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Favourite Blu-rays/DVDs

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by torontodj, May 11, 2018.

  1. Couldn't find a thread so wondering what are your favourite releases? Maybe it's the packaging or the picture quality or the exclusive book attached?

    Love both the recent 3-disc blu-ray and previous 3-disc DVD version of Suspiria. Both beautifully produced with lots of extras and high quality.

    The Twin Peaks box set of the original series is a treasure.
  2. The most recent box set release of Absolutely Fabulous with the clutch-esque packaging is probably my favorite set ever.
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  3. "Twin Peaks: The Return" also has a nice packaging.

    Though not that practical or high quality, I used to like buying a new season of the Simpsons on dvd (limited edition packaging) each year. Last year, they made a surprise return by releasing season 18 on dvd, but I'm not sure if they'll continue.

    I love many releases by Third Window Films, Eureka! (Masters of Cinema) and Arrow Video. Quality movies and products with nice covers, booklets and extra's. With digital viewing, Netflix, etc.... it's nice and comforting to see blu-ray/dvd still living on. I'd like to keep some sort of 'ownership' which you can't have with Netflix (for example, leaving us only with seasons 8 and 9 of Rupaul's Drag Race).
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  4. I love the dvd features of the Lost DVDs. I also miss the days when DVDs had so much content. I thought Blu-ray would have more given that it has more space but studios nowadays don't give much effort when it comes to bonus material/features.
  5. My criterion collection releases of Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes are my favorite physical releases ever.
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  6. My Lord of the Ring trilogy extended DVDs

    All tattered now and I must upgrade to Blu Ray however they look and are amazing.
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  7. Flawless taste.
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  8. The most visually stunning films ever created, truly.
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  9. Any film that can make a woman putting on lipstick one of the most terrifying things ever is doing something right.
  10. I've never seen a Blu-Ray. Film student fail.
  11. BTG


    Not @silkandskin and @johnny_tsunami discussing Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes. Both are incredible pieces of cinema. The former, in particular, is one of my favourites.

    Some of my favourites are the Criterion Picnic at Hanging Rock, and recently Arrow Video's Carrie.
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  12. Picnic at Hanging Rock is excellent! I also remember paying a fortune for my Criterion of Häxan and I have yet to watch it Ddddd.
    I also love the cover art for my copy of House:
  13. BTG


    That's amazing.

    There's a fantastic feature length doc on Picnic that didn't appear on the Criterion so I've had to keep my DVD. I find it almost as rewatchable as the film.
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  14. My Hammer boxsets from Indicator are a thing of beauty.
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  15. Seeing this topic made me remember how I miss my Film collection. I used to own over 700+ DVDs/Blu-Rays, VHS Tapes and Laser-Discs but sold them off eight years ago and as cult and niche films get increasingly harder to get ahold of (Streaming has actually done the opposite for cult film audiences), I am really regretting that. I loved experiencing the rise of the format and small labels becoming real big purveyors of home entertainment, i.e. Anchor Bay Entertainment, whose original 3-Disc DVD set of Suspiria used to be the benchmark for how to experience the film as the visual transfer was really the best and most pure way to experience it, even when the first few blown-out 1080i high definition Blu-Rays of it came out.

    I used to be really impressed by the very first RC1 Nightmare on Elm Street box set. Beautiful embossed packaging, great artwork on the snapcases, 3D glasses and booklet included, bonus DVD chock full of content and the surprising thing was it came out in 1999 (!) when the format was still in its infancy and it was the twilight years where even major studio releases came out non-anamorphic letterboxed with a single 2.0 Audio option and a theatrical Trailer as the bonus (I'm looking at you Universal Studios, you're early releases were ultra shoddy).
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  16. Snap with their Sinbad set... unreal.
    I am very much looking forward to the forthcoming BFI Woodfall Set in June, it’s going to be superb.
  17. Yep I own Sinbad and have Woodfall on pre-order.

    I also pledged for the Cult Films 3 disc steelbook Blu-ray of Suspiria which seems to have been plagued by issues, but I may finally receive my copy in the next few months.
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  18. I've no doubt the (US) Blu-Rays look better, but this old DVD boxset of Miami Vice remains one of my favourite things to look at:

    32 discs, ha. These days it would be a fraction of the size, in some multi-hinged atrocity.

    I got both of the Limited Edition/Special Packaging Blu-Rays of Twin Peaks, but still haven't managed to watch a single second of either. Being a fairly new (2016) convert to Blu-Ray, and not having much opportunity to watch stuff these days, I try not to buy things I won't get around to for ages. The 5 for 30 section in HMV is my favourite thing....they put a lot of the cult/retro Arrow dual-format releases in their range. So I can watch the DVD or the Blu-Ray disc depending on where I am in the house. Latest acquisitions included To Live & Die In LA (brutal but it has a Wang Chung soundtrack) and Crime Of Passion (early Kathleen Turner).

    Mostly though I find myself watching vintage TV...big boxsets picked up on the cheap. I like comfort viewing and nostalgia, over modern-day stuff really.
  19. Crimes of Passion is wild, and the Arrow set is lovely. The lurid colours of the embossed slip really fit the film well.
  20. I have that Crimes of Passion set, too. It looks great. Same with Stormy Monday. I love how the artwork captures not only the '80s but the films themselves.

    "Lurid colours" is the perfect description.

    And if you've never seen Crimes of Passion, you're in for a treat. Kathleen Turner is fabulous in it. To think she made that film and Romancing the Stone in the same year - talk about range.
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