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February 2020 PJ Charts: Permanent Blue

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Feb 14, 2020.


    Dani would be happy you yelled at me dddd

    Ddddd I will let her know you're not following orders.
  4. She's typing with her nose.
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  5. upload_2020-2-24_8-17-39.jpeg

    Club Dorothée was the bomb!
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  6. This is their best album in years!
  7. For those who were a fan of my PJSC 87 entry (and for those who weren't, but love a good pop-rock bop), I'll be giving top honours to the beautiful Juliet Simms and her brilliant 'Bad Love'.

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  8. A few album FYCs from last week:

    Too singular to describe succinctly, but it's R&B with a transportative quality:

    Australian PC Music-adjacent artist finally graduates from EP purgatory to an album:

    Lil' Ms Musk:

    Rap from California:
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  9. FYC 2:

    I wanna see Petals For Armor I in the top 10 okay? Or else.
  10. The new Agnes Obel is great, too.

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  11. aux


    Submitted. I added a song that should hopefully be released this Friday [​IMG]
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  12. Greyson said Gay Rights!

  13. Did anybody fyc the new purity ring song yet?

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  14. Finally catching up on some overdue listening and what song are the Little X’s trying to cchart from Cape God?!
  15. Hmmmm...I have no idea what the releases are supposed to be...Gaga's new song? Or JoJo's? If you mean Jo's we might be in the same boat.
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  16. Adding some last-minute FYCs from the absolute peculiar (yet delightfully wild) to the completely understandable.

  17. Amazing, I was going to, I will add it to the FYC playlist.

    Song? We have to vote for many.

    I guess this is the next single with Mitski

    We also have to support these please

    And I guess the song she released on January 31st but I can't remember which one that is.

    Also new Marina
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  18. I'll rally around practically any Allie song but I admit it would warm my heart to see her Mitski collab make it.
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  19. Aright girls! You heard the boss! Don’t make me resort to @berserkboi tactics to get Susie top 5!!
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  20. HAHAHAHA! What would those tactics be exactly? Finding a lost recording of the track they did in French? ;)
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