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Fatal flaws leading to our favourites going down the dumper!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Blaahh, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. True, I think in the case of both Madonna with the Sex book and Janet with Super Bowl, is that both would have suffered commercially regardless. They just would not have had the added hysteria over their respective controversies (Madonna – Sex; Janet – Super Bowl). I think both had been successful for a long period of time that there was bound to be some diminishing returns at some point, for them, it happened during major controversies. We'll never know since both controversies overshadowed the music at the time. However, I will say Erotica is one of my favourite albums so I think musically Madonna was still at a creative peak whereas I am not a Damita Jo fan.
  2. Always thought Proposition would have made a good single but i think they got carried away with the 1987 General Election with Meet El Presidente.. the remix was awful too.
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  3. I think the whole dance-pop direction was a mistake for Alexandra, but instant recognition factor goes a long way and she would have had that with the Crystal Waters sample. I can't even remember how Let It Go went.

    I feel like there's a lot of straw-clutching when it comes to Forever; there really wasn't a campaign-saving single on there, even before you factor in that half the group had no interest in saving it anyway.
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  4. The big difference is that Madonna had at least two major comebacks after Erotica. Janet...never?
  5. Madonna thinking that Give Me All Your Luvin' was a good idea.

    Kylie thinking Some Kind Of Bliss was a good idea.
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  6. Blasphemy! I think that song is, well, bliss!
  7. Praying for you.
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  8. I love Some Kind of Bliss- seeing it stall the way it did was such a huge statement from the public that they were not ready for Indie Kylie.
  9. The last fourth of Some Kind Of Bliss is...bliss, the multiple strings...
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  10. The last fourth is unbearable! The same lines repeated over and over and over...
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  11. Some Kind of Bliss is a fine album track but as lead single? No chance. The label clearly got carried away with the James Dean Bradfield connection and just assumed that was enough to make it a shoe-in smash. At the time I was gutted for her, but in retrospect it was all remarkably cynical.

    Especially when you consider that Did It Again was just sat their waiting as the obvious lead single.
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  12. Alexandra Burke releasing OK.com.
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  13. Truth is probably didnt matter what was released off the incomparable Impossible Princess, she needed to bide her time and 1997 wasnt it. Agree Some Kind of Bliss was a cynical arrogant choice, amazed when it bombed.
  14. Just Alexandra Burke in general. Except for The Silence remix.
  15. Gentleman following What About Us was definitely the last straw for The Saturdays. What an awful, awful song choice. They really weren't going to recover from that.
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  16. Gentleman was a bop and a half but a bizarre choice for single.
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  17. I'm not a Kylie fan but at the time I thought it was going be a bit hit. I then saw it priced at £3.99 in all the shops with all the other new releases priced at £1·99 and new it would flop. No one paid that price for a single in that era.
  18. Janet could have released Adele's 21 album in 2006 and it would have been dead on arrival. The material didn't really matter. She was blacklisted and there was nothing Janet could do about it. Same thing with the Dixie Chicks. It's hard to come back after radio has blacklisted you.
  19. True. And their names became synonymous with the scandals they were in. It's like all the accomplishments they achieved beforehand were washed away and they became damaged goods.
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  20. Bionic. Christina Aguilera hasn't had commercial success on her own since Back To Basics.
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