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Favourite CD maxi singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Hi, what song/artist are you discussing here, the only Juno Reactor track I know is the fab Traci Lords' Control. I'd love to hear more of that. Maybe this is?
    It's credited to United Citizen Federation ft. Sarah Brightman (officially). There's a dub and a vocal, interestingly I think the Dub is a bit better. I know, shoot me!
  2. Another Brightman banger! Harem had a good maxi single


    including the amazing Hex Hector Vocal Mix

    and my favourite It's A Beautiful Day (Groove Brothers Remix)

    I love me some popera over a banging beat!
  3. Excellent single (I have it too), but there too many different fonts on that cover! Placing that 'Billboard' line in her dress is such an unstylish choice.
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  4. Actually, it's Hollywood by Ana Voog.

  5. Gosh, I'm really not Sarah's biggest fan. I can take the camp, disco stuff - in fact, I Lost My Heart... is one of my all time favourites. The remixes commissioned for the re-release/Starship Troopers film tie-in are great! I do also like one Sarah Brightman album - Fly. It's a little avant garde and dark and, well, interesting... but that's about it. Actually, I should check out Dive, as I haven't yet and I think that'll be something for me, from what I've read about it.
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  6. I have always been partial to some Sarah Brightman. The run from Eden, through La Luna, Harem and Symphony, is great.
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  7. I'm not a big Sarah fan myself. I saw her over a decade ago in concert. All I remember about the show was her flying around.

    But I do like some of her remixes.
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  8. Oh thanks, I'm playing the youtube video embedded in the page linked above, I really like it. I'm gonna get that cd!
    Absolutely, her peak as far as I'm concerned!
  9. Ohmyg popera! Hahhahahaha never heard that, I love it!
    However I must say that the original version of Harem kinda old-man pisses over any remix. It's already built like a club anthem!

    Also, as a few pages back someone clearly loves Tori, I'm amazed that the below hasn't been mentioned. It's a masterpiece. Her first work of covers is phenomenal and nobody has ever got even close to this level of artistry:

    When will ya faves.
  10. It's the title of the first Associates best of, from 1990! Always loved that title.

  11. Tori Amos had a lot of great singles, with "Spark" (with the stunning "Purple People") being one of my favorites.

    I recently bought Sarah Brightman's "Harem" and "Whiter Shade Of Pale" maxis online - had been looking for them for a while.
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  12. I never understood where those singles came from, A Whiter Shade Of Pale, A Question Of Honor.... are they non-album singles?
  13. Question of Honour is from Fly (1996), and then in remixed form on the Best Of 1990-2000. A Whiter Shade of Pale is, I think, exclusive to that latter compilation. I thought it was on La Luna, but it's not.
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  14. Whiter Shade Of Pale is on the US edition of La Luna.
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  15. Aha! I always associate it with that era.
  16. I already have two La Luna's, I didn't think the US was even more different. I actually think one time I checked its origin but I forgot.
    My favorite is the one with First Of May (live). I love that track! Where is it from anyway, is it in video form on anything released on dvd?
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  17. One of the things I love most about Tori is how generous she's been with B-sides on her singles, whether they're covers or tracks that didn't make their parent albums. And more often than not, they're incredibly strong quality-wise which makes it even better.
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  18. The US La Luna is quite different from the original Euro release. The original Euro release is out of print, making re-prints of the album identical to the US one.

    A live version of (the stunning) "First Of May" was included on the original Euro pressing. That song can also be found on The Very Best Of 1990-2000, in a studio version. It is also included on the Japanese deluxe edition of Winter Symphony and the One Night In Eden DVD.
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  19. So that's why Amazon's listing confused me. My copy has Whiter Shade, and I got it on release in HMV.
  20. But is it the same performance on One Night In Eden? I have all her dvds but only watched one.
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