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Favourite CD maxi singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Maybe it had a pletora of remixes. Maybe it had that amazing B-side. Maybe it was a live track. Maybe it was a medley or megamix you couldn't find anywhere else.

    So, tell us what your favourite maxi single is.

    Mine is Gloria Estefan's Don't Let This Moment End. It had the song's radio edit, some remixes of the song itself, a ballad version, a remix of "Oye" and of course, the icing on the cake, a 17-minute medley of disco songs in remixed form.

  2. This one comes to mind first for some reason. Boy is probably in my top 10 Kylie songs. I love Rendezvous too. Just fond memories of these days.

    1. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
    2. Boy (b-side)
    3. Rendezvous At Sunset (b-side)

  3. [​IMG]

    I still only had a cassette player, but was so Britney mad back then, and I knew I could play this in my PlayStation, so went for this over the tape version. All time Britney/00's classic, underrated bubblegum Britney bop, and top remix of a another old skool tune too.

    And I still have this CD single now, one of my very few I kept!
  4. Madonna - The Holiday Collection

    Track list:
    1. Holiday
    2. True Blue
    3. Who's That Girl
    4. Causing A Commotion

    Love this.
  5. Had it had the original 'Holiday' 7" and the single mix of 'True blue' yeah, almost perfect. Remove 'Commotion' and add 'Dress you up' and perfect as a 'lost classics' collection.
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  6. I'm a big fan of Causing A Commotion so I'm glad it's on there.
  7. At the time it was great to get all those remixes on one disc. Most of the fans hated them.
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  8. Can someone fill me in on the difference in a CD single and a maxi CD single? I live in the US and unfortunately CD singles were never that popular here. We'd usually get one, maybe two CD singles (more if you are big like Madonna, Britney etc) from an album, but I am curious what the difference is. Also, I really love the European CD singles that came in the slimline j-card cases. Here in the US most CD singles were in regular jewel cases, with some released in the cardboard sleeve.
  9. I don't know if this is totally true. I've definitely bought plenty of CD singles (I'm in California) during the 1990's when more records stores were around (e.g. CD Warehouse, Tower Records, Sam Goody, Rasputin Music, Target(!), and whatever else mom and pop records stores there were). And I definitely have some slim jewel cases (if not the most), as well as regular cases and cardboard. I will say that once the decline of the chain stores started in the noughties, CD singles basically disappeared in the States.

    Re: CD Single vs. Maxi CD Single is basically that they have more than the standard two or so tracks (A-Side and B-Side), and are the versions you'll usually find with the additional remixes, etc. Wikipedia has a fairly good explanation.
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  10. For me a two-tracker is a single, anything else is a maxi-single.
  11. The UK never had maxi CDs, they are a US/German thing. The UK just had CD singles. No UK releases say "maxi" on them. The UK loved their CD singles in the 90s and sometimes we got CD1, CD2 and CD3, instead of 7"/12"/cassette. But our chart regulations meant we couldn't have more than 20 minutes on and various other restrictions.

    As CD singles will forever be my favourite format (I bought 11 today alone), I can't pick ONE as my favourite. I do favour the German maxi remix CDs, which I'm still collecting. Most of them have otherwise vinyl-only mixes on them, exclusive to the German market. I also like the USA maxi CDs that quite often had exclusive remixes or re-edits by little known DJs and always had full length mixes too. I still buy up those, too. The UK often got early fades on longer mixes - annoyingly!
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  12. A bit of a tangent, but does anyone know a good place to buy j-cases? They're not very easy to find...
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  13. I love G.A.Y.
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  14. Depeche Mode's Strangelove was one of my first CD-singles. And it was a sort-of Maxi, with about 6 tracks. It came in a card cover with the disc protected by an inner gauze sleeve. Stupidly, I let it go some years back. No idea why!
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. This question is like catnip to me - I really want to clear a few hours and go through my collection now.

    Until then, good call on the Gloria (!) from post 1. That disco medley is exquisite.
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  17. [​IMG]
    incredible. all of them.
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