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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beautifulcollision, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Thanks to an Alphabeat Tweet I caught a set earlier this evening from Denmark's Fallulah and she was really excellent.
    I know she's mentioned a couple of times in threads but she doesn't have her own so here's one for her!
    . I gave her album a spin this morning and it's a pretty good listen, especially "Bridges" which was her set closer.
    She reminded me of Marina, Oh Land and even Eliza Doolittle at times.
    I'd certainly go back and see her again anyway.
    A few pics here...

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  2. I really loved Bridges when I saw her in the related artists for Niki & The Dove on Spotify but unfortunately I haven't found her album to listen to yet. Bridges is a very good, fun song so I'm very curious to hear it.
  3. Love the new song 'Social Club'.
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  5. A&E


    Nice that she's keeping up the trend of releasing a new album in February every three years! And this time it's a worldwide release too. Because of that I'm definitely glad she signed to Instant Records.

    I wasn't that crazy about "Social Club" which made me worried she'd stuck to her old style which I'm a little tired of at this point, but when she dropped "Sorrow Is a Shadow" my hopes got up. The newest one, "Ghostfriend" didn't let me down either:

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  7. Really catchy. Have this on repeat.
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  8. Perfect Tense is out and it was one of the best listens in a while. She certainly knows her way around a good, haunting chorus. ILWAD and Sorry Is a Shadow are highlights, and the last track is real good. Only track that doesn't do it for me is Vandalain. I never got around to checking out her first two albums! The debut popped up on streaming sites way too late.
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    Just discovered her. This is the main reason I adore random download sites: they make me check out artists I would never have known about otherwise.
    This is pop perfection.
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  10. Mvnl you created a second thread for this woman, and it was then locked.
    This is the only reason why I, in a sea of tons of popstars, clicked on the thread (because I never saw the locket here ha). Ok the funny name also helped I have to be honest. I LOVED Sorrow Is A Shadow, in the space of a second I discogsed her, wikied her and I'm like a lost puppy! I want to buy Perfect Tense. Buying the CD in a moment, and then I will put on Escapism on Youtube to have a look at what it sounds like. Thank you! I needed a new young female popstars that makes my kind of music!
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    I'm glad my bad search-skills actually helped to promote her!
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  12. The search engine is not working, but still, thank you!
    Am actually surprised that wiki says Perfect Tense is a digital only release, thankfully I checked amazon and she does have the CD!
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  13. 'Big Bite'.
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  14. Heard this on an episode of "The Bold Type", loved it! And her album "Perfect Tense" is amazing!
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  15. Yes, Fallulah - a Danish hidden gem. Can't believe she's still underrated. I really like her new EP. "Sunsets" is my favorite song.

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