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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eatyourself, May 3, 2021.

  1. Scream! I've fixed it now.

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  2. Honestly, D-D-Dance could have left ages ago and I wouldn't have noticed. Highlight deserves top 5. Colors reaching the top 10 was such a happy surprise, it's so good and fully deserves.

    Violeta can go.
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  3. Let's start chopping some title songs, shall we girls?




    WIZ*ONE: @drod93 @ysev @codecat @ultraviolet @vague @soratami @Love Deluxe @Remorque (10)
    IZ*GONE: @Vixen (7) @Crisp X (7.5)

    @eatyourself: 10
    @Joli Chat: 10

    Fiesta was IZ*ONE's comeback song after Violeta and a 10 month hiatus due to the MNET Scandal™. It was supposed to be released in November 2019 and got postponed to February 2020. The song was produced by e.one. I really like this song! Maybe progressive techno isn't for everybody but I think they nailed it! While I don't think Violeta is too similar to its predecessor, Fiesta does sound like a harder-stronger version to Violeta.

    @Attis doesn't fall for the acid trip: "Has become too underwhelming to me now dd" maybe you should try something stronger! @ultraviolet stans the post-chorus: "I don’t get the post-chorus slander, it’s the most fun and exciting part of the song!" you are correct. @Love Deluxe finally gets to speak her truth: "I already said a mouthful about Fiesta for KSOTY20 but - *Asia O’hara voice* I’m not done. I think Fiesta has been regarded as their noisiest title track here, but I think it’s their most dynamic? I just love how it starts off as this twinkly and airy synth-driven song and then spirals into sheer chaos by the time it hits the first chorus, versatility. This needs more Yena though, always needs more Yena! Poor whichever member gets assigned the last chorus of any of their title tracks, because they’re always gonna be drowned out by any variation of Yuri’s “AHHHHH” “YEAAAAH” “OOOOOOHHH”, love ha though!" Maybe you are talking about comments like @junglefish's? "It’s my FI•E•STA *farts farts farts farts farts*" or maybe @Vixen's? "It's the same issue I have with 'Violeta' the verses and pre-chorus are very good since they're basically the same, but the drop chorus is just so annoying. I don't mind a drop, I just want it to sound pleasant, you know?" no I don't know!!!!!!

    Also if you haven't yet, please go watch the video below:

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  4. The song is really a production collab: produced by Choi Hyunjoon who is part of e.one and Kim Seungsoo who is part of Sweetune — Violeta too!
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  5. This going before Black Swan??
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  6. And this is why we don't let ARMY participate in rates.

    ...unless you meant the best song of all time, then all is forgiven!

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  7. Fiesta deserved top 5, but I can't be mad at that average.
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  8. Panorama and Violetta next, then!

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  9. Sequence and La Vie En Rose next please

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  10. I've been feeling productive so let's get this elimination a cookin!

    Every song left has received at least one 11.

    7. - TIE -


    @ysev's 11

    WIZ*ONE: @drod93 @Attis @codecat @Slice of Life @junglefish @Love Deluxe @Remorque (10)
    IZ*GONE: @soratami @ultraviolet (8)

    @eatyourself: 9.75
    @Joli Chat: 10

    This is the last tie of the rate... finally! Mise-en-Scène is the introductory track to IZ*ONE's last mini, One-Reeler. It was produced by e.one and is a bop. I'm not a musician nor have a brain so I'm probably getting it wrong, but I'd say the post-chorus being the opposite of a drop is what drives the song home for me. It makes it sound effortless and elegant.

    @Love Deluxe writes gospel: "Ended the MCU, invented the need for Letterboxd, crashed IMDb, and turned RottenTomatoes into apples". @drod93 protests: "A whole bop. We deserved this song without covid". @Attis throws shade: "The better e.one track in this album. Naur it's true it's true".


  11. Deserved top 5!
    Mise-en-scène is a song that sounds so IZ*ONE but could easily be a Lovelyz, April or WJSN song. Basically all of e.one's pretty muses. A masterpiece and (not kidding!) one of my favorite K-pop songs of all time.
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  12. That comment on fiesta is hot, but it isn't mine fff
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  13. Not this again ffff it's fixed unnie!
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  14. is Open Your Eyes still on the rate or am I being delusional??
  15. It is very much in! A dark horse if I ever saw one.
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  16. The other half of this tie is a title track. An iconic moment, an unforgettable drop. A legendary choreography.


    7. - TIE -


    @Remorque's and @ultraviolet's 11

    WIZ*ONE: @junglefish @Love Deluxe @soratami @vague @Slice of Life @Attis @codecat @ysev (10)
    IZ*GONE: @Glitterizer (6.5) @savilizabeths (7.25) @Crisp X (7.5)

    @eatyourself: 10
    @Joli Chat: 10

    Violeta was IZ*ONE's first comeback song following the huge success of La Vie En Rose. It also became a hit so good job on them I guess! Produced by a collaboration between e.one and Sweetune, the song's theme is based on "The Happy Prince", a child story written by legendary homosexual Oscar Wilde. It is categorized as a tropical house song and uses a lot of metaphors about blooming like a flower to a lover.

    I was honestly expecting this track to get terrible critique from our members but it turns out this quite loved! @Attis states "Best track in their *IZ trilogy, it finds the perfect balance of sounding epic without adding too many elements to the mix" mhmmmm yes. @Ana Raquel considers this a favorite: "This is my favorite color-related song". And the truth is told by @junglefish "A perfect continuation of La Vie en Rose’s sound without sounding derivative." yes!

    And to finish it off, @ultraviolet states that his 11 has "The best inst drop to ever exist in kpop".

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  17. THE TOP 5

    La Vie En Rose

    Secret Story of the Swan


    Open Your Eyes

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  18. ne ane sumgyeodun neol sesange pyeolchyeobwa
    inneun geudaero jigeum neukkim geudaero naege neol boyeojweo

    neon naye biolleta

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  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Four 10s and an 11???????

    I know that’s right!
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  20. La Vie En Rose or Open Your Eyes for #1 please pleek pleek
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