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Favourite Music DVD/Blu-ray?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. I love collecting music DVDs. It’s a shame though that many of them haven’t been released on Blu-ray.

    Bruce Springsteen’s Video Anthology, Amy Grant’s DVD video compilation, Bob Marley’s Legend, Madonna’s Girlie Show, Dead or Alive’s Evolution... just so many.
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  2. Is this live or music videos?
  3. Overdue a dvd release, Mine would have to be


    If it's specifically dvd then Gary Numan's 2008 Replicas Tour in Manchester as I can see me on it

    or Toyah's Wild Essence, as i'm on that too

    or Duran Duran's Diamond in the Mind as I'm on that too and it was the day I got the all clear from the big C!

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  4. This is a mix of live performances and 3 or 4 music videos, although a later edition also added the videoclip of Slave to the Rhythm. It would be great to have it properly remastered.

    The full video (minus the "Pull Up to the Bumper" videoclip) is on youtube.

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  5. I wish there was a service similar to Netflix that had all these DVDs available. I know there's probably a lot of legal stuff preventing that from happening, but since music DVDs and Blu-Rays are so scarce nowadays, legal streaming platforms could be the salvation of this video format.
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  6. I wonder if videos like Last Christmas and Take on Me getting the 4K remaster treatment might lead to Blu-Rays or 4K Blu-Rays featuring remastered videos.

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  7. Netflix have a small handful of music stuff but I wish they did more. That said, my DVD music collection is gigantic so I would have probably seen it all anyway.
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  8. No bells and whistles with this one (though some good DVD extras) but just Anastacia performing songs from her best album.

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  9. The accompanying documentary with her self-titled really gave a great insight on an artist battling cancer at the start of her career while juggling to maintain that career in a pre-social media age. Also it clearly showcased the power her fans had in the supporting and healing process.
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  10. Yeah, it was good to see. I respect people like Kylie who didn't want to really delve or document the process but Anastacia really opened up and showed us and it made us root for her even more I think. Even today. I still don't get why she isn't bigger and more successful. She's so likeable and talented.
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  11. Just watched the Queen Rock Montreal Blu-Ray. What a gorgeous looking Blu-Ray and what a show. Seeing Freddie and the band in hi-def was heaven. Great visuals, great sound.
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