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Fake tracklisting/covers etc

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by niccolo, May 12, 2017.

  1. They are so ubiquitous in the lead up to announcements these days; a fake tracklisting, album cover, picture of an iTunes page, snippet, etc etc... They are awful.
    My initial intention was to ask if anyone here had ever made one and what the intention was and what happened, but I guess I'm curious what people think about them.

    In hindsight, they are amusing (some of the fake ARTPOP track names crack me up at random, unrelated points in life) and even during on a site like PJ, they are bearable because most people here are intelligent enough to decipher between what is clearly fake and what is not.
    But WHY do people make these things? To hype others up? To annoy people? Are they fans or haters? What are people's favorite/least favorite experiences with them?
    And more than that- are they now an expected occurrence in the lead up to a release?
  2. I still laugh thinking about the fake Adele track listing for 25 that had 'For Sale: Baby Shoes (unused)' as one of the titles.

    So dark, so perfect.
  3. I predicted One Direction's solo careers with some album covers once. I must find them.
  4. I'm still not over the fake Tori Amos song 'Please Apologise For Killing My Ancestors'.
  5. Does anyone have the cover art for the last one? It was hilarious.
  6. There was a Lana Del Rey one recently, called "New World", it was lovely and if I hadn't seen the fan post as his own work elsewhere I'd have believed it if I saw it somewhere else. I think sometimes fans do it to hype it up, but also to improve their own skills with graphic design. It's a fun way to brush up.

  7. Those Lana Del Rey fake tracklists are always a kii. Especially when they turn out to be true.
  8. I remember when the Circus tracklist leaked and everyone was like, "Mmm Papi? If U Seek Amy? This is obviously fake..."
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  9. Black n' White Rainbow is still one of the cringiest things ever.
  10. I've never seen this but I'm hollering at how extra it is. Dead_banana.gif

    Someone posted a Britney tracklist here pre-Britney Jean release here that had a track called "Flummoxed" and some delusional Britney stan was arguing how it could be real...Saying the lyrics were probably "I'm flummoxed by your love" or something like that.

    Giving me "pomegranate" chai.
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  11. I can't even begin to list how many fake Anti tracklists and covers I remember seeing. It was a rough time.
  12. Woman Love Sister Love (feat. Christina Aguilera)
  13. And never forgot this beauty that was going 'round in 2006:

  14. Slightly off topic, as I do love a good fake cover and tracklisting, but I'm also a massive admirer of fans who make their own alternative artwork for albums and releases.

    Sometimes fans understand an artist's aesthetic and vision even more than people working at the label or design agency.
  15. Wasn't it @RJF who started that Rihanna - Babylon album thread and had us all up in arms? #PhuckYoAlbum indeed.
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  16. I live for stan bullshit like this. Britney is the queen of it, and there's always someone who falls for any old lie.

    Don't even get me started on "leaked instrumentals."

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  17. Google "lady gaga artpop fake tracklist" and you'll find a shitload of these, almost all of them taken with someone's camera phone right all up on their laptop screen to make it look more """credible""" for...some reason.

    This one crosses my mind constantly along with "Oranges and See It Crying".
  18. "Tea"

    I love that everyone always goes for the "intern who sneaked into the boss' office and only had time for ONE iPhone shot!" angle.
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