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Fear Street - Netflix Horror Triology

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, May 19, 2021.

  1. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Yeah, the deaths in this series are cruel, aren’t they? This is not your “dumb jock and cheerleading bully get knifed at Makeout Point” slasher.

    I definitely enjoyed part 2 more, even if I do agree the pacing is still a little off. I wasn’t bored, but it did feel much longer than the runtime.

    If Part 3 is as creepy as these first two installments were vicious, I can’t wait.
  2. Can't say I enjoyed part 2 as much. It felt a bit all over the place and that most of the 'tension' was being directed by the score more than anything actually happening on screen. It was weird. Some of the kills were good and I think Sadie Sink is incredibly enjoyable to watch but... I wasn't invested in anyone else. It felt like nothing really happened until 40 minutes in and when I thought the movie was ending there was still 25 minutes left.

    I think my expectations were too high as I assumed it would pay a real homage to the classic summer camp slashers we know/love but I just didn't get that vibe from this, sadly. It was more like Stranger Things.

    I definitely found the first movie more entertaining.
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  3. I think part 2 was just as good as the first. Part 1 was a bit more nostalgic for me with its Scream like opening and song selections. Having said that Sadie Sink is a much better actress then the two lead girls in part 1.
  4. Part 2 > Part 1

    I'm looking forward to "1666" it looks much more dark and eerie than the former two.
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  5. I kinda didn’t like Part 2 at all, like I know I’m meant to suspend my beliefs a bit due to it but someone being able to walk on a compound fracture and Cindy being brought back to life with CPR after being stabbed multiple times just kinda ruined it for me ddd.
  6. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    The “nothing will keep us apart” line as we hear the older sister’s guts sloshing out of her chest with an axe asdfkgk, I screamed. I wonder if there is some supernatural reason she was able to survive…all of that or if we’re just meant to believe it was Sheriff Goode’s magic hands.
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  7. It was so messy ffff. I mean they had someone who had a bone in their leg stick out able to walk and crawl easily so I don’t think it was any supernatural reason to her staying alive fhfjdjsj
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  8. I enjoyed 1978. I actually felt for Cindy and Ziggy (and Alice teebs) whereas during 1994, I was frequently frustrated by both Deena and Sam and kept rooting for Sam to die. Sheriff Goode and his family are evil, I am convinced! Maybe Sunnyvale has been sacrificing Shadyside all along.
  9. I think I enjoyed 1978 slightly more than the first one but God these films are long and soooo slow in parts. No slasher film needs to be more than 90 minutes.
  10. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I enjoyed 78 much, much more than 94! The first 40 minutes or so of ‘94 is just exposition and particularly badly acted teen drama. The performances in ‘78 are infinitely better.
  11. I liked Part Two a lot better than Part One. The side characters weren't as well drawn as Kate and Simon but they were fun enough (as someone who was obsessed with Cruel Summer a month ago, I was happy to see the girl who played Jeanette Turner play the mean girl in this). Ziggy and Cindy were more likable than the final girls in Part One. Cindy's shame resulting in the need to be perfect was handled way better than Sam's storyline, plus she actually got to be funny. I was really impressed with Sadie Sink, and now I'm mad at Stranger Things for giving her a thankless role two seasons in a row.

    I thought they handled the music cues better this time around. It was frustrating that they never let songs sit in Part One, they'd just play twenty seconds of a song then immediately transition into playing twenty seconds of another song all within the same scene. The dual versions of 'Man Who Sold the World' were perfect.
  12. I enjoyed part II a lot. More than the first. I also appreciated the fake out, because up until the reveal that Ziggy was C. Berman, I thought this would be another case of the final girl being way less interesting than the supporting characters.

    Part II was more brutal for sure. It also had more man buns, so I appreciated that.

    Part III looks like it’ll be a blast. I can’t wait.
  13. I must have been watching a different movie then haha.
  14. What happened to


    Last we saw of her she got punched out in the outhouse but was never seen or mentioned again.
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  15. Also this happened

    it was soooo cool!!!
  16. It’s never explained, and it’s annoying, so I assume
    she’s just passed out in the bathroom stall. And no one likes her enough to think about her.
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  17. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    The series having absolutely no time to give a comeuppance to its mean characters and putting the protagonists through hell is a bit of a scream. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose to that extent but it is effective in showing just how cursed Shadyside is.
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  18. Wasn’t a Sunnyvale character killed in Part 1 though?
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  19. Oh man… I have worked with him for the last 5 years… two worlds collliding… He’s great though and has been making me finally start watching horror movies.

    I need to watch the second film still but I’m enjoying the tone of all of this. Though the deaths are a tad harsh/painful to watch.
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