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February 2019 PJ Charts: HOT HOT!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. ohnostalgia

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    1. Send a chart of your 10 favourite songs and 5 to 10 favourite albums (using the format below) in a PM to @ohnostalgia.
    2. You can choose to send only songs or albums if you wish
    3. The songs can be singles, album tracks, demos, or anything you want.
    4. The albums can be full length, EP, compilations and even unreleased albums
    5. You cannot submit a ballot entirely full of K-pop. There is an equally fabulous K Chart run by @Slice of Life. You must vote for at least one non K-pop song (a K-pop song for the Japanese/Chinese/etc market is treated the same as a release for Korean audiences). I would encourage you to vote for at least one non K-pop album, but it is not required.
    6. The songs and albums can be released whenever, but releases within the past 6 months or so have the best chance to make a chart.
    7. The charts should be what you've been listening to in the past month.
    8. Your favourite song/album gets 10 points, scaling all the way down to 1 point.
    9. The total points earned builds the chart.
    10. An album or song must have a minimum of two voters to chart.
    11. Ties are broken by number of voters, then by highest vote, by quality of vote, then lowest score. If we still can't break parity the entries remain tied.
    12. The top five songs each month make the 2019 PJ Chart Rate, a modified Eurovision Style contest that runs once a year.


    Please use the following template when voting.

    10 points:
    9 points:
    8 points:
    7 points:
    6 points:
    5 points:
    4 points:
    3 points:
    2 points:
    1 point:

    If you are only voting for five albums, stop at 6 points.

    When submitting a specific entry please use the following formats

    Song (Feature Artist) - Main Artist
    Album - Artist

    If a song has two artists, but neither is featured, please submit accordingly

    Song - Main Artist 1 & Main Artist 2

    Thank You.

  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    01. Handmade Heaven | Marina
    02. 365 | Katy Perry & Zedd
    03. ghostin | Ariana Grande
    04. Butterfly | LOOΠΔ
    05. Want | TAEMIN
    01. Handmade Heaven | Marina
    02. 365 | Katy Perry & Zedd
    03. ghostin | Ariana Grande
    04. Butterfly | LOOΠΔ
    05. Want | TAEMIN

    06. Adore You | Jessie Ware
    07. Now That I Found You | Carly Rae Jepsen
    08. Cuz I Love You | Lizzo
    09. Valentino (feat. MNEK) | Years & Years

    11. No Drug Like Me | Carly Rae Jepsen
    12. Piri | DREAMCATCHER
    13. Mine | Slayyyter
    14. nasa | Ariana Grande
    15. Can You Find Her Place | Lydia Ainsworth
    16. bloodline | Ariana Grande
    17. bad idea | Ariana Grande
    18. in my head | Ariana Grande
    19. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored | Ariana Grande
    20. bury a friend | Billie Eilish

    21. No | Crystal Clear (CLC)
    22. New Look | Rita Ora
    23. Soldi | Mahmood
    24. Juice | Lizzo
    25. OPEN SEA | ionnalee
    26. You and I | Léon
    27. Don't Call Me Up | Mabel
    28. Like That | Eva Simons
    29. Take Flight! | YESEO
    30. Siren Song | MARUV

    31. 1,2,3 Dayz Up (feat. SOPHIE) | Kim Petras
    32. Senorita | (G)I-DLE
    33. Untouched | The Veronicas
    34. 7 Rings | Ariana Grande
    35. 11 Minutes (feat. Travis Barker & Halsey) | YUNGBLUD
    36. Dancing With A Stranger | Sam Smith & Normani
    37. Medevac | Siobhan Donaghy
    38. Motion Sickness | Phoebe Bridgers
    39. Dust | Broods
    40. Someone New | Astrid S
    01. thank u, next | Ariana Grande
    02. The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change | Nina Nesbitt
    03. [X X] | LOOΠΔ
    04. Golden Hour | Kacey Musgraves
    05. Heard It In A Past Life | Maggie Rogers
    06. Head Above Water | Avril Lavigne
    07. Don't Feed The Pop Monster | Broods
    08. WANT | Taemin
    09. While We Wait | Kehlani
    10. Ghosts | Siobhán Donaghy

    11. Hello Happiness | Chaka Khan
    12. No.1 | Crystal Clear (CLC)
    13. Quiet Signs | Jessica Pratt
    14. Lips on Lips | Tiffany Young
    15. The End of Nightmare | DREAMCATCHER
    16. Ladytron | Ladytron
    17. Betty | Betty Who
    18. Phoenix | Rita Ora
    19. Girls | Yung Baby Tate
    20. Agenda | Pet Shop Boys

