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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ribzy, Jul 26, 2011.

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    I didn’t live an f(x) era until Red Light, but judging by many older performances, Sulli seemed a bit out of her depth as an idol. And if she preferred acting, then of course the motivation was not big after a while.
  2. She was a weak member, she didn’t really add anything. No loss.
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  3. That's... harsh.
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  4. I actually like Sulli's little contribution to the songs I've heard from them. I prefer her to Victoria at least ddd.
  5. Victoria is clearly the best member. After Luna.
    I didn’t mind her when she was there but now she’s not, it just works so much better.
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    Watching those retrospective performance compilations really show it. She was fundamental to the group's success, her charm and looks modelled their imagine (with Krystal). But performance / sound wise, she looked a bit lost.

    Victoria and her pirouettes and front flips and splits, and her elegance, really came across in performance (when she was there / was not tired from filming 10 movies overseas).
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  7. Ddddd I love Vic but on record, she has the worst voice out of all of them so for that alone, Sullegend remains superior. xoxo
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    Sulli doesn't sing?

    I stan her legendness, but those aren't vocals.
  9. Omg she clearly does. I favour her baby voice over Vic's gravelly tone.
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    Either way let's stan their real talents: ballet splits and Instagram game.

  11. I admire her hustle.
  12. Victoria is at least the best dancer Sulli's not the best at anything.
  13. Attention, boys....
    Nobody* threw down a traffic-stopping, wig-evaporating visual like Choi Jin-ri. I mean, seriously.

    *Nobody not named Nana.
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  14. I'm just happy they're letting her do anything...
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    Will their last single be a ballad by only Amber and Luna with projections of the 5 of them?
  16. Releasing a whole 1 hour before Red Velvet? S.M. are too kind.
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  17. Did you... actually compliment Amber? What a day.
  18. It's not life changing but I like it...
    The choreography is fantastic...
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    Woah, look at Amber delivering. She should collab with HYO.
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