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Fear Street - Netflix Horror Triology

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, May 19, 2021.

  1. I enjoyed 1666 far more then I thought I would. Mostly for the second half which was an absolute blast. Some of the killer's like the guy with the scars on his face were really well done and I would like to know more about them. Overall I hope this was a success for Netflix so they crank out more of these. All three were really solid.
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  2. It looks like HBO Max has the rights for it based on Wikipedia…? Though that was back in 2019 and I’m not sure if anything has come from it.
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  3. The problem with Point Horrors, is that there wasn't much death, at all.
    Though a Forbidden Game film would be most pleasing to me.
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  4. I finished 1666 this morning - it had a solid ending, elevating it above 1994 but 1978 is the runaway victor - it just got everything right, but then it didn't have the burden of setting up and then finishing off and winding down, so it had a slightly bigger canvas to play with.

    Deena also redeemed herself in part 3.

    I also appreciated how forwardly feminist the whole arc was. From top-billing actresses throughout, the girls doing all the work (Deena, Sam, Kate, Ziggy, Cindy, Alice), to addressing the blame-the-women culture of the puritan ages and then fucking exposing it as a lie! I lived.
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  5. This trilogy gave me everything I needed. I feel like a teenager that just got scream from blockbuster.
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  6. Just finished the third one and absolutely loved it! Overall, I love the trilogy as a whole as well. I enjoyed the first part more then most here, but the second one is definitely my favorite - it hit all the right points and I think had the best characters. But the third one worked better than I had expected. I think it was probably the creepiest of the three, and the most effective psychologically.
    Just imagining being in Sarah's situation in the 1660s...genuinely horrifying.
    I loved the "Part 2" of 1994 as well. It wrapped everything up so well, and I'm really happy Deena, Ziggy, Josh, Martin and Sam all survived.
    I've been following these movies since their announcement and the original theatrical plan was to have one in each summer month - so probably 1994 for June, 1978 for July and 1666 for August. I actually would have loved to see these in theaters, and have them be released physically too. I loved them so much I want DVDs with bonus features and stuff. Oh well.

    I am also in the camp of wanting more from this franchise. Just think about all the names on that wall! And I think we will get something because
    the third movie's post-credits scene showed someone taking the book.

    I would love for Netflix to do something like this with Goosebumps as well. I actually read and loved those as a kid, and while I enjoy the first movie (haven't seen the second) I feel like there is potential for Goosebumps movies to be a lot better. And I wouldn't mind a more adult horror take on some of the monsters and stories.
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  7. I would love a version of Goosebumps like this as well. I loved reading those books.
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  8. Same! They were the first non-picture books I read and I was always captivated by them. I still have my collection on my book shelf and I'm constantly debating whether or not to re-read them because I love revisiting things I loved as a kid, but I'm worried I won't like them as much dddd.
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  10. Full of spoilers obviously.
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  11. Well this was a joy to watch over the past few nights. 1666 is possibly my favourite because I just love me some period horror. I won’t profess to know much about what Irish colonial accents sounded like back then so that didn’t really bother me. Perhaps the vocal coach was

    Everything was just so well executed across the trilogy, with some delightful gore and genuinely creepy moments. The fact that it was a feminist/queer story at heart was just the icing on the cake.
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  12. So I don't know if y'all are interested but we did a review of each episode....

    Let us know how you feel
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  13. Finally got around to watching the first one, and many bits of it were quite enjoyable, but it had a much more runaround teen movie Monster Squad feel but make it saphic, than I expected.
    The meat slicing scene made me giggle with delight, utterly unexpectedly nasty, and sometimes just what I want in a slasher, but it didn't keep that up throughout.
    Oh well, Part 2 might be more slashy?
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  14. Part 2 is definitely the most graphic/slasher (and also easily the best part of the 3 so if you enjoyed 1, you should definitely enjoy 2!)
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