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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I don't know, she's got enough talent, charisma, originality and determination to start working on developing a non-KPop following in the West. Fuck SM. I'm rooting for her. I really am.
  2. The West always seemed to respond well to her if they weren't wondering where her boobs were...
    She may never be Top 40, but I think if she plays her cards right she could carve out a niche for herself...
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  3. I thought at least the mixtape will be released on Spotify and/or iTunes even if they're not gonna promote her music but it's for free on Soundcloud nn.

    And apparently she wants to release MVs for all the tracks.
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  4. He


    Spotify and iTunes cost distribution money. I'm guessing SM is not giving her a dime, so she cannot self release in all platforms.

    When is her contract up? I do not see her resigning with them at any rate.
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  5. They resigned in 2016 so if they did the typical 3-years contract, it's until next year. I'm wondering why did SM even resign a contract with her if they didn't want to do anything for her.

    By the way, I just finished listening to the mixtape and it sounds very demo-ish and average so I'm not missing it on other platforms kii. I'll keep Closed Doors though.
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  6. To keep them from releasing music either as a group or as solo artists with other labels, maybe?
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  7. I imagine it'll be an SNSD-like situation where a project doesn't come out until near the end of the renewal and articles about them possibly deciding not to resign get planted by SM to make fans mad?

    Ddd how sad.
  8. Yes, SM will do exactly the same with f(x) as they did with GG. Give them an album at the end of their contracts, only promote it for 3-4 days and then offer them shitty renewal contracts.

    SM is trash.
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  9. Do I need to hop over to the SNSD thread to ask why they do this though???
    SNSD was immense and they had no reason to do them dirty and yet they really had the audacity...
    I know f(x) didn't achieve what SNSD did, but they still did very well...
    Why bury them???
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  10. Because all K-Labels are shit.

    SM will try the same shit with f(x) as they did with SNSD. don’t give them much to do through this contract and then during negotiations, they’ll say that they didn’t make much money and therefore be offered shitty new contracts or no new contracts at all.
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  11. Probably on the off-chance Victoria and Krystal are free at the same time.
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  12. LUNA's coming...
  13. A mess that Amber is releasing basic bops and they're better than the Luna song.
    Queen Tia makes an appearance in this vid. Don't know how many songs she's going to make videos for but the last four are all decent at the very least. #JusticeForChocolat
  14. [​IMG]
    I knew I liked you better than your brother x
  15. The thumbnail pic on the video says it all. Though, I have to say, the song is really pretty. And Kang Dail sounds great.
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  16. James Charles of KPop

    "Should we expect any f(x) comeback"
    - me and the members are always talking about it but right now we just wanna do our solo careers, Luna's putting out her single, Krystal's doing acting, Victoria's doing acting........and I have mixtape and its for free...

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  17. I honestly think they are never coming back and that's not me being shady. It's heartbreaking but we should just accept it.

    Now can we have the f(x) Discography Rate? @R92 unnie, feel free to host it. xoxo
  18. Considering how popular Victoria is back in China, I don't see her ever coming back. And honestly, that's good for her, seeing how Chinese idols are pretty much ignored in SK.
  19. I’ve really fallen in love with this song lately. It definitely wasn’t what we wanted from her, but it’s still a gorgeous, beautiful song.
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