    21. Crushing | Julia Jacklin
    22. My Wildest Dreams | Claire Richards
    23. Walk Through The Fire | Yola
    24. Papillion | Lara Fabian
    25. Take.2. We Are Here | Monsta X
    26. E·MO·TION | Carly Rae Jepsen
    27. Coverage | Mandy Moore
    28. Crush On Me | Sir Babygirl
    29. LM 5 | Little Mix
    30. Sweetener | Ariana Grande

    31. Gioventu Brùciata | Mahmood
    32. Worthy | India.Arie
    33. Tokyo Hotel Love | Uffie
    34. This Heart | Hilary Duff
    35. Company (London 2018 Cast Recording) | Stephen Sondheim
    36. Caution | Mariah Carey
    37. Non | Lizette Lizette
    38. Unfortunately, Terror Jr. | Terror Jr.
    39. E·MO·TION Side B | Carly Rae Jepsen
    39. Laughing Stock | Talk Talk


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  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member


    january | playlist


    01. Juice | Lizzo
    02. Favourite Thing | Fleur East
    03. %%(Eung Eung) | Apink
    04. Don't Call Me Up | Mabel
    05. Gotta Go | Chung Ha


    01. Juice | Lizzo
    02. Favourite Thing | Fleur East
    03. %%(Eung Eung) | Apink
    04. Don't Call Me Up | Mabel
    05. Gotta Go | Chung Ha
    06. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it | Lana Del Rey
    07. Moderation | Florence + The Machine
    08. No | CLC
    09. 7 Rings | Ariana Grande
    10. Sunrise | GFRIEND

    11. Girl | Maren Morris
    12. Dancing With A Stranger (feat. Normani) | Sam Smith
    13. Lucky Strike | Troye Sivan
    14. La La Love | WJSN (Cosmic Girls)
    15. Face My Fears | Utada Hikaru & Skrillex
    16. Don't Feel Like Crying | Sigrid
    17. i'm so tired | Lauv & Troye Sivan
    18. All Over Now | The Cranberries
    19. Electrico Romantico (feat. Robbie Williams) | Bob Sinclair
    20. Gots To Give The Girl | unperfect

    21. Say It | Maggie Rogers
    22. Thief | Alice Chater
    23. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (feat. Miley Cyrus) | Mark Ronson
    24. What If | India.Arie
    25. bury a friend | Billie Eilish
    26. Burning | Maggie Rogers
    27. This Land | Gary Clark Jr
    28. Sweet But Psycho | Ava Max
    29. Hello Happiness | Chaka Khan
    30. Sound of an Orchestra | Mika

    31. Think About Us (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) | Little Mix
    32. nihilist blues (feat. Grimes) | Bring Me The Horizon
    33. Commitment | Monica
    34. Animal | Aurora
    35. Attends ou va-t'en | France Gall
    36. thank u, next | Ariana Grande
    37. Swan Song | Dua Lipa
    38. Sappy | Red Velvet
    39. Afrique adieu | Michel Sardou
    40. Timebomb | Walk The Moon
    40. Let You Love Me | Rita Ora


    01. Heard It In A Past Live | Maggie Rogers
    02. Time For Us | GFriend
    03. Caution | Mariah Carey
    04. PERCENT | Apink
    05. Ivy To Roses | Mabel
    06. new breed | Dawn Richard
    07. No.1 | CLC
    08. Remind Me Tomorrow | Sharon Van Etten
    09. Cub Sport | Cub Sport
    10. Unfortunately, Terror Jr | Terror Jr

    11. Phoenix | Rita Ora
    12. Assume Form | James Blake
    13. Mint | Alice Merton
    14. LM5 | Little Mix
    15. amo | Bring Me To The Horizon
    16. WJ STAY? | WJSN
    17. Expectations | Hayley Kiyoko
    18. Super Sunset (Analog) | Allie X
    19. The High Road 2018 | JoJo
    20. A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships | The 1975

    21. Mid:Night | Monarchy
    22. Tugela Fairy | Simmy
    23.. A Star Is Born OST | Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
    24.. Sweetener | Ariana Grande
    25. Palo Santo | Years & Years
    26. DNA | Backstreet Boys
    27. Liberation | Christina Aguilera
    28. MKS Leaks | MKS
    29. human | dodie
    30. Face My Fears | Utada Hikaru

    31. Make Me Believe in Hope | Bright Light Bright Light
    32. Outer Peace | Toro Y Moi
    33. All Light | ASTRO
    34. Group Therapy | Eliza & The Bear
    35. What Is Love? | Clean Bandit
    36. Burn Pygmalion!!! (A Better Guide To Romance) | The Scary Jokes
    37. Dirty Computer | Janelle Monáe
    38. Div | Stockholm Noir
    39. Honey | Robyn
    39. JoJo 2018 | JoJo
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  4. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    FYC Playlist

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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


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  6. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  7. @londonrain @Sprockrooster @untaggable @anyone with taste from the French Divas Rate!!

