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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Looks like Amber's going solo for a little while

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  3. The two past years have not been good for SM Entertainment... So sad about it! I love her
  4. I'm not, she half assed the last two f(x) era's. See ya later!!!!
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  5. Did anyone else from here go and see them yesterday in Trafalgar Square? It was pretty special for me considering they are the first K-Pop group that I've seen live. That and they're also one of my favourite K-Pop acts. I was a bit disappointed that they only did 3 songs though (4 including the random inclusion of 'Shake That Brass'). It was also funny how about 80% of the crowd left as soon as f(x)'s set was over.

    I really love this picture.

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  6. I totally forgot. I'm so annoyed at myself.
  7. So apparently they're making a comeback in 2 weeks, which I'm really looking forward to. I think losing a member is really going to help them in terms of their performance ability. There's also something about a fan name which I don't really understand the importance of but people seem happy about it so.
  8. The new album "4 Walls" comes out next week

    1. 4 Walls
    2. Glitter
    3. Deja Vu
    4. X
    5. Rude Love
    6. Diamond
    7. Traveler
    8. Papi
    9. Cash Me Out
    10. When I'm Alone

    So far, only Luna and Victoria have their promo pics out, but I'm loving the looks, especially Victoria with the rose glasses.

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  9. 4 Walls music video is out!

    It's weird seeing an f(X) video without any choreography
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  10. That video is so visually satisfying.
  11. Just coming here to say Papi is a bop.
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  12. Guy I'm seeing ADORES Kpop and so far this is the first time I'm on board with an album campaign with him. Love 4 Walls and When I'm Alone. Take me f(x).
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  13. 4 Walls is great. Will definitely check out the album.
  14. 1st Week Play Count:
    Papi- 54
    Cash Me Out- 45
    4 Walls- 42
    Deja Vu / Diamond- 28
    Traveler- 27
    Rude Love /
    When I'm Alone- 11
    X- 9
    Glitter- 6
  15. Love the album.
  16. Live performance of '4 Walls'. Love the choreography

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  17. 4 Walls is sublime.

    Probably one of the best pop songs this year.
  18. The Popjustice homepage should seriously showcase f(x). They are just as good as 2NE1 and SNDS. In my opinion, they are better than both ...
  19. f(x) is my favourite korean band. They are so underrated.
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