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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. When I'm Alone is the least good song on the album, so enjoy!
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  2. This is perfect.
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  3. The 4 Walls choreography continues to burden my life like a bad UTI in all it's glossy, sensual perfection.

    I cannot wait for their inevitable summer comeback to cleanse me of my sins once again.
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  4. Their performance in the 2016 Golden Disk Awards is phenomenal even if they performed as a three-piece.

  5. 3Xs


    Funny, I was just thinking of this pop theory of mine the other day that all pop groups only actually have 3 talented members and the others are fillers.

    Prepare me for that 5th era 3(x)(s)
  6. Are we acting like Amber is more valuable than Victoria?
  7. I'm sorry but to me, all 4 of the remaining f(x) girls are extremely talented and valuable. SNSD on the other hand.....
  8. Yes all 4 are talented, but Victoria needs to be used more. Krystal is the weakest link but that's an attitude thing, she's improved a lot.
  9. 3Xs


    I guess my point is more that you could easily trim any group to 3 members and it would still basically work.

    I love Victoria.
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  10. 4 Walls is just the f(X) version of SHINee's View.
  11. It's much better than that though. There are similarities but I prefer 4 Walls by miles.

    You can see them dancing to Toy and Pretty Girl here. I hate Pretty Girl but hopefully this means Toy is on the setlist for their concert.

  12. If keeping Amber involved more in f(x) activities prevents her from unleashing more awful solo material to the world then yes.
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  13. I love Toy and Pretty Girl! Finally they have their own show! I'm so happy for them
  14. Does anyone have the setlist or decent videos for their solo concert? What I've seen from youtube is not great quality.
  15. 4 Wall and Red Light are a bop !
  16. Did I imagine it or did I see somewhere their concert is coming out on DVD or being broadcast at some point?
  17. I stumbled upon 4 Walls on Youtube (and ended up listening to 2 more songs) and I am very impressed. Will need to give the whole album a listen. This is very good pop music.

    Does 4 Walls interpolate Show Me Love or is that you got to show me bridge just a coincidence?
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  18. Krystal is doing a makeup campaign for Etude and she's doing a reworked version of an old Kesha demo called 'Butterscotch' for it.
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  19. SM are such saints. Helping Ke$ha earn some cash while she goes through her legal issues.
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  20. I know Ke$ha wrote SNSD's Run Devil Run, does she work with SM often?
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