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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jakeyfw, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Fanmade slightly better than the lyric video, sometimes all you need is a high quality Eurobanger. I wonder if they ever considered working with the PSBs, they are ploughing a very similar furrow!

  2. Official video
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  3. I know a lot of people think they are now recycling the same formula over and over again, but I love everything and wish they continue doing it for a long time!
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  4. Somedays (like today) I think they are the best pop group in the world.
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  5. I honestly listen to them at least once a day.
  6. This new song is a monster:
  7. Those five new songs really are all killer, no filler and I like the Disco Sally remix too but not essential.

  8. Bop.
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  10. Spending the morning with Fangoria........some overdue attention required. Artpop if ever a band deserved the term!

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  11. New album coming in Feb 2019.......Extrapolaciones y Dos Preguntas.

    Am loving the new publicity shot and am playing Naturaleza Muerta this morning on lovely red 'vinilo'.


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  12. SockMonkey

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    I noticed they seemed to be coming with something new, so the other day at work I just brought them up on Spotify and hit Shuffle. El boppo. Been a while since I had a Fangoria binge.
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  13. I'm already loving the artwork I've seen. Gothy!

    Canciones… was a massive return to form, so I hope this is at least as good.
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  14. Unlikely I know but if anybody has a spare copy of this on vinyl 'en venta'.........let me know! Missed out somehow when reissued a few years back.

  15. Am having a total Fangoria love in on the commute this week......what do we think the best album is?
  16. I think my top3 would be:

    1.Naturaleza muerta
    2.Arquitectura efimera
    3.Una temporada en el infierno
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  17. Should have been a single....have been going back to this a lot.

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  18. 1. Una temporada en el infierno
    These are all classics. I also keep going back to the last album (deluxe version). It is so strong.
  19. upload_2019-1-8_15-33-49.jpeg New single on Friday?! Can’t wait.
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  20. So excited for this era to begin!
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