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Fake tracklisting/covers etc

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by niccolo, May 12, 2017.

  1. The hilarious part is that as far as we know, that's a legitimate song/title.

    Some twink in Brazil even made a fake snippet!

  2. Aphrodite lady
    Seashell bikini

    Garden Panty

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  3. I want this. Yesterday!
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  4. Another favorite, this time supposedly for MDNA–erm, "LUV":


    "Sitting On The Whole World"
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  5. Madonna's been shitting on the whole world for the past decade....
  6. These are killing me! "Beautiful Swanness."

    Will anything ever beat that nasal gay demo of Perfect Illusion in the world of hilariously bad stan fakery, though?
  7. Had B-Day Song been confirmed as a title beforehand or did they actually fucking guess one correctly?
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  8. If I remember right, this popped up in late 2011 or so and we'd already gotten the title and a snippet of B-Day Song at that point.
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  9. This would look INCREDIBLE on vinyl.

    It is, Gaga said it herself. There are even confirmed lyrics.

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  10. That fake Glory tracklist still makes me scream. "Quantum"
  11. I like how the bonus tracks get all existential on you.
  12. I still wish Silly Boy was actually Lady Gaga feat. Rihanna single. Would've smashed back in 2009.

    Also Let Dem Hoes Fight feat. Tinashe is the lost ARTPOP classic that never was.
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  13. kal


    I've already exposed myself here a few times, but I made this single cover here:

    A friend and I thought it would be a good idea to troll the world so we registered an account on Mutya's official forum called IslandRecords and he wrote a really convincing press release stating B Boy Baby would be the next single.

    Someone in Mutya's team must have seen it, because they ended up releasing the song and the promo CD cover was nearly identical to the one I made, but with a different photo from the same shoot.

    Fake @kal cover:

    Promo cover:
  14. That's hysterical.
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  15. For texture, obvi.

    I can never decide whether I'm impressed or aghast at the lengths some of them go to, designing cover art (front and back), printing it, slotting into a jewel case and the like...

    Woman Love Sister Love is still amazing.
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  16. Money Whore (feat. Rihanna) would definitely go off though.
  17. @RJF's Britney album of Pokémon moves is still incredible.
  18. I am cackling!
  19. Aromatherapy would be My Baby 2.0, an ode to vanilla candles.
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  20. This is gold!
    May I ask WHY you thought it would be fun to do it? I'm not being critical at all, I'm just wondering what the incentive feels like and how it develops once it begins to take wind.
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