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Fake tracklisting/covers etc

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by niccolo, May 12, 2017.

  1. My friend and I did an April Fools prank on Delta Goodrem fans back in 2013. I made a fake press-release and tracklisting and tour. My friend owned the Delta fansite, so had a similar URL to the official Delta website and posted it with the exact layout on that website.

    It ended up on some radio stations before he felt bad and admit it was April Fools. People were like "I ALMOST BOOKED MY FLIGHTS TO AUSTRALIA!!!"
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  2. kal


    We were desperate stans because Just a Little Bit flopped so we thought the Amy Winehouse feature would be the only way to save the album campaign. We didn't actually think they'd end up releasing it, but sadly it didn't help either way.
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  3. I want a pop star to find one of those fake track lists and entertain it for a few days just to mess with their fans
  4. I live for this sort of thing.

    I'm pretty sure I've ended up reworking fake album covers I've designed into actual artwork for paying clients too.
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  5. Nicki teased a fake album last year called "Pick My Fruit Out" with song titles such as "Watermelon", "Cherry", "Fruit Loops", "Mango", and "N---- Toss My Fruit Salad". It even went as far as to trend on Twitter before she revealed it was just a joke.
  6. But now I need her and Cupcakke to release N***a toss my fruit salad
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  7. I can't!!!! This is just priceless. I can't stop laughing!
  8. I still had the "Flummoxed" tracklist on my work computer.

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  10. HARLAN
  11. My Worst Misunderstandings sounds like a Camila Cabello track, to be fair.
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  12. @Vixen and I never got our pomegranate.
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  14. Iconic.
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  15. My fake Girls Aloud album Kleptomania has an 8-page thread

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