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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Arroz, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Jewellery. No thank you. I can stand one piece of jewellery at time. Like if you dress up and put a nice ring or necklace or earring ... stay at that. More than one piece of jewellery is too much ( for me ).
  2. It's a really nice suit actually, I think it's a good choice!

    I've only ever wore a proper suit once and that was for my prom. They're so expensive! I think I need a skinny suit to try on, I want to feel sexy!!

    As for jewelry I used to wear quite a bit, but less is more normally. Also I've started to really try and sort my clothes out into day wear and night wear. I think if you wear things for nights out only they become a bit more special.

    I'm loving Jumpers at the moment though. I love just wearing a plain white top underneath (which can't be seen) and matching jumpers with different jeans. For instance a blue jumper with red jeans. Green jumper with black jeans etc.
  3. Red jeans?

    Crossing you off the list.
  4. Red jeans are nice if they are paired with nice upper body piece of clothes. But still when I think of red jeans the first thing that pops to my mind is One Direction.

    As far as pants/shorts etc. the colours should not be too bright. Darker the better (black,gray,brown,dark blue,dark red etc.). The brighter (in fact all colours ... bright,dark,whatever) colors are for shirts/coats/jumpers/shoes.
  5. I barely ever wear warm colored clothing. It just doesn't look right with my skin tone.
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I'd imagine you look very dashing, quite sexy as well. But that's enough from me!

    And to it bad that I like some of the clothing One Direction has worn? Obviously, I would never just wear carbon copies, but I think sprucing it up individually would be quite okay.
  7. I'm not here to judge you Mr.Arroz, but yes, yes it would be.

    Ah no, I'm sure they've worn some nice bits and pieces in the past. It's more the way they're always super coordinated (a staple of the boyband image, yes, but still) and how their whole look has flooded the streets and resulted in me having to look at bare ankles in fucking winter!!

    Ignore me, I'm full of hate.
  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I love suits and suit-based outfits. I rarely wear them in the traditional sense, though. I'll always add trainers or a hooded waistcoat or something like that, or an informal shirt. Sometimes I'll wear the jacket with jeans. I also like to dress according to the season, which British people seem to have a problem with. "Layering is going to be big this winter". Uh, WHAT. If it's December, dress like it's December!

    It saddens me to see so many people dressing the same, though. That's not fashion, that's a uniform.
  9. I've noticed that for some strange reason when autumn/winter comes I like and enjoy to wear mostly darker colours (black, dark blue,gray and dark brown mostly) but when spring/summer come suddenly I'm up for brighter (even I must admit fluorescent) colours.

    I agree with you Tribal but it's because people buy clothes just in one store/outlet with same brand. That's why I always combine different brands from different stores. Not because I want to be sooo unique but because I hate when everybody look the same.

    The biggest problem in my town (and country) is that there is no variety of stores/brands. But I menage to combine mostly clothes from Zara outlets and NewYorker store.
  10. I might have to take a picture to show you what I mean! I think we should maybe do that. Either take pictures of some of our favourite outfits or put pictures here of our favourite outfits.
  11. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    That's a good idea. I'll wait and see what everyone else looks like before I take part, though.
  12. I got a US Navy jacket today. It's XS and is amazing. Looking to add some """edge""" for when I'm living in New York. I also saw some beautiful trashy boys wearing them last week when I went with my friend to get her pierced and I've been enamored since.
  13. Rmx


    That's sweet of you! If I ever try one on, I'll take pics. By the way, we can post pics of what we buy here, right? Cause I just bought a spring / summer jacket for 10 euros, so cheap! I was so delighted because I already took like 70 out of my budget for one and now I just bumped into this one at Pull And Bear! It is a bit of a difficult colour, so I might have to get another one later but for now this one will do. Keeping it urban. (the lighting is bright but it's quite a dark purple)
  14. Nice jacket Rmx (like the inside of the jacket ... I hope it's warm in it) and good bargain. I love when I find nice clothes for little money. I bought two Zara autumn/spring leather jackets for 20euro each.
  15. Rmx


    Don't you just love it! I don't mind spending good money on clothes but when I do find something I like and it's cheap it gives me such a rush haha. Yeah Zara is good for that too if you search well!
  16. I loooove it. That's the most amazing feeling when you can buy 5 pieces of clothes (great quality, great looking) for one standard price of one jacket for example. Half of my wardrobe is like that and I love it. Hehehe
  17. Both you and Emma Watson are working it in that photo, Rmx.

    Love the jacket too!

    I'm so fashion impaired it hurts. I find it hard to know what will suit my body type, which can basically be described as "skinny little bastard" as it once was by a friend of mine.
  18. In my mind it's about mixing and matching from different stores of various qualities, although the best thing I ever realised is that Topman is not fashionable or different, it's just what everyone wears because it's cheap - don't they do kids sizes now too?

    I still buy the occasional item from them (the basics really - plain tees for example) however I've outgrown it...
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Topman is cheap? I'm yet to see this.

    They do kids sizes but they label them as adult sizes, so they can charge adult prices. Children's clothing is VAT-free otherwise.
  20. It's sad but true that Topman is cheap for men's clothes. Girls get far more choice when it comes to clothes, nor do nice girls clothes have to cost anywhere near as much as male clothing. I still quite like a lot of the clothes in Topman if I'm being honest!

    Not sure about children's sizes though. I know River Island definitely do a children's male range now, so maybe that is what you're thinking of? Topman do XXS and 26"S but I don't count them as children sizes, because some guys are just really tiny, haha!

    I really want this and this but I'm not sure whether I'd ever wear them, or if I can even "pull them off" as they say.
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