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Fatal flaws leading to our favourites going down the dumper!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blaahh, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. so not mildly different to some of the excellent threads recently, but was musing whether certain acts may have saved their careers by releasing x instead of y - whilst listening to the excellent Virgin Anthology by T'Pau. So starter for 10

    T'Pau had released the awesome Only The Lonely before Secret Garden or Road To Our Dream in 1988
    Duran had released A Matter of Feeling instead of Skin Trade in 1987
    Kylie had released Your Disco Needs You instead of Please Stay etc.

    Obviously the last one needs no discussion and the head of Parlophone Single Selection was clearly on something at the time....
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  2. I thought I read somewhere that Please Stay was only given to Kylie on condition it was used as a single?
  3. I'm not saying it definitely could've been saved but surely the Spice Girls could have carried on promoting Forever for another 6 months. According to Mel B's memoirs they got together before Christmas 2000 and only she and Emma were up for continuing. Mel C was the most against it.

    Tell Me Why was scheduled for March 2001 with remixes ready and with another single in the early Summer (If You Wanna Have Some Fun) that album could've been double platinum at least in the UK and not look like such a failure next to the first two.

    Fast forward seven years to Headlines (Friendship Never Ends). It should have been released physically before the greatest hits had came out and it would certainly have been a top ten for them. On the physical chart it reached number three. The mind boggles why they didn't perform it on Strictly Come Dancing either.
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  4. Lonnie Gordon releasing Beyond Your Wildest Dreams as the follow up to Happenin' All Over Again rather than If I Have To Stand Alone or How Could He Do This To Me? Killed her career stone dead
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  5. Great thread idea...

    Dexys Midnight Runners should have released Listen To This as a single before the Don't Stand Me Down album, thus giving them a deserved Top 10 entry rather than #22 and gone in 6 weeks.

    Thompson Twins should never have thought about releasing Roll Over as their first single of 1985, even before Tom Bailey collapsed. They should have gone with King for a Day, later in the year. Then in 1987, their comeback single should have been either Dancing In Your Shoes or Bush Baby. Or at least one of those as the 2nd single.

    Howard Jones needed to take a break after the 12" Album at Christmas 1984. Feb 1985 for the next era was too soon, and the quality control wasn't there. Things can Only Get Better and Look Mama were decent choices, but No One Is To Blame needed to come sooner and re-establish his serious side.
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  6. Dannii not following up All I Wanna Do with Disremembrance or Keep Up With The Good Times.....

    I adore Everything I Wanted but was a bit too different in tone to follow up her first top 5 smash....

    I would've had the following schedule of releases;
    July 97 All I Wanna Do
    Sep 97 Disremembrance/Girl Album Release
    Dec 97 It's Amazing
    Feb 98 Everything I Wanted (Xenomania Single Mix) & Tour
    May 98 Heaven Can Wait

    Then we may have had a quicker follow up.....in 1999/2000 preceding Neon Nights
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  7. Kim Carnes releasing the bizarre Draw of the Cards after her monster hit Bette Davis Eyes was a career killer. Can't complain though, as I adore that song. I remember the vĂ­deo being aired when I was a wee kid and it gave me nightmares for days.
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  8. Alexandra Burke releasing Let It Go instead of Oh La La.
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  9. This.
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  10. Puzzled by this one. Please Stay was the fourth single from a massive album and got to number 10 in the UK charts. Next single she released from the following album was Can't Get You Out Of My Head. No 'Dumper' involved at that stage.
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  11. The thread idea derailed at Kylie and morphed into bad single choice comment instead, so ignore as an example!
  12. Also I need to mention that while I also think that Your Disco Needs You is much better than Please Stay, it was too much a gay-in-your-face song to be more successful than Please Stay. The fan reaction is possibly also driven by the fact that Please Stay is such an innocent mellow nothing song while Disco is a club banger like she had never done before. Coupled with the cheapo video makes it even more of a camp side-release. Not sure if a proper video would have helped.
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  13. In a way, 'Your disco' didn't need to be a single as it had crossed over in the clubs already as a remix on the b-side of 'On a night like this' and therefore didn't need that much extra promo. 'Please stay' (average as it is) brought another album track to people's attention.

    Judging by the reaction it gets live, most people seem to think of 'Disco' as a classic anyway.
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  14. Please Stay is one of my favourite Kylie songs ever. It's beautiful. As is that gorgeous 70s style video.
  15. I remember when she popped up at the end of Germany's "Wetten, dass....?" to sing it with, obviously, an array of seamen. I believe it was preannounced. Back then she was still a bit of a has-been, she was not a proper guest to sit and be bored to death on the couch and make forced conversations with nobodies.
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  16. I don't want to sound like a moralist or a prude because I thought the fallout was ridiculous, but Janet at the Super Bowl. Let's face it you can divide her career up to the Super Bowl and after. She was blacklisted from radio, criticized and ridiculed and for a long time, all of her accomplishments seemed to be washed away by the incident. It's only now she seems to be getting respect again and people are once again recognizing her impact on pop music but it's a shame that the fallout was so over the top.
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  17. I agree, but don't you think the quality of the music played a big part?
    It's like she pulled an Erotica but way after her peak.
  18. I think American Science would have been a better single. Great album, but not a lot of single choices.
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  19. I already mentioned this on another thread but - Natasha Bedingfield releasing I Wanna Have Your Babies as her big 'comeback' single in 2007 following her disappearance to America. She was trying to be quirky and edgy with it: essentially she tried to replicate the look and feel of These Words. But both the song and video came off as too try hard, weird and off putting. The subsequent second album wasn't as strong as her first either apart from a few songs. If she had released the Pocketful of Sunshine album instead with the singles run in the UK she would have done better.
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  20. It was full of potential singles. But for 1985, not 1987. Meet El Presidente was the real WTF choice for me.
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