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Fear Street - Netflix Horror Triology

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, May 19, 2021.

  1. Ha. I didn't really enjoy the last one as much as 1978, teebs. The creepy factor could have been upped in the old part. But I really hope Netflix makes this a yearly event. There are so many stories to play with from the books and this could be a really fun franchise.
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  2. The person reading out the incantation and the last word just being “Satan” fjejcjdjsk
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  3. Having finally seeing the third one last night, I will now make my comment. It's important to see all three to get the full story, so even if you thought the first one was just okay, parts 2 and 3 make up for it.

    I read Fear Street as a kid and I'm sorry, but they were gruesome. Nothing like Goosebumps at all! The first death that pops into my mind when thinking of Fear Street, is when a teenaged girl is boiled alive in a shower room. Her struggle to get out and eventual acceptance of her fate, only to be found dead by her younger sister who barely missed saving her. I don't consider that kiddy or tame. I will say I'm sad they didn't do the more popular (in my head at least) series "Cheerleaders" or even the "Evil" series. Both seem film ready stories, to me anyway. Especially "Cheerleaders" as that has a pretty big Sarah Fear connection. It triggered me a bit that Deena had all the Cheerleaders and Evil series book taped to her chest.

    As for this movie, I enjoyed the whole thing. Part one is clearly the weakest, but what opening act isn't? If you view part one as just an extended Act I, it makes more sense. I love that Kiana Madeira got to redeem herself as an actor in part three, cause of course Deena is pretty unlikeable. Part two was way more gruesome. Seeing literal kids getting killed was horrible, but after watching part three it made sense (I 'sacrifice' one Shadysider, and whoops whoever the sacrifice kills, they kill.) I thought there was something off about Nick Goode throughout part two, so to find out that the Goode family were the ones responsible, was validating. Those Goode men being obsessed with a Shadyside woman and wanting to "save" them. Vomit! I really enjoyed it overall and I can't wait to watch it again, but knowing everything.

    Shadyside! Shadyside! Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo!
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  4. Sam


    Thoroughly enjoyed all of this. The whole thing being rooted in homophobia was a nice touch.
  5. Just starting 1666 and boy these accents are... terrible...
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  6. I’ve stopped the 3rd movie after an hour... I’m really not into it at all. Think I stopped paying attention about 40 mins in though!

    I know I’m in the minority but I really enjoyed the first movie, the second was okay but I didn’t love it and this one just wasn’t working for me at all.

    Perhaps I’ll give them all another go some other time.
  7. I would probably recommend skipping ahead to the final half of the last film when it returns to 1994 and wraps everything up since you already sat through that much of the trilogy.

    The first film was also my favorite.
  8. The third part effectively being split into two helped a lot, though it still felt like a bit of a slog. Each film could have easily trimmed off 20-30 minutes off the running time but I still enjoyed the whole thing for the most part. I also really liked the rollout of this. A trilogy of films with one released every week.
  9. The rollout of this series was excellent. Horrendously uneven accents aside, I really enjoyed the first half of 1666, and the conclusion was largely satisfying, even if the characters who got the main focus were not the most interesting characters of the bunch.

    That hand scene?! WOOF. That shit was vile.

    I would call this a hugely successful project for Netflix and I would love for this to be replicated in some way in the future.
  10. I wish they would adapt some of the books. What Holly Heard is begging for her moment to shine!
  11. Okay, I may do that.
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  12. I'd love for them to adapt some of the Point Horror booked into movies...

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  13. Apparently, they were originally meant for a theatrical release then Netflix bought them. Would have been interesting to see how they would have been rolled out in cinemas.
  14. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Yeah I loved this and thoroughly enjoyed the rollout. Much more engaging than a 6 episode series dropped all at once or released over a few weeks and I think a theatrical release would’ve been a bit of a mess nn.

    1666 was probably the weakest of the bunch but it wrapped everything up nice enough. I hope this was a hit for them because I’d love to see more.
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  15. I thoroughly enjoyed Part III. It had the best pacing of the bunch and was probably the creepiest too.

    The scene with the priest in the chapel tapping the utensil he had used to gouge out the children’s eyes was the scariest scene in all 3 movies.

    It also provided a satisfying conclusion that really pulled all 3 movies together into a nice package. The rollout helped also, watching one a week was really fun and the perfect amount of time between each instalment. It seems that they’ve been pretty successful on Netflix so hopefully we’ll get more in the future.

    1978 > 1666 >>> 1994
  16. Uno


    1978 > 1666 > 1994 is certainly the correct order but none of them were objectively bad. I’m honestly shocked that the quality was up to par and the reception from the public has been generally glowing.

    I would be surprised if this didn’t ignite a whole series of Goosebump films for Netflix.
  17. I enjoyed these for what they are, ie nothing groundbreaking. I wonder how much they would've cut had it remained with Fox/Disney, considering they'd been in development since before Fox's purchase. Also, the Rotten Tomatoes scores are a bit of a gag? I echo everyone's sentiment in that I hope they keep them coming!
  18. Just now watching 1978 and I'm loving it so far. This is all honestly just good fun and I could do with some more of this around Halloween time.
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  19. I think I would have been invested more if the characters were stronger overall. We had some good actors and characters (mostly in the 2nd part) but in general I didn't feel that engaged with anyone.
  20. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    The accents in the first half of 1666 are genuinely appalling but once you get used to it it’s watchable, and the second half is fantastic.
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