    Can we please get Anggun a spot here for all the egregious opinions that she should be out of that rate already?

    Dis-moi simplement si tu veux de moi
    Quand tu partiras là-bas
    Vers ces dunes sèches de sable et de vent
    Cet océan jaune et blanc
    Perdu dans le désert

    Tu es perdu dans le désert

    Montre-moi ma place sur ces pierres flammes
    Pour que j'oublie les jours d'avant
    Pour que je protège ton corps et ton âme
    Des mirages que tu attends

    Perdu dans le désert

    Si la poussière emporte tes rêves de lumière
    Je serai ta lune, ton repère
    Et si le soleil nous brûle, je prierai qui tu voudras
    Pour que tombe la neige au Sahara

    Si le désert est le seul remède à tes doutes
    Femme de sel, je serai ta route
    Et si la soif nous brûle, je prierai tant qu'il faudra

    Pour que tombe la neige au Sahara

    Dis-moi si je peux couvrir tes épaules
    De voiles d'or et d'argent
    Quand la nuit fera tourner la boussole
    Vers les regrets froids des amants

    Perdu dans le désert

    Si la poussière emporte tes rêves de lumière
    Je serai ta lune, ton repère
    Et si le soleil nous brûle, je prierai qui tu voudras
    Pour que tombe la neige au Sahara

    Si le désert est le seul remède à tes doutes
    Femme de sel, je serai ta route
    Et si la soif nous brûle, je prierai tant qu'il faudra

  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Did @pop3blow2 put a Lights song on the playlist?

    @Mina I am triggered.
  9. This will be you and Lights one day.

  10. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

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  11. Oh no. Did I do something wrong?
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  12. FYC

    Let's start with the best one. This one is very Popjustice, a banger, a bop!
    Also she's dutch, so bonus points for that.

    Just watch the video! Talking Queer excellence, Miss Benny is here!

    We've been waiting for the studio version of this one forever, and it's finally here!
    Trans talent unite!!

    Ciara but make it gospel!

  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    One time @Mina made me listen to a Lights album.
  14. FYC II

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  15. That's weird. The song I added (the deadmau5 feature) was randomly in my release radar a couple of weeks ago, so I added it to my current listening. I thought it was newer, but upon further investigation it came out at the end of 2018. Oh well, I like it....
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  16. One more FYC:

    We started mentioning this great album again on the January Chart so give some love to:

    @Midnight Hours !!

    Also @beyoncésweave - if you are submitting a ballot - please include MKS Leaks with the rest of the gang, @VivaForever @untaggable @all the tasteful voters!
  17. Everyone just HAS to vote for Siobhan's Ghosts. It is an absolute gold piece of art.

    Let's also see some love for Ariana's new album, Sweetener PII, and Andra Day's Rise Up!
  18. Literally all I've been listening to so far this month has been Almighty stuff since rediscovering them while Marie Kondo-ing my CD collection, so, uh.
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  19. I had a huge bubbling under song list last month, so that mixed with all the new FYC's is gonna make for some hard choices this month. Some of my 2018 stalwarts are likely finally in trouble on my February chart.

    That said:
    I would really like recent pop masterwork Phoenix to remain represented on the Songs Chart

    So, until FIRO releases a new single from it (& since Let Me Love You almost evaporated from the chart last month... scraping in at #40) I'm really pushing for New Look to be on this chart this month. It's two minutes and thirty four seconds of pure Noonie Bao brilliance. It may never wind up being a proper single, but it should/could be. If it would bring me this much joy to have it chart, think of @Robsolete.

    I burned 10 points on it last month & will glady do so again. If some other Rita fans will throw some points at it, it might be enough. Thank you for coming to my campaign rally.

  20. Yas, let's get New Look charting and also keep Phoenix in the top 15.

    With everyone's help, we can do this!
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