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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Arroz, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. This is what I was strutting for the last couple of weeks and to be honest it looks so much better on me. Hehehe
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Yessir, no problem.

    And I guess I should ring in and said something. What are great websites and styles you guys would recommend, maybe a bit personally?

    I have been reading this uber-obvious site but I like what I have read so far. Are there any other resources you guys would suggest?
  3. Rmx


    I don't follow any fashion blogs or anything. I know many people here seem to hate it but my fashion bible is basically the Topman website. Also River Island but since we have one in Amsterdam I pretty much just go there if I wanna check things out.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Thanks sir.

    Those prices are fucking insane however!
  5. River Island is flawless.
  6. Rmx


    What, really? Aren't you checking the 'design' items or something? At Topman, most chinos are 28 pounds, tees hover around 20 and cardigans / jumpers around 30 or 40, up to 60 in a few cases. That's not expensive at all. It's no Primark or H&M, but it's by no means Diesel or something.
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Oops, my bad. Was checking suits. Of course those would be on the pricier side.

  8. LTG


    I love wearing suits so much. I think they make everyone look so much hotter as well.
  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I adore suits. If I could I would be a much better-looking and younger Pitbull without the pasty skin and chest hair. Oh yeah, and without dodgy lyrics about ass and tittties.
  10. I received the best black hoodie as a totally random gift today. The fashion gods have been kind to me. (Or rather, my roommate was getting rid of it. Same diff.)
  11. Rmx


    Confession of a shop-a-holic: I've never worn, or even tried on a suit. I've always been under the impression I'm too short for it, since this country is inhabited by giants. Should I try it? I'd look like a child dressing up as a businessman for Halloween probably!
  12. What about for formal occasions? Weddings, class proms/formals etc.? I couldn't imagine wearing anything else!
  13. Rmx


    I have one 'prom' (it's not a prom but it's the most suited translation I think) coming up and my friend happens to be in the organizing team, and he told me I'm not getting in if I'm not wearing a suit. This sucks because I'm broke and if I'm buying a suit, I want a nice one and not the cheapest thing I can find.

    Those Topman suits look nice but I'd have to guess the size since I order online. 28S is probably a pretty accurate guess, but still what if it doesn't fit! That would suck. I already know H&M won't fit... What's left? Maybe Zara. I'm not buying a branded suit haha!
  14. Wore the suit once and never again. I don't feel good in them at all. It's too formal for me. I would rather do formal with a little bit of urban. Instead of suit I would have a black/white shirt with waistcoat, great slick carrot pants with eather elegant black boots or black shoes. And if it's cold I would wear coat on top of all of that.

    Suit are too much for me.
  15. Have you considered renting one?
  16. Rmx


    No, I'm too bacteriophobic for that.

    Thank you, that's my style! I actually just had a pretty big fight with the friend who wants me to wear a suit for that party, and I told him it's just not for me and I feel much more comfortable in something a bit less formal. Still stylish, but not a suit. He completely burned me and called me poor and whatnot. I told him I grew up with little money indeed and I'm proud of that and I'll dress the way I like. Then he called me a c.h.a.v. and I called him a pretentious university snob and left, haha. Why are we friends?!

    Oh, the point here is that I won't be needing suit advice because I'm not going to the party.
  17. @Rmx ... Wow ... what a ''friend'' !!!

    The thing that always bothered me is that men are so ''restricted'' when it comes to formal dressing. It's always the suit. Why ? You can be formal looking without that suit. Wherever I go weddings. parties, overall formal happenings every men is in that freaking suit.

    I get annoyed that men don't ''experiment'' a little bit with that formal 100 year old style. It's easier to put on the suit and not be bothered by mixing some clothes and looking formal and yet not uniformal.
  18. Rmx


    He's nice but he's very 'elite', so to say. He always feel better than everyone else whereas I grew up in a rough area and I'm proud of it and I don't want to be like a snob, so if I my idea of dressing fancy is wearing stylish dark chinos and a nice shirt instead of a suit then that's my prerogative.
  19. You automatically feel 95% hotter in a suit. It's science.

    I would describe my """style""" as haphazard-floordrobe-chic. I like to look like I picked up various items off the floor, dusted them down and arranged them in as presentable style as possible. It's weird because I would be interested in fashion, but more in a watching-avant-garde-Japanese-fashion-shows-on-YouTube and obsessing over Isabella Blow than in a caring about what I have on me way.

    And men's fashion is so boring. And restricting. If you don't want to look like some tit off One Direction (I'd rather watch my family be consumed by a Pack of wild dogs than wear skinny jeans, chinos or, shudder, "boat shoes"), Olly fuckin' Murs or a Jersey Shore degenerate, there's really fuck all out there.

    As regards what I'd like to see on a man - basic, simple, mature, and jewellery.
  20. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Urgh everyone wears chinos and boat shoes to school on non-uniform days. Tragic.
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