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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eatyourself, May 3, 2021.

  1. The way the first four songs are all 10s, in fact, they could even be contenders for 11s...and then there's Panorama's ugly head. Let's get it out first and confirm 'Sequence' should have been the title track!!
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  2. These results.......I have to laugh. Sequence is really the most overrated IZ*ONE song and Open Your Eyes well... it's great that you girls settle for less! Also:
    Nope, it's made by the same people who did Fiesta — those four did the intro track of the HEART*IZ EP tho!
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  3. I may have literally just looked at Hey Bae Like It producers and thought it was Violeta's because I forgot its track #2 fffff I'll fix the post this time thanks unnieeee!!!
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  4. Violeta missing the top 5???

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  5. Don't want to be that person, but I am pretty sure I said no such thing. It's a cute song, but it is not my favorite from their *IZ trilogy haha
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  6. The way I got everything right for 40 elims and then started effing everything up in the top 10!!! It's fixed now!!
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  7. Honestly not sure about the bside picks for the top 5. They're both fantastic but I have ones I adore far more. I'm over the moon that Panorama made it though! La Vie En Rose and Panorama are my favourite IZ*ONE title tracks so I shall celebrate.
  8. Looking through the rate for hidden gems, I slept on Mise En Scene for far too long. One of their best.

    Mise En

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  9. Good evening! Let's start dropping these top 5 songs! Starting with...




    WIZ*ONE: @ysev @Attis @Slice of Life @vague @Love Deluxe @junglefish @Vixen @Remorque
    IZ*GONE: @Hurricane Drunk @Glitterizer

    @eatyourself: 9.5
    @Joli Chat: 10

    Who saw this coming? The little b-side that could! Open Your Eyes leaves us tonight with the honor of being considered the second best non-title song by IZ*ONE, only after Sequence obviously. It was written and produced by Black Edition, EastWest, Bull$EyE and yuka (Full8loom). The lyrics talk about realizing for the first time that you are in love.

    I won't lie, I gagged when I saw this got top 5. I mean, it's a huge bop! But it's now what I would have picked for this top 5. And I also wish there was more guitar throughout and not just in the intro. I still haven't forgotten what you people have done to Haneul Wiro... Either way, most commentary for this is positive so let's begin with @Attis: "Potential 11. Perfect soundtrack of walking through the city and imagining yourself as an anime protagonist in the OP". Hmm yes the hurried drama! @ultraviolet was shocked: "I expected another boring ballad but ended up as a complete banger as a closer, whew, they did that." Maybe subverting expectations was this song's tool to climb to the top! And then @Love Deluxe brings up an insightful comparison.: "Ending best album BLOOM*IZ with a certified Cascada-lite bop that’s essentially a duet with my two fave members, Yena & Chaewon??? I will never unstan".

    I had said some posts ago that every song in the top 7 had received an 11 but I was wrong. Open Your Eyes got top 5 without receiving any 11s!

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  10. Yuri's high note in this is legendaric


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  11. 4.


    @Attis' 11

    WIZ*ONE: @codecat @Slice of Life @soratami @Remorque @savilizabeths @Love Deluxe @junglefish (10)
    IZ*GONE: @Vixen (6.5)

    @eatyourself: 10

    @Joli Chat: 10

    Our girls' last title track leaves us tonight and is outside the top 3. It was produced and written by a team of people: KZ, Nthonius, B.O., FAB, Jayins, Ji Yejoon and Ung Kim. It's a development on their classic title-track sound that in my opinion sounds sleeker and maybe more mature than its predecessors. The vocals here have a nice balance between low and high instead of being always up there, and the post chorus is a moment. I love the arpeggio synths sounds sprinkled all over. Now to our voters!

    @drod93 is a keeper: "Yeah, it gets grating if you listen on loop for too long. But I still love it". @ultraviolet is biased: "Eunbi’s part at the end is really good, I get the acclaim, but I think Wonyoung’s is the real climax" And @Vixen justifies her low score: "Of all their title tracks, in my opinion this one grew old the quickest. Literally not even five days after the release I was tired of and done with it. It just feel so stale, and listening to their discography in order of release just proove how overdone that trope was for them at this point ddd."

    And our dear 11-giver @Attis reads the gospel: "It feels wrong to me if this rate winner is not this. Panorama is the ultimate representation of IZ*One signature sound : a cross point between trendy tropi-pop, "magical" synth-heaven sound that is pioneered by the likes of WJSN & Lovelyz, and the high energy of J-pop idol music.

    Panorama captures the emotional rush of the final goodbye. A celebration of every moment that we've got and the empty promises for staying like this forever, even though we know for sure we will change and the past version of ourselves will be gone."
    I got chills, unnie <3 Couldn't have described it better myself, since I can't read nor write.

  12. Damn I'm really in my songwriter bag when I'm writing this commentary

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  13. I'm happy Panorama made it this far, as I would have thought you tasteless heifers would have thrown this out before the top 5, but taste won.

    Good job, guys!

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  14. It's so nice that IZ*ONE did such great videos for their b-sides, other groups could never!!!

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  15. And sequence being the highest-charting one-reeler track we TRULY won
  16. At the bottom of our top 3...




    @Ana Raquel and @drod93's 11

    WIZ*ONE: @Crisp X @ysev @codecat @Slice of Life @vague @junglefish @Vixen @Remorque (10)
    IZ*GONE: @ultraviolet (7)

    e.one's Jung Ho-Hyun's second offering on the One-Reeler album, Sequence, leaves us tonight. What do I have to say about Sequence... she's got a point, she's an icon and she is the moment. It's no coincidence she's the highest rated b-side on this rate, and IZ*ONE have a considerable amount of those. Sequence was promoted alongside the title track Panorama on music shows and it has received its own iconic performance video.

    I think I've already said this on 2020's KSOTY but Sequence is one of the rare cases in K-Pop where, for me, a b-side could work as a title track. Not that b-sides aren't good enough, but speaking in a general sense title tracks tend to be very recognizable in most girlgroup albums (there are exceptions). Even though Panorama is the obvious sounding IZ*ONE signature balls-to-the-walls-acid-quinceñera moment here, but this could have been switched in the tracklist and I'd bought Sequence as the lead. In fact this had great potential for a double-title moment but I guess some companies lack the guts!

    Anyway, let's give it up to the applause.mp3:

    @Vixen (10) "Kinda should have been the title track, don't ya'll think so? It's nothing new, yet again, but I find it more enjoyable overall."

    @drod93 (11) "Their little masterpiece. I kind of wish this had been their last title track since I feel it does a lot of things Panorama did but a little bit better. They all sound great in it"

    @Ana Raquel (11) "This is so addictive and hypnotized that I feel that their career was already worth it based on this song alone. Still can't believe this was not a single. Expect points from me when the 20s b-side countdown happens!!! (if it happens please make it happen)"

    If you haven't (I hope you have!), or even if you already did, watch their Don't Start Now (Live In LA) moment:

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  17. TOP 2



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  18. Sequence and the song in second place have received the same amount of 11s.

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  19. We've got this right at least. x

    I would honestly be okay with either of them winning. Kinda rooting for 'SSOTS' a little more, but not enough that I would be upset if 'LVER' won.
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  20. LA LA LABIA ROSE has to win this. Legendary debut.
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