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Favourite CD maxi singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. That Sarah Brightman maxi-single is a great choice @Andy French! It's like a mini-album.
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  2. Those are the kinds of maxi-singles I like best! Madonna's great for those as well - Justify My Love and Remixed Prayers were already mentioned, but pretty much every single starting in the 1990s and through about 2007ish felt like such an immersive experience with all the different versions. It made getting into her catalogue as a kid so much fun. I hammered the Music, Love Profusion and Hollywood maxi-singles in particular half to death back in the day.

    Same goes for Janet in a lot of cases - it's more of an EP than a maxi-single, but Control: The Remixes holds an extremely special place in my heart (the Cool Summer Mix of Nasty still pops the fuck off), as does Runaway (that period in the mid-90s when her back catalogue was remixed by contemporary DJs gave us some of their finest remix work in my opinion).

    Shout out to Whitney (she was so wicked) for It's Not Right as well - the Thunderpuss remix is obviously legendary but the US maxi had the breathtaking Hex Hector mix of I Will Always Love You tacked onto the end.
  3. Yes, the Heartbreak Hotel/It's Not Right But It's Okay already mentioned was a great maxi-single and then there was the one you have mentioned. I didn't get this one until years later.

    The My Love Is Your Love era was really well handled. Even Whitney's singles covers were brilliant.

  4. I forgot to mention I love this one - the US maxi-CD single for Mariah Carey's My All - it featured one of the Morales mixes, remixes of Breakdown and The Roof, plus a club mix of Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise).

  5. You mean we don't all hold our CDs like this?!
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  6. 'Bedtime stories' was an amazing set, but it came at one of my lowest fandom periods for her which didn't fully recover until the 'Ray of light' era.
  7. lr75519_20151129_192537269535.jpg

    This one due to this amazing remix out of 6 remixes on the cd.

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  8. I love collecting CD singles by my favorite artists. Don't really care that much about the contents - I'll buy singles with stuff I already have on expanded CD albums etc. To me it feels like having the complete output of careers I have been following for years. The sleeves alone... I have been buying hundreds of CD singles in the last few years, so a lot of the remixes are rather dated today. I usually play each single once or twice and then put it in it's rightful place in my collection.

    Some artists don't exactly release the most interesting singles (endless amounts of previous hits used as b-sides etc). But if I collect the artist I am going to buy every single. In general I love the singles from Madonna and Pet Shop Boys. Madonna had a lot of amazing remixes (I especially love her US maxi's) and Pet Shop Boys always have very well thought out releases. The US maxi's for Cher's Believe and Living Proof albums were great.
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  9. I bought this one very cheaply, in excellent condition. Very lovely, and it's a shame that Madonna never gave a crap about her singles.
    One minor caveat - the first track has weird sound defects. Was this a mastering error, or did I get a CD in not-so-great condition?
  10. I don't remember a problem with the Bedtime Story track 1. CD1 was the booklet yes? The single remix was track 1 on CD1 so maybe it's part of the remix? CD2 was the rest of the Junior remixes?
  11. I checked on YouTube, it didn't seem to be the part of the remix. Your memory serves you well, @phoenix123! CD2 also has the brilliant Orbital Mix. The Junior mixes are mostly... delete it fat.
  12. He has gloves on to protect it and then completely man handles it.
  13. Mine would have to be the Oz Maxi of Deeper & Deeper:

    1. Deeper And Deeper (Shep's Deep Makeover Mix) (9.10)
    2. Deeper And Deeper (David's Klub Mix) (7.41)
    3. Deeper And Deeper (Shep's Classic 12") (7.28)
    4. Deeper And Deeper (Shep's Fierce Deeper Dub) (6.01)
    5. Deeper And Deeper (David's Love Dub) (5.39)
    6. Deeper And Deeper (Shep's Deep Beats) (2.58)
    7. Bad Girl (Extended Mix) (6.28)
    8. Erotica (Kenlou B-Boy Instr.) (5.48)
    9. Erotica (Underground Tribal Beats) (3.32)
    10. Erotica (WO Dub) (4.49)
    11. Erotica (House Instr.) (5.55)
    12. Erotica (Bass Hit Dub) (4.50)
  14. Is the full length album version on anything other than the album (where it is segued)? The "album edit" from CD1 is too butchered, I'd really like the full original song without the mixed start.

    EDIT; Answered my own question! It's on a couple of CDs, like the USA 2 track (card sleeve) and USA promo.
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  16. Special mention for Kate Bush's The Red Shoes 2xCD single set - covering all fan-pleasing bases!

    CD1 - https://www.discogs.com/Kate-Bush-The-Red-Shoes/release/1488846
    CD2 - https://www.discogs.com/Kate-Bush-The-Red-Shoes/release/1412937

    A brand new b-side, a new extended version, an classic hit, a classic 12" mix (Running Up That Hill), a classic 7" mix (The Big Sky) and the video mix of Cloudbusting - the last two of which had never been on CD previously. She never released a better single package, before or after. I remember literally running home to play them. SIGH.
  17. I initially regretted getting rid of the majority of my singles but a lot of them have been put up for streaming so not a big loss!
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  18. Lovely indeed! Too bad that the Shoedance mix is kinda lame, everything else is top notch!
  19. Dance mixes ... of Sarah Brightman ... doing A Whiter Shade of Pale.

    That sounds absolutely fascinating. Not sarcasm.
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  20. It was sad in the 2000s when the CD maxi single started to vanish. Some CD singles I bought like Beyoncé's Crazy in Love and Celine Dion's I Drove All Night came in cheap, flimsy and slim plastic cases. Terrible. The last few great maxis I got were the Madonna Confessions-era singles and Simply Red's Sunrise.
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