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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jakeyfw, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. My album is probably going to take a few weeks to arrive, so I'm non-stop listening to it on Spotify.
    I think I never got into a Fangoria album so quickly, this is much more instant than any of their other records (in my opinion, at least).
    So far my favorites are: Coches de choque, Solo para ti, Dame estrellas o limones and La banda sonora.
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  2. SockMonkey

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    Off topic, but I just stumbled on this on Spotify, it's a bit cheapo but I think it'll go down well with Fangoria / Rafa Spunky likers

  3. Just having my first listen.....all sounding just perfect so far. No one quite does modern electro pop like them, just brilliant!
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  4. This has reallly grown on me. “Coches de Choque” is the standout. And the other new song has crept up on me and now I love it.
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  5. Can I just check that all the songs they covered on this album are by Spanish acts? Are they all from the same kind of Spanish electro-new wave era? Do they still sell well in Spain?

    If so I wonder if the second part will be covers of acts outside Spain???

    I LOVE the deluxe vinyl package, an autographed cloth bound book no less, great photos too.
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  6. I read on a fanpage that all the songs in the first part are originally by male singers so the second part will be all female singers covers, don't know if it's true but it sounds promissing!

    My deluxe vinyl is arriving today, I had no idea Amazon Spain would send it through DHL which means I'm paying almost the price of the box in taxes but, hey, at least I have it in less than a week!
  7. They said that the criteria were (1) the songs had to be sung in Spanish originally (2) were songs that soundtracked the 30 years of Fangoria - this volume from the last century, the next volume from post-2000. They are not all by men - llorando por ti is by a woman, I think? And La Buena Vida is mixed.
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  8. All of them are sung by men except KU Minerva and Killer Barbies. La Buena Vida is mixed and Alpino's song is sung by a man but some of their other songs were sung by a woman.

    They're all Spanish acts in this volume, but I bet they will cover Miranda on the 2nd volume for sure, they're a band from Argentina and they've made some duets already. All songs will be by Spanish speaking bands/singers in Spanish, this is already confirmed.
    About the original bands covered in this volume, most of them are not active right now with their original bands or they quit music (Family, Carlos Berlanga (RIP), La Buena Vida (RIP), Alpino, Ellos, Los Sencillos, McNamara). Some others haven't released any new music for quite some time but they still do some gigs here and there (OBK, KU Minerva, Killer Barbies, )
    I think Parade and Corcobado are still active and Los Planetas are still releasing music.

    As for the music style, not all of them were electro/techno/dance music. La Buena Vida, Family, Corcobado are soft/melancholic pop, Killer Barbies were rock, Los Planetas are indie pop-rock (and they sell quite well, they're indie but mainstream at the same time), Ellos, Alpino and Parade are electronic pop, etc, so it's a pretty peculiar selection, as some of them are not very well known by the "standard" Spanish audience.

    Here are the originals:

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  9. They've already worked/dueted/performed or toured toured together with most of them I think.
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  10. Wow @totalhate thank you for doing all this! Will listen shortly.
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  11. I knew many of these songs previously, so I struggled a little bit at first. But after living with this for a week, I have really grown to enjoy it as a body of work. The only one I keep struggling with is "Gritando Amor", because the original is nearly perfect, but I appreciate it a little bit more after learning about the Gala reference. (thanks @SockMonkey). I also love that the Spanish GP are going to hear many of these songs for the first time; Fangoria doing their civic duty!).

    PS this (Spanish language) review is way too harsh (in my opinion), but there are some very bitchy and laugh-out-loud funny quotes in it
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  12. The new Camela album features a duet with Alaska. Camela is such a uniquely Spanish phenomenon and makes me laugh so hard, but I secretly love them.
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  13. So I went to the sold-out Fangoria album launch concert in Madrid a few weeks ago and it was amazing. The crowd was 50% 40+ bears and 50% 20-somethings. I love that a woman who had been in the business for 42 years is still so relevant. It is really special and the energy was electric in the arena.

    I also love that they covered one of the most beautiful Spanish pop songs of all time and everyone was singing along. Alaska's armography in this one rivals Britney's...
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  14. So, the new Fangoria single had been remixed by gusgus (?!)
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  15. More quality armography, I adore a Fangoria banger.
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  16. They met last year

  17. What a great photo:


    Working my way through the Alaska & Los Pegamoides & Alaska & Dinarama back catalogue and the earlier Fangoria tunes......has there ever been a pop act so prolific, a collectors nightmare (but love it!)

    Yes GusGus always knew how to churn out a great topic but this is so brilliant!

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  18. Haven't properly listened to this remix before of one of my Top 10 Fangoria tunes, lovely old school summery late 90s mix. Never heard of JLF either (John Landis Fans) but eventually tracked them down and ordered a CD, apparently quite venerated in Spain... @totalhate @jakeyfw ?

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