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Feeling Blue - The Alicia Keys Discography Rate, #112

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by D.F.P., Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hello Popjustice and welcome to the Alicia Keys discogra -

    Hey now, hold up a minute!

    Don't think I don't see you heading back out to the 'Charts, rates etc' sub-forum. Look, I know Alicia Keys isn't exactly a PJ forum fave but she really does have some excellent, fairly PJ-friendly material. Here, take a peek / remind yourself of what AK can do if you don't believe me:

    And that's not even scratching the surface of her catalogue, if we're being honest. There are gorgeous piano ballads (admittedly maybe one or two too many for most people's tastes...), smooth R&B jams, piano-driven soaring pop anthems - when Alicia gets it right there's an awful lot to appreciate, whatsoever your personal preferences.

    I'm going to save you the artist write-up for now because I'd say AK's record speaks for itself: more Grammys than you could have any real use for (including one for Girl On Fire which was, admittedly, a choice), the only African-American female coach to have won The Voice US (which is sort of impressive I think, considering the core audience is one which normally votes for Blake Shelton regardless), 6 consecutive top 2 studio albums in the US (plus an additional number 1 live album) and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Alicia's written songs for the likes of Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera and played piano / produced for names as prominent as Madonna and Kanye West. Now the time has come for us, as a collective, to decide which parts of this talented lady's oeuvre are worth the acclaim and which should have been left on the cutting-room floor.

    The rules are standard: please score every track between 0 and 10, awarding a single 11 to your favourite song. Half-points are allowed and commentary will be welcomed with enthusiastic open arms.

    I will post the list of songs we'll be rating (and the deadline for you to send your scores to me) in a second post when I have a moment. As those of you who are familiar with Alicia's work will know, there's quite a lot to get through. So, with that in mind I will accept scores from participants who only wish to rate the singles as well as those of you who intend to commit to ranking everything. Please though, if you think you'll have the time try and send me scores for everything. I'd love to have as many of you taking part as possible.

    The stage is set and I am ready to step back into the ring and make this the most enjoyable rate I possibly can, so if you're at all interested please do take part. At the very least I can promise a smattering of album trivia, AK's best live performances and (no doubt) the verbal brutalising of anyone who low-balls my own favourite tracks. Really, for what more could you possibly wish - ?
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  2. [​IMG]
    Songs In A Minor (2001, 2011)

    01) 'Piano & I'
    02) 'Girlfriend'
    03) 'How Come You Don't Call Me'
    04) 'Fallin''
    05) 'Troubles'
    06) 'Rock Wit U'
    07) 'A Woman's Worth'
    08) 'Jane Doe'
    09) 'Goodbye'
    10) 'The Life'
    11) 'Mr. Man' (feat. Jimmy Cozier)
    12) 'Never Felt This Way (Interlude)'
    13) 'Butterflyz'
    14) 'Why Do I Feel So Sad'
    15) 'Caged Bird'
    16) 'Lovin' U'
    17) 'Rear View Mirror'
    18) 'Juiciest [Mixtape Version]'
    19) 'Ghettoman' (feat. muMs da Schemer)
    20) 'Typewriter'
    21) 'I Won't (Crazy World)'

    The Diary Of Alicia Keys (2003)

    01) 'Harlem's Nocturne'
    02) 'Karma'
    03) 'Heartburn'
    04) 'If I Was Your Woman / Walk On By'
    05) 'You Don't Know My Name'
    06) 'If I Ain't Got You'
    07) 'Diary' (feat. Tony! Toni! Toné!)
    08) 'Dragon Days'
    09) 'Wake Up'
    10) 'So Simple'
    11) 'When You Really Love Someone' (feat. Lellow)
    12) 'Feeling U, Feeling Me'
    13) 'Slow Down'
    14) 'Samsonite Man'
    15) 'Nobody Not Really'
    16) 'Streets Of New York' (feat. NaS & Rakim)

    Unplugged (2005)

    01) 'Unbreakable [Live]'
    02) 'Every Little Bit Hurts [Live]'

    As I Am (2007, 2008)

    01) 'As I Am (Intro)'
    02) 'Go Ahead'
    03) 'Superwoman'
    04) 'No One'
    05) 'Like You'll Never See Me Again'
    06) 'Lesson Learned' (feat. John Mayer)
    07) 'Wreckless Love'
    08) 'The Thing About Love'
    09) 'Teenage Love Affair'
    10) 'I Need You'
    11) 'Where Do We Go From Here'
    12) 'Prelude To A Kiss'
    13) 'Tell You Something (Nana's Reprise)'
    14) 'Sure Looks Good To Me'
    15) 'Waiting For Your Love'
    16) 'Another Way To Die' (with Jack White)
    17) 'Doncha Know (Sky Is Blue)'
    18) 'Saviour'

