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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Arroz, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Camber is popular amongst the menswear set at the moment. All the cool brands are using them for blanks. I ordered a hoodie and a crewneck from them the other day but have not handled them in person yet.

    For something more, well, colorful, I saw Colorful Standard in a bunch of shops in Copenhagen and was impressed with the price point and quality. Or there’s always Arket.
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  2. I'd always recommend Uniqlo for good quality basics.
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  3. Also COS.
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  4. Has anyone else read this article by Annie Kelly?

    I'm studying for a Masters degree in Fashion Communications and when I read horrifying things like this, it boils my blood and makes me wonder whether I'm choosing the right industry to enter. This isn't just one or two factories- its a concerted effort by a wide number of suppliers to deprive nearly half a million garment workers of what they should legally be paid. And the response from brands like H&M and GAP? Vague statements that don't mean anything. We are LONG past the point where brands should be doing more than just a generic press release that was likely written months (if not years) ago with a PR company on the off chance that something like this was exposed. As far as these brands are concerned that's the matter done and dusted. It's disgusting.
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  5. nobody


    Model is 193 cm and wears size L.
    Waist 66 cm

    Okay cool helpful.
  6. Tea, particularly with lots of brands now going for oversized or cropped or longer sleeves or whatever it's basically russian roulette in terms of how it's going to look in real life, especially if your body is.. not a model's body.

    Whichever platform manages to get their A.R/virtual try on sorted first is getting all my coin. I don't know why this sort of thing has taken so long.
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  7. Gym and Coffee. Its a Irish brand ive been living in for last two years. Really comfortable tracksuit bottoms and sweartshirt tops real nice different bright colours. Little pricy but worth it
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  8. Lately lots of sites have models that are 185 and waist 80 which is very good and realistic but really why book someone who is 193.
  9. It’s coming. Facebooks’ (now Meta) VR even imitates the weight and movement of different fabrics. It’s actually kinda scary.

    1:04:00 here:

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  10. I'd LOVE to know fabric weight, it makes such a difference to how clothes fit.
  11. And then you click on size guide to hopefully see some measurements but it's just a size conversion chart that looks like a bingo card.
  12. The legend, trailblazer and absolute icon Andre Leon Talley has passed away.

    I figured this might be the only thread to post this in. It feels like a seismic loss that I can’t fully grapple with.
  13. K94


    Another absolutely shocking loss.

  14. RIP

    His shows were ART
  15. There will never be another like Mugler. A true visionary. The impact of his fashion on pop culture and editorials can't be stated enough. Dressing so many of this forum's favorites was likely a gateway for many into studying the world of high fashion and couture.
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  17. I don't know nearly enough about the legacy of Thierry Mugler. How shameful. How sad, another one we've lost. R.I.P..
  18. His influence is everywhere. McQueen to Fashion Nova, none of it would have existed without him.
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