Korean ver.
    Gokigen Sayonara Korean ver.
    So Curious
    You & I
    Pink Blusher
    Open your Eyes
    Welcome (Intro.)
    Secret Story of the Swan
    O Sole Mio
    Slow Journey
    Suki to Iwasetai
    Buenos Aires
    Yummy Summer
    Do Sureba Ii?
    Shy Boy
    Zero: Attitude
    Parallel Universe

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  3. [​IMG]
    1. La Vie en Rose​
    2. Secret Story of the Swan​
    3. Sequence​
    4. Panorama​
    5. Open your Eyes​
    6. Violeta​
    7. Mise-en-Scéne​
    8. Fiesta​
    9. Highlight​
    10. Colors​
    11. Daydream​
    12. D-D-Dance​
    13. Merry-Go-Round​
    14. Ayayaya​
    15. Neko ni Naritai Korean ver.​
    16. Gokigen Sayonara Korean ver.​
    17. Dreamlike​
    18. Above the Sky (Up)​
    19. O Sole Mio​
    20. Eyes​
    21. Island​
    22. Sunflower (Hey. Bae. Like It)​
    23. Pretty​
    24. We Together​
    25. Parallel Universe​
    26. Zero: Attitude​
    27. Airplane​
    28. Suki to Iwasetai​
    29. Destiny​
    30. Rococo​
    31. So Curious​
    32. Spaceship​
    33. Pink Blusher​
    34. Yummy Summer​
    35. Welcome (Intro.)​
    36. Really Like you​
    37. You & I​
    38. Someday​
    39. With*One​
    40. Slow Journey​
    41. Suki Ni Nacchau Daro?​
    42. Yume wo Miteru Aida​
    43. O' My​
    44. Waiting​
    45. Memory​
    46. Do Sureba Ii?​
    47. Shy Boy​
    48. Beware​
    49. Buenos Aires​
    50. Vampire​
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  4. You can all post now!
  5. Here to walk a flowery path with all those who give Colors a good score.

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  6. Today's horoscope says that giving "Sequence" a score of 10 and above attracts good prosperity, luck, and helps lay groundwork for future wealth.

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  7. Any other magical catgirls gonna 11 Neko Ni Naritai with me?
  8. The thought of listening to that Japanese album..........um...

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  9. Yup...I have submitted my ballot and here are my averages:

    COLOR*IZ - 8.00
    HEART*IZ - 8.84
    BLOOM*IZ - 8.83
    Oneiric Diary - 9.04
    One-reeler - 9.16
    Twelve - 5.62
    Extras - 9.00

    The way I really said I am gonna take a huge dump on their Japanese album. Those rodents in the AKB basement are gonna LEARN how to produce vocals! Excited for this rate x

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  10. [​IMG]
    not me waking up 8 hrs after @eatyourself created the thread dddd unnie, please don't kick me out
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  11. Don't do poor Jurina like that!

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  13. When y'all ~ironically~ get So Curious in the Top 3

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  14. I am unironically giving So Curious a 10. So...
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  15. ~extremely Wonyoung voice~ yOU sUrPiSEd Me a LoT

    it's a 10 though
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  16. That wasn't very Magic Flower of you.
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  17. Chaeyeon is taking her time off to teach her offspring the family business.

    We're starting member spotlights as soon as we get to the next page!
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  18. btw everyone, don't think is just @eatyourself putting in the work here! I've also done stuff like updating the spreadsheet with @codecat's ballot!
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  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Hi hello sorry I’m late but I have arrived and ready to join this fiesta!

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