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Fear of Tigers - Cossus Snufsigalonica

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Has anyone heard this very danceable, very lovely album by blog-loved Fear of Tigers? First read about him on Neon Gold, then downloaded his album (which was legitimately given away for free), and it's been a wonderful surprise. Samples galore, lush swooshy synths, fancy keyboard work--it's all there.
  2. Ooh slipped under my radar, downloading now; thank you for the heads up!
  3. I feel like people in these parts would really like this album. It's got that 90s rave feel at times that is (or was...) hot, it's got a distinctly "Bizarre Love Triangle"-sounding synth line in "Friday Night at Geek Club," and it's overall just very euphoric and feel-good dance music.
  4. And it opens with a Deee-Lite sample!
  5. I LOVE that sample.
  6. Viv


    I downloaded this last night but only just now giving it a listen. It's not the type of music I typically listen to but, five and a half tracks in and I like it. I hope not just because I'm a bit drunk...
  7. "Please Don't Leave" is immense. Still loving this album.
  8. Wonderful new holiday single! If only all the stores that endlessly play the same dire Christmas music over and over and over again would play something as gorgeous and danceable as this! And my god, how awe-inspiring and heartwarming is that video.
  9. The new song and video are amazing. Makes me look very forward to his next album.
  10. I love his music, don't know why he isn't more popular!
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  11. Madonna sampled a bit of Sirrka for 'Beautiful Scars' on the Rebel Heart album.


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