    The Element Of Freedom (2009)

    01) 'Love Is Blind'
    02) 'Doesn't Mean Anything'
    03) 'Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart'
    04) 'Wait Til You See My Smile'
    05) 'That's How Strong My Love Is'
    06) 'Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)'
    07) 'Love Is My Disease'
    08) 'Like The Sea'
    09) 'Put It In A Love Song' (feat. Beyoncé)
    10) 'This Bed'
    11) 'Distance And Time'
    12) 'How It Feels To Fly'
    13) 'Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down'
    14) 'Through It All'
    15) 'Pray For Forgiveness'
    16) 'Stolen Moments'
    17) 'Heaven's Door'
    18) 'Lover Man'
    19) 'We're Almost There'

    Girl On Fire (2012)

    01) 'De Novo Adagio (Intro)'
    02) 'Brand New Me'
    03) 'When It's All Over'
    04) 'Listen To Your Heart'
    05) 'New Day'
    06) 'Girl On Fire'
    07) 'Fire We Make' (feat. Maxwell)
    08) 'Tears Always Win'
    09) 'Not Even The King'
    10) 'That's When I Knew'
    11) 'Limitedless'
    12) 'One Thing'
    13) '101'

    HERE (2016)

    01) 'The Beginning (Interlude)'
    02) 'The Gospel'
    03) 'Pawn It All'
    04) 'Kill Your Mama'
    05) 'She Don't Really Care_1 Luv'
    06) 'Illusion Of Bliss'
    07) 'Blended Family (What You Do For Love)' (feat. A$AP Rocky)
    08) 'Work On It'
    09) 'Girl Can't Be Herself'
    10) 'More Than We Know'
    11) 'Where Do We Begin Now'
    12) 'Holy War'
    13) 'Hallelujah'
    14) 'In Common'


    01) 'Gangsta Lovin'' (Eve feat. Alicia Keys - 2002)
    02) 'My Boo' (with Usher - 2004)
    03) 'Don't Give Up (Africa)' (with Bono - 2005)
    04) 'Dreaming' (2009)
    05) 'Empire State Of Mind' (Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - 2009)
    06) 'Speechless' (feat. Eve - 2010)
    07) 'Better You, Better Me' (2013)
    08) 'It's On Again' (feat. Kendrick Lamar - 2014)
    09) 'We Are Here' (2014)
    10) 'We Gotta Pray' (2014)
    11) '28 Thousand Days' (2015)
    12) 'Powerful' (with Jussie Smollett - 2015)
    13) 'Back To Life' (2016)
    14) 'That's What's Up' (2017)
    15) 'Place To Call My Own [AK Version]' (2017)

    001) 'Piano & I' -
    002) 'Girlfriend' -
    003) 'How Come You Don't Call Me' -
    004) 'Fallin'' -
    005) 'Troubles' -
    006) 'Rock Wit U' -
    007) 'A Woman's Worth' -
    008) 'Jane Doe' -
    009) 'Goodbye' -
    010) 'The Life' -
    011) 'Mr. Man' -
    012) 'Never Felt This Way (Interlude)' -
    013) 'Butterflyz' -
    014) 'Why Do I Feel So Sad' -
    015) 'Caged Bird' -
    016) 'Lovin' U' -
    017) 'Rear View Mirror' -
    018) 'Juiciest [Mixtape Version]' -
    019) 'Ghettoman' -
    020) 'Typewriter' -
    021) 'I Won't (Crazy World)' -
    022) 'Harlem's Nocturne' -
    023) 'Karma' -
    024) 'Heartburn' -
    025) 'If I Was Your Woman / Walk On By' -
    026) 'You Don't Know My Name' -
    027) 'If I Ain't Got You' -
    028) 'Diary' -
    029) 'Dragon Days' -
    030) 'Wake Up' -
    031) 'So Simple' -
    032) 'When You Really Love Someone' -
    033) 'Feeling U, Feeling Me' -
    034) 'Slow Down' -
    035) 'Samsonite Man' -
    036) 'Nobody Not Really' -
    037) 'Streets Of New York' -
    038) 'Unbreakable [Live]' -
    039) 'Every Little Bit Hurts [Live]' -
    040) 'As I Am (Intro)' -
    041) 'Go Ahead' -
    042) 'Superwoman' -
    043) 'No One' -
    044) 'Like You'll Never See Me Again' -
    045) 'Lesson Learned' -
    046) 'Wreckless Love' -
    047) 'The Thing About Love' -
    048) 'Teenage Love Affair' -
    049) 'I Need You' -
    050) 'Where Do We Go From Here' -
    051) 'Prelude To A Kiss' -
    052) 'Tell You Something (Nana's Reprise)' -
    053) 'Sure Looks Good To Me' -
    054) 'Waiting For Your Love' -
    055) 'Another Way To Die' -
    056) 'Doncha Know (Sky Is Blue)' -
    057) 'Saviour' -
    058) 'Love Is Blind' -
    059) 'Doesn't Mean Anything' -
    060) 'Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart' -
    061) 'Wait Til You See My Smile' -
    062) 'That's How Strong My Love Is' -
    063) 'Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)' -
    064) 'Love Is My Disease' -
    065) 'Like The Sea' -
    066) 'Put It In A Love Song' -
    067) 'This Bed' -
    068) 'Distance And Time' -
    069) 'How It Feels To Fly' -
    070) 'Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down' -
    071) 'Through It All' -
    072) 'Pray For Forgiveness' -
    073) 'Stolen Moments' -
    074) 'Heaven's Door' -
    075) 'Lover Man' -
    076) 'We're Almost There' -
    077) 'De Novo Adagio (Intro)' -
    078) 'Brand New Me' -
    079) 'When It's All Over' -
    080) 'Listen To Your Heart' -
    081) 'New Day' -
    082) 'Girl On Fire' -
    083) 'Fire We Make' -
    084) 'Tears Always Win' -
    085) 'Not Even The King' -
    086) 'That's When I Knew' -
    087) 'Limitedless' -
    088) 'One Thing' -
    089) '101' -
    090) 'The Beginning (Interlude)' -
    091) 'The Gospel' -
    092) 'Pawn It All' -
    093) 'Kill Your Mama' -
    094) 'She Don't Really Care_1 Luv' -
    095) 'Illusion Of Bliss' -
    096) 'Blended Family (What You Do For Love)' -
    097) 'Work On It' -
    098) 'Girl Can't Be Herself' -
    099) 'More Than We Know' -
    100) 'Where Do We Begin Now' -
    101) 'Holy War' -
    102) 'Hallelujah' -
    103) 'In Common' -
    104) 'Gangsta Lovin'' -
    105) 'My Boo' -
    106) 'Don't Give Up (Africa)' -
    107) 'Dreaming' -
    108) 'Empire State Of Mind' -
    109) 'Speechless' -
    110) 'Better You, Better Me' -
    111) 'It's On Again' -
    112) 'We Are Here' -
    113) 'We Gotta Pray' -
    114) '28 Thousand Days' -
    115) 'Powerful' -
    116) 'Back To Life' -
    117) 'That's What's Up' -
    118) 'Place To Call My Own [AK Version]' -

    01) 'Girlfriend' -
    02) 'How Come You Don't Call Me' -
    03) 'Fallin'' -
    04) 'A Woman's Worth' -
    05) 'Karma' -
    06) 'You Don't Know My Name' -
    07) 'If I Ain't Got You' -
    08) 'Diary' -
    09) 'Unbreakable [Live]' -
    10) 'Every Little Bit Hurts [Live]' -
    11) 'Superwoman' -
    12) 'No One' -
    13) 'Like You'll Never See Me Again' -
    14) 'Teenage Love Affair' -
    15) 'Another Way To Die' -
    16) 'Doesn't Mean Anything' -
    17) 'Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart' -
    18) 'Wait Til You See My Smile' -
    19) 'Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)' -
    20) 'Put It In A Love Song' -
    21) 'Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down' -
    22) 'Brand New Me' -
    23) 'New Day' -
    24) 'Girl On Fire' -
    25) 'Fire We Make' -
    26) 'Tears Always Win' -
    27) 'Blended Family (What You Do For Love)' -
    28) 'Hallelujah' -
    29) 'In Common' -
    30) 'Gangsta Lovin'' -
    31) 'My Boo' -
    32) 'Don't Give Up (Africa)' -
    33) 'Empire State Of Mind' -
    34) 'Better You, Better Me' -
    35) 'It's On Again' -
    36) 'We Are Here' -
    37) '28 Thousand Days' -
    38) 'Back To Life' -

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  4. A&E


    Another rate I can't possibly miss?

  5. Hoping it is going to be a discography one as my 11 sits there. No matter how or what I am here.
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  6. @D.F.P. Could you please provide some links, for the bonus tracks and extras in particular?
  7. Yes, I am nitpicky but Another Way To Die is missing. And I wouldnot be asking for it, if I wouldnot score it high.
  8. Of course, I've now linked to the harder-to-find ones. I think ( / hope) everything else should be pretty easy to locate but please let me know if you run into any further difficulties!

    ? I'm afraid I don't follow Sprockrooster, do you mean you'd like me to link to it? 'Cause the song itself is in the Song List (track 16 on As I Am, to be specific).
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  9. Oh. I had no idea it was added to that album as it isnot on my version. Sorry for the confusion.
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  10. I saw the title, thought we were just rating the debut and was very disappointed.

    Definitely HERE for a full discography rate.

    Is a PM-friendly list going up any time soon?
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  11. Done - I've now added PM-friendly lists for those of you wanting to do the whole discography and anyone wanting to do just the singles to the second post.

    Also, nn at my attempts at a pun falling so completely flat - I picked 'Songs In A Minor Rate' to play off the fact that this rate will no doubt end up being fairly minor because interest in AK's material is so limited on this forum. (Hence these songs being quite literally 'songs in a minor / small rate'.) Evidently that isn't clear though, so perhaps I ought to go back to the drawing board!
  12. Great. Thank you!

    Oh. I was just searching for a thread "Alicia Keys rate" in the title and couldn't find it, and then I saw this and the title totally passed me by.

    Perhaps something more obvious like "This Rate Is On Fire"?
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  13. A&E


    Empire Rate of Mind (Part II) Voted Down
    Un-Rateable (I'm Ratey)
    You Don't Know My Rate
    (Um, this is the rateress from the coffee house on 39th and Lennox, you know, the one with the rates?)
  14. I swear to God if someone in their commentary comes for that part he/she can wish they were never born.
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  15. Okay, cards on the table time: I considered 'This Rate Is On Fire' way back when I first suggested the idea of an AK discography rate in the 'Rate Queue' thread but then, on reflection, decided reminding everyone of Alicia's - er - patchiest album to date in the title of the thread may do more harm than good. I'm (rather sadistically?) looking forward to seeing how Girl On Fire does in this rate, to be honest. I'm wondering if any silent fans will emerge from the woodwork. (Thank you for the suggestion though, I appreciate it!)

    Wait at 'Empire Rate Of Mind' being kind of excellent. ("Um, this is the rateress [...]" is excellent too but you know only about fifteen people would probably get the reference aha.)

    @Alouder98 - I saw your post earlier and wanted to say that there's no pressure / commitment but it would be fantastic if you could participate in any way, shape or form. As aforementioned, I'm just hoping to get as many people involved as possible. (I will say though that if you're not very familiar with AK's work there are some... more difficult cuts alongside the gems, even in her singles discography. If only I knew your taste in music I could recommend you a good few tracks with which to start!)
  16. Inam not sure if Girl on Fire will rank up that low averages but it is so incohesive I feel like everyone will be stanning for different songs so the albums gets culled in the process.
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  17. I worry that I'll be the only one who truly loves Brand New Me.
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  18. When is the deadline? I'm trying to work on a bunch of things at once. If this is due at the end of September, I'll cry. Maybe mid-October?
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  19. Damn her debut is so completely solid but almost one hundred and twenty songs is daunting for me this time of year.

    Either way, I'll in and will at least rate the singles.
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  20. Thanks lemonsqueezyy, I appreciate it. I am genuinely sorry for the sheer volume of material here but I fear splitting the rate into parts just wouldn't make sense when the artist is as niche as Alicia is on Popjustice, you know? My plan was to give everyone six weeks so that they could score one album per week, were they in a pinch, but of course even that may not be enough if this is a super busy time of year for you. Regardless though, I'm thrilled to hear you're with us in some capacity or other.

    Speaking of deadlines:
    The provisional deadline is 17th September, though if people need a little more time for what is, admittedly, a rather mammoth discography to rate in one go I may push that back a little. The real issue here is two-fold: 1) I don't want to keep people waiting for too long if they're working towards the September 17th deadline - it's both a little unfair on them and a bit of a mood-killer for the rate, I fear - and 2) I also don't want to mess up the rate schedule too much by having too drawn-out a voting period. It feels unfair both on the posters who are looking forward to other, upcoming rates and to RainOnFire, who does such a brilliant job of keeping everything organised. That said I will move heaven and earth to accommodate as many of you as possible, so if September still seems completely undoable for you by the end of August maybe send me a PM and I'll get to seeing if a slight push-back would be beneficial to other potential voters too.

    You know Sprockrooster, your optimism is so charming. I - well, let's wait for everyone's scores first. Who knows, you may well be right!

    Finally, I wanted to publicly praise the tone of this post. Popjustice