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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Excellent.
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  2. I'm not a fan of them, not even now that Sully has left. She was the only member I liked since I think she was so alluring at the Nu-abo video (good song there!)
    I listened to 4 walls just because I was curious and I was surprised that I really liked it. However I cant stop thinking that this group always releases songs following a trend from whats out there at western market. 4 walls has a very british radio 1ish beat and rhythm. Do they always do that?
    They ripped (and destroyed) Monrose hot summer so I'm wondering if they ripped another artist song in order to produce 4 walls.
    Either way 4 walls is smooth and fresh in comparison to what they did to Hot summer seems legit I may say.
  3. LDN noise produced 4Walls and they are from London so that probably where that sound comes from.

    And blame Remee & Thomas Troelsen for Hot Summer, cause the wrote and produced the original, and they produced f(x)'s version of the song. So they didn't rip anything from Monrose.

    The same producers have done stuff like that befote.

  4. Cool!
    Thank you very much for the info with the references!
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  5. 4 Walls makes me believe in Jesus
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  6. 3Xs


    Please, 4 walls is way better than Jesus.
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  7. Yup, it's quite good. The beat has stucked in my head and I only listened to it about three times.
  8. Okay, got my physical album and played it for the first time on my drive to work this morning. ZOMG this album is just amazing. RUDE LOVE. 4 Walls. Papi. When I'm Alone. This album is seriously flawless.
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  9. I just need to say that I’ve changed my mind about them.

    I’m currently listening to “pink tape” and I am beyond impressed. It’s filled with bangers and interesting tracks. The 4 walls album is equally good.
    I guess I didn’t like them because of the their Pinnochio danger days and that was an awful first impression!
    What other album is good from them? The Nu Abu album it’s the only one not available on Spotify sadly. That was the one I was looking for with high expectations.
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  10. Papi needs to be a single!! Hawt!
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  11. Red Light is also very very good. I can't say for sure which of the 3 latest ones is my favourite, they're all amazing.
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  12. "NU ABO" is one of my favorite f(x) songs! ... It also had the amazing "Mr. Boogie" track on it:

    "Ice Cream" is very Pinocchio-esque as far as sound but I love it and has an 80's vibe about it. "Me+U" is also very Pinocchio sounding. "Surprise Party" is basically f(x)'s Happy Birthday song. It's cute. "Sorry" is beautiful though. It's one of my favorite f(x) ballads ... reminds me of "Tears On My Pillow" haha
  13. Who writes a song called Pinnochio Danger? It's beyond awful, master cringe there.
    I wish Sully would had remained as a member. Will she ever comeback, or maybe as a solo artist?
  14. That's one of my favourite songs of theirs! Any group that has a song about wisdom teeth is a winner.
  15. It's technically a cover. Probably trying to keep the lyrics a little more suited to their younger fans.
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  16. I hate myself for taking so long to listen to 4 Walls. Déjà Vu, X and Papi are EVERYTHING.
  17. I love how consistent they are with their releases. SM is doing something right with them.

    Mr. Boogie SLAYS so hard. I remember it being debuted at some debut showcase, but SM didn't put it on the LA CHA TA single or Chu~EP or anything and I thought we'd never get it.
  18. Mr Boogie and 4 Walls are probably the songs with the least energetic choreography, but for me, they are the best.
    I feel like the choreo for 4 Walls needed a little vogueing somewhere in the mix...

    Also, just found this video. Looks like they've had Cash Me Out since the Pink Tape era
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    4 walls is their best choreo ever for me, and by a lot.
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  20. Playing 4 Walls in its entirely at last. When I'm Alone was one of my most-played songs of 2015 so I felt like it's about time I give my very first full listen to a K-Pop album.
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