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Fear Street - Netflix Horror Triology

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, May 19, 2021.

  1. I had low expectations when they announced this because I expected it to be more geared towards kids. I'm not super familiar with the books, but I assumed they were geared towards kids. I expected something like Goosebumps. The final result was much, much better than I expected. It looked like they had a decent budget, there was good pacing with the deaths and the script/acting was good. My biggest problem is what some of yall have mentioned under spoiler tags.

    Kate and Simon were the clear stars of this movie. Along with the younger brother, they were the most charismatic actors and the most interesting characters. I applaud them for having a lesbian couple at the center, but the casting for those two roles was too weak to be the final girls.

    After the lukewarm Scream tv series (although I loved the final season), it's nice to see a good slasher show/movie series. This definitely gave me enough to watch the final two films. Most importantly, this gives me hope for the upcoming I Know What You Did Last Summer tv show, which has been shockingly quiet even though I know it was fully cast. I wonder when that is coming.
  2. This was a lot of fun. The scenes in the school and the grocery store in particular just had so much going on with some nicely energetic direction. Agree about the two lead girls who were not very compelling.

    I do have to say and this is a kinda ridiculous opinion but I kinda miss when older actors played the teens. Something about seeing kids who actually do look the part getting gruesomely butchered is something I've had to try to get used to.

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  3. I quite enjoyed this! The pacing was a bit all over the shop, but the opening / Kate & Simon as an iconic duo definitely made up for some of the shortcomings. Deena was just... a chore, though.
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  4. I lowkey kind of agree. More Charisma Carpenter/Chad Michael Murray as high school students and less actual 15 year olds.
  5. Also helps on the eye candy front. Not interested in lusting after an actual teenager.

    That said, Part 2 does feature a lovely piece of man & his tush.
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  6. Like I needed more of a reason to be excited for Part 2.
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  7. Is that Maisie Williams? Not watching the trailer because I want to go in blind

    Part 1 was a lot of dumb fun so I’m looking forward to what they have in store.
  8. So if part 2 is based in a summer camp (of course it is, these horror shows/movies love to make a least one entry based in a summer camp) do we know what/where the 3rd is meant to be?
  9. 1666, so think The Witch/Salem Witch Trials.
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  10. I wish 1666 was part 2 to be honest. Slashers is just my thing and I'd rather them go out on a high note.
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  11. So sorry to double post but this comment from Letterboxd is sending me

    "they had the time to make out, moments before enduring a bunch of murderers, but didn’t have a couple of seconds to grab homegirl a bottle of water to take the pills??"

    Right?! Also why was the crashed car still at the scene? Anyways re-watching now and still enjoying myself.
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  12. Sam and Deena were kind of annoying as protags but I did really enjoy this. It reminded me of the dumb fun and silliness of 90s horror/slasher movies. But the witch and her posse weren't particularly scary and I kind of wanted the sheriff to be more interesting/shady. Looking forward to part two, feels very Crystal Lake already.

    This is such a clever marketing opportunity with the 3-part special but I feel like Netflix isn't advertising it very well.
  13. It irked me a little also that male characters got axed/knifed quickly without even seeing the killer, whereas the girl at the start and another later were subjected to quite drawn out, know-what's-coming, frankly cruel demises.
  14. Did they really "spoil" the entire second movie deaths in the end?
  15. Unlikely. Must be red-herrings or people who are attacked but don't die.
  16. One of my favourite things to look for in old slasher films


    I squeezed in 20-mins of 1978 this morning. It's already better.
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  17. I can't wait to watch it later tonight!
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  18. 1978 was way better than the first one, the characters were so much more likeable than than Deena.
    I do still think that it was a little mean near the end, and that the film shouldn’t introduce so many unlikable characters, even if it’s just for a scene if it’s not going to kill them.
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  19. I’ll keep going then... I’m 30 mins in and it’s hasn’t grabbed me like the first one. The pacing seems really off.
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