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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Arroz, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. When Animal Crossing came out last year people started recreating fashion designs in the game - maybe you could look around and see what’s translated well there?
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  2. Hey guys, I want to buy a shoulder bag and I don't know where to look. I kind of like this one from Burberry but I don't know if it's worth it, it looks a bit too small and I'm looking for something where to put my phone/keys/wallet. Any suggestions for a nice bag or where to look for it?

  3. Try Jacquemus.
  4. I'll give it a try, thank you!
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  5. If you see a bag you like look it up on Lyst or google before buying, lots of his items are half price at the moment on Mytheresa, Luisa, MrPorter etc.
  6. eBay saved search and email alert will usually sort you out in the long run.
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  7. I ordered some moccasins from Ssense and they arrived like fully covered in mold. Fragrant, like, crop circles of mold all over them. I messaged customer service to let them know and ask for a return, and, what’s wild to me, they offered to let me keep them with 15% off.

    Like…I actually can’t believe they suggested keeping dirty and moldy product, for a measly 15% off no less. Given the state the shoes are in, I imagine they’ll have to throw them out. At least I hope they do. I just can’t believe they still tried to get a sale out of it.

    Anyways, heads up. I will never feel bad for abusing their free shipping anymore.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Report the transaction.
  9. All these stores are getting comfortable and ripping people off. Mytheresa sent me worn Bottegas last year, in a torn box (that wasn't even the right one - I know because after reporting them to Bottega Veneta customer services (they were super nice) they sent me a replacement box and it was a different one). I got 20% and kept them (because they were the last pair everywhere and it was NYE) but this was a bad experience and was not ideal to deal with during the holidays.

    And a month ago the trainers I got from Farfetch arrived again in a torn box and everything inside felt used (bar the shoes, I hope - you can't tell as they were the new Balenciaga runners that have the worn effect.

    I'm guessing the former really was the last of the last item so they sent me the boots they photographed for their shows or a sample? And the runner is sold out for weeks online (and was only up on their site and nowhere else) but somehow one size made it to Farfetch (though it shipped from the Balenciaga store in Paris? idk). So they kinda of go 'oh well if you don't want them someone else will'.

    This is why I only buy straight from the labels if I can.
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  10. My friend works for one of the e-commerce stores and the amount of returns they get is mindboggling. These insta girls and cigs are really out here spending £500 on some shoes to snap a couple of lewks in and then ship them back.
  11. I am screaming because I was about to edit and add that both my items were buzzy / instacig fare so that's what probably happened. Mytheresa tried to pull that and told me 'we have a great returns system so'. I should have kept my PayPal dispute up got the 50% refund.

    Also yes, again, use PayPal always.
  12. Zara's bootleg Homme Plisse collection must've launched sometime during lockdown in Australia, which I was completely unaware of, and now everything is sold out, besides the trousers in "medical green."
  13. How could they keep up with the "one pic only" rule otherwise? It's not like the average IG influencer earns enough to pay for all those 2000€ designer looks and you know... still pay rent, or buy food. What's most off putting is that those same people come up with the random save the planet/stop global warming post, or - even worse in my opinion - the "DON'T BUY CHEAP CLOTHES to SAVE EARTH!" one, then proceed to order a pair of shoes from the other side of the continent.
  14. Neat vodka sprayed on to fabric is my go to mustiness eliminator for vintage clothes. Might work?
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  15. Me: *buys one big ticket item, swears off shopping for the rest of the year*

    Every Store on the Planet: *HEY! HEYYY! Here’s early access to our sale and 30% off!*
  16. OK gals whaT are the hot Black Friday sales? I'm seeing... not much just yet, honestly.
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  17. Wow. Rest in peace.
  18. It was well known in the circles he was dealing with a very hard disease but I think very few actually knew he was in his last days. A shocking end to a heart-of-gold visionaire that completely transformed what fashion can be.
  19. Hello mamas, I am in the market for some good quality basic sweatshirts of various solid colors. I’m willing to pay a premium for something that won’t be destroyed after one wash (like ASOS). What’s the tea, what’s the tea

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