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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jakeyfw, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Hurrah, it’s a banger with a (to these ears) slightly softer ‘disco’ sound. I LOVE them!

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    Ugh, I love them so much. It's a slight throwback to their early stuff, especially about halfway through, feels like something off Salto Mortal.
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  3. There's also elements of the "I Will Survive" melody in there as well. Really like the video - Alaska looks great!
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  4. Hopefully some album preorders up soon, it’s due out in Feb.

    Do they still do well in Spain? I have no clue about European charts but they are No1 on Spanish itunes.

    God I love them!!!! I can’t imagine being a moderate or fair weather fan, you are either obsessed or not bothered?
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    I’m gonna go with obsessed.

    (Not pictured: Pianissimo and the 4 disc best of from 2010).
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  8. Oh I missed out on Policromia at the time like the fool that I am but have the rest. Just ordered the green vinyl Salto Mortal to treat myself. Also kicking myself as I overlooked ked the El Extraño Viaje vinyl when it was reissued a few years ago.
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    I’ve never bothered with the CD singles, apart from having Criticar por Criticar.

    I may have told this story earlier in the thread, but I was in Madrid the day before the Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti single came out, which was also the day I was flying home - I went into an FNAC and they had it out on the shelves. Hurrah. I was desperate for a wee so went to find un baño, and when I came back they’d taken them all off the shelves because they realised it was a day early. Noooooo.
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  10. I still don’t understand this site (clubsaltomortal) - I think it’s semi-official? They sell ton of cds, t-shirts and videos that they openly film at the concerts
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  11. This is the one I keep meaning to get but never get there.......anyone know if it is any good?

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  12. Some great tracks - "Sueño No. 7" is great, so is "De Viaje" - but some of the other songs are better in remixed form (
    one of my favorites of theirs)
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  13. Also love this one, which they have scrubbed from their discography:
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  14. Thanks for this, will try and track down the soundtrack. The more I look the more I find that I haven’t got. I’d never heard of this band only for Popjustice......I think @nnnumb may have steered me in the direction of Spain many years ago.

  15. As far as I am aware this song was only released on a compilation in 2005 (on iTunes too)

    Great tune to be tucked away, I love the male voices backing Alaska.

  16. They're saying this is the first of 2 releases for a cover project. Hope they are covers and not a great hits....
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    “Extrapolations and Two Questions”. Hmm. Coupled with the dates, I wonder if it’s covers of their own songs in those time periods, or covers of other people’s songs from that era?
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  18. According to an article I read, it said something about covering others' hits. (Which is for the best, since they already did an own-covers album of their earlier work in 2010.
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  19. Intriguing......this is exciting!
  20. So, according to a Facebook group, there are two albums coming. 15 tracks each: one on Feb and one in Oct (to celebrate the 30th (!) year of Fangoria). They will be songs that have inspired Fangoria over the years. Apparently, one is the classic “Gritando Amor” by McNamara.
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