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Favourite CD maxi singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Yes, definitely one of my favourites. I remember I had to choose between this and Celine Dion's Love Can Move Mountains maxi-single, and Madge won.

    I love the hip hop mix.
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  2. Those Whitney My Love Is Your Love maxis were great!
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  3. Remixes have gone from being a so-so bonus when I was a kid, to being EVERYTHING for me in the last 10 years! I've always liked a good old fashioned extended 12" mix, but the whole remix culture and production teams/DJs with their own distinct sound are just as much artists as the original act. Some songs I don't care for have brilliant remix packages and I'm just as likely to buy something unfamiliar if the credits have a remix by someone I recognise, or sometimes even just an amazing remix title. Artists like Bjork really opened my taste buds up to the further adventures a song can have when handed over to a totally different musician/producer.
  4. In the 90s/00s I generally preferred the remix to the radio edit.

    I would buy anything if it had an Almighty, Xenomania, Motiv8, Perfecto, Freemasons, Tony De Vit, Rollo & Sister Bliss, Junior Vasquez, Thunderpuss or Hex Hector mix. And they were always amazing!

    I'm the same now with 7th Heaven, Dave Aude, Cahill or Matt Pop.
  5. Brilliant choice!
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  6. How weird, I've been meaning to start a similar thread for the last few days but not got round to it. In the last couple of years cd singles have become my favorite format, not sure why this happened but I seem to get more of a buzz from picking them up than anything else, they're kind of my main focus buying wise nowadays. Nice to see I'm not the only one into them.
  7. There's something very satisfying about singles for me. I got rid of a lot of my CD albums but kept most of the singles. And later re-bought some of the ones I did get rid of. It's like I only really true *own* a song when I've got the single. I mainly only buy 90s ones.. it's about getting singles that I would have liked to have bought as a kid but couldn't because I didn't have enough pocket money! Now I can buy them all! Really shouldn't.. but do anyway.
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  8. Discogs has been either a blessing or a curse for me for filling in the gaps in my CD singles collection.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It's like I'm reading myself.
    Started with songs I truly adored or that had exclusive b-sides, and slowly moved toward any chart hit I ever liked.
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  10. Yeah at this point I don't care what the tracklist is.. it just has to be a song I feel sort of sentimental about, or reminds me of a particular time in my childhood. And have a nice cover! I bought about 1000 new single cases last year to rehouse them all as well, so they all look like they just came out the shop. How tragic. I'll shut up now!
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  11. Know what you mean... I could probably get rid of a lot of my albums, especially when I have the best track (often the only thing I bought the album for in the first place!) on cd single. I mainly go for 90s gear too, rave/pop/techno/idm/house/hip hop/hip house luckily most are pretty cheap but a few are getting pricey now!
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  12. The fact that my parents got me this for my 14th birthday really undercuts my they-didn't-support-me-for-who-I-was! narrative.
  13. I never really had CD Singles until the mid 2000's when Amazon came into my life, but now I have hundreds. My rule for buying singles is they must have something I cannot obtain on an album, i.e. a b-side, an orphan single, or in rare instances - a must have remix.
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  14. Ooh remembered my ultimate fave
  15. The latex gloves are creeping me out...what kind of Patrick Bateman fuckery is this?
  16. I'll always hold onto my cd singles that I've purchased previously, but in recent years I've found myself taking a new approach. Any singles from charity shops etc, I buy them and rip the tracks/mixes I want, then give them back to a charity shop. I don't have the memories associated with them, so there's no reason to keep them. Whereas if I ever dig through my boxes of old cds I'll pick up and look at singles that I forgot I had, and instantly remember when I bought them. Don't have that with the charity shop purchases, so no reason to keep them.

    If they're worth money though, they're straight on Ebay...
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  17. That booklet isn;t even in that good a condition to warrant creepy gloves!
  18. It puts the lotion in the basket....
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  19. I love maxi-singles a lot, and collecting them has been something of a hobby of mine for a decade plus now. I love so many different ones, but I have to give a particular shout-out to:


    This was the first maxi-single I ever owned - a birthday gift from my aunt and uncle as I was obsessed with Sarah Brightman and the Phantom of the Opera Broadway cast recording at the time - and I fell head-over-heels in love with it. Every single remix and version on it is excellent, and was my first taste of so many different genres.
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