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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Arroz, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    First off, I know that we have the "Clothes" thread which is thriving over in Retail (and to which I have added a smattering of posts) but I really wanted to create a fashion thread where we can discuss new styles, designs, lines, and all that stuff, in addition to maybe asking questions and receiving answers (READ: ADVICE) from others on how to dress, as well as how others dress.

    Personally, the reason stems moreso from my desire to dress more my age. I know how to fall back to rather standard formal/casual/business clothing styles, but never have really understood how to create a personal sense of style that defines me and makes me feel comfortable. If you saw me (rather than heard me) you'd probably pass me off as an aloof heterosexual male, considering basketball shorts, a tee shirt and some tennis shoes are my go-to options.

    Any takers?

    *This idea was influenced by Rik.
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  2. I need to start dressing more "mature". I'm 25, I need to stop wearing teeny, tiny midriff-baring, nipple-showing polo shirts.

    I'd like to dress more Gant than Topman, but until I graduate and get a proper job, I'm guess I'm stuck!
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  3. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Maybe we should all start by identifying ourselves with celebrities who almost have the same body type or facial structure as ours?
  4. From what I've seen, there seems to be very little ''out there'' fashion in the UK for men. In general it's all quite...quiet. Not necessarily boring just... nothing extravagant and fabulous like me.

    I want some funky clothes!

    In the near future I will have the same body as Taeyang. I will.
  5. Let's get glam, don't let the clothes wear you
    Let's get glam, it's all in how you move
    Let's get glam, don't let the clothes wear you
    Let's get glam, it's all an attitude

    Now snap, now snap.
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  6. Well my style or fashion sense got better with years and it came from nowhere. I never followed trends but more picked from here and there and tried to pair those things together (especially the colours). If I wear for example brown lether jacket I would put some neutral colour pants (black, grey ... But no brown) and shoes that have some shade of brown. You can never go wrong with anything black paired with any other colour (and by "any other" I mean that it isn't too bright/fluorescent). I like clothes that are not so male uniformal (the typical style for men) and are more "out there" ("out there" is something people around me said so maybe it's not so much out there after all).

    I think the most important thing is pairing colours together and put on the clothes that you feel comfortable with. And most importantly when you dress and look yourself in the mirror you must really like it and feel fuckable. Hehehehe

    Also it's good to pick and pair clothes from different brands/stores that way you will not look brand uniformal. Because lot of people buy clothes in one particular store and many of them look a like so this way you can avoid that (of course if you don't like to look like everybody else).

    I like Zara, NewYorker and sometimes TerraNova.
  7. LJB


    River Island and you will deal. (Though I'm starting to get into Republic).

    Chinos, as lose fitting as possible (any tight fitting trousers make me look like a beanpole). T-Shirts - Small. No fucking Topman TOWIE or 'Look at this while I stare at your tits' slogan shit or Rihanna face's or Haus of Gaga motifs. Anything with a cowl neck will be bought. No Coats, ever.

    Beige, Navy, White, Burgundy, Grey only. Desert boots. Shoe colour must match top colour.
  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    God I hate what high street shops have turned Chinos into. The idea behind them is that they're meant to be comfortable and light, but still smart. The ones they sell in Topman etc are nothing like this, they're basically just skinny jeans made out of a different fabric.

    Also, they're old man pants. Combine them with boat shoes and a polo shirt and you have the classic Dentu-Creme look. Clean. Fresh!

    I love fashion. Real fashion. Not the generic rubbish you see in shop windows. Once it's on the high street it's already on it's way out of style anyway. I've never been one to follow trends religiously, but I do like to update my wardrobe with new things, try out different colour palettes, etc, and lately it's become hard to find things I actually like. I don't want to dress like One Direction or a grandfather, there must be something in between?
  9. I think alot of men feel like that...where do they shop? Although Liam, what would you want them to stock?
  10. That's why I combine clothes from different outlets/stores/brands and you always look unique but yet fashionable.
  11. I hate labels queens.
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  12. I have such bother finding a pair of trousers that both look good and fit well. I have really skinny legs but don't want to wear skin tight jeans, just something slim fitting. Plus I have no ass (seriously, it's like I have the recessive bum gene) which means most trousers sit really baggy on me.
  13. There are some really great vintage shops in the area, but I only buy ties there. I have about 40-50 ties and I try to wear at least 2-3 a week. One of my favorite things to do is wear different patterns at the same time that are matching colors. For example I'll wear my pink and blue paisley tie, with a blue and white striped shit, and throw on a grey (gray? grey?) sweater over top of it. Then again, I sometimes dress like a grandpa.
  14. I would never, ever wear a tie away from a special, smart occasion... but I do look like I would slot straight in to One Direction most of the time.
  15. I'm not a fan of ties. I tried to wear it but it doesn't feel natural to me. I'm more loose neck/V neck/few buttons loose shirt guy.

    Also I love coats but not standard ones. I love the when they are little bit out of the ordinary. I bought red one (bright blood red) few week ago It have a little bit Russian military look mixed with something that women wear but still it looks manly. Or at least I think it look. Hahahahaha.

    I pair it with black tight boots and grey-ish carrot pants (for man of course) and great V neck light sweater.
  16. I bought some new dark red skinny's and they are my life. LIKE SERIOUSLY.
  17. I really need to get a new bandana. I've been eyeing this snazzy blazer in a window downtown as well.

    That's it. No more food or utility bills. New clothing needs to happen.
  18. Is it really bad that I'm getting the exact suit I saw Liam from One Direction wear in the One Thing video for my prom? It's pretty casual which I like but I swear if anybody notices I'll have to set myself on fire and die.
  19. "And I set fiiiiiiiiiiire, to the suit".
  20. Rmx


    Yayy thank you! I saw the title and thought 'yeah that's my thread!' haha.

    Ok I dress quite 'standard London gay', if you'd like to call it that. Tight Topman and River Island chinos, topped with dark basic t-shirts (grey or black or dark blue) with coloured cardigans, but not flashy shades. For example, dark green and sort of... sand-red... Haha I can't describe that colour it's like the colour of a desert rock haha. I've been dressing this way for about half a year because, like Arroz said, I want to dress more appropriate to my age. I used to wear VERY flashy clothes, like bright coloured Adidas, and while they're hot I just had to mature it up a bit.

    However, as a sort of personal touch I still wear sneakers (my current favourites) because if I also start wearing those brown boot-like shoes, I'll be exactly the same as every other gay (and more and more straights as well) and that's not what I want. I realize it's a poor attempt to be 'unique' but I don't want to make some sort of cooky look for myself.

    I'll keep you guys updated when I start buying spring clothes, can't wait to buy me some nice shorts and show off my newly trained and tanned legs whoop! V is for Vanity
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