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Fashion: How to Dress

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Arroz, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Phew this is a stinker of a post, sis. Everyone has different price points and reasons for wanting certain pieces and it doesn't require explaining. Not all of us can, or want to, spend hundreds on a single item. High street collaborations and diffusion lines are perfectly valid ways to wear designers you like without having to go broke.
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  2. I have such a problem finding bottoms I can fit into (kii) because I have naturally huge calves. I can literally only fit into things which are stretch skinny, otherwise the material won't go over them.

    Even like 'relaxed fit' trousers look a mess because they get tight around the calves and make it look stupid.

    Anyone link any trousers they think could work?
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  3. It's actually worth popping into a tailors/alterations/seamstresses place near you to have a chat and explain things. I've taken over bits of clothing before to have the sleeves taken up or legs taken in and they're perfectly fine doing it and will know how best to make things suit your body. The extra cost of having stuff done (I get it done for about £15 an item) more than offsets the misery of not being able to find anything that fits.
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  4. I admire Virgil Abloh's hustle, but he's wrong for resurrecting these stretched oval, alien on a ski trip sunglasses.
  5. I have the same problem. I’ve just been shopping and I’ve decided my legs are too short. Stretch skinny jeans forever sorry dad @Vasilios
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  6. In my mind. Yes.
  7. I got my first tank top for 2€ and it inspires me to workout for summer. Why am I cheap ass for clothes?
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  8. I swear I never buy tops from Uniqlo, but the Shonen Jump anniversary collection got me breaking my own rules.
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  9. Sistren, what is the european equivalent to Mr Porter, SSENSE etc?
  10. Gonna my best Shania-impression when this arrives in the mail ddd

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  11. Anyone else love Footasylum? I can buy all my clothes there these days but always have to trek London way to get there. Or Urban Celebrity is best online I'm over ASOS.
  12. I gave in and bought Ozweegos this week.

    In two colorways.
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  14. ARE U
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  15. Oh hun. Did they have a return policy? xoxo
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  16. Dadcore to the max THO @Syzygyz

    I love dads and dad shoes.
    I got the Stripped-Back Triple S and tho NOT v. comfy they make such lewks.
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  17. @Nunya B are Mr Porter, SSENSE etc about to do sales in May? You know everything.
  18. @Vasilios

    I have been subscribed to their mailing lists so long I just go back and look at the patterns now – this is so sad?

    Mr Porter in the US starts right at the end of May/beginning of June (as early as May 30 and as late as June 6) and SSENSE is the last week of May. Mr Porter Europe starts maybe one or two weeks after Mr Porter US (I think it lines up with French soldes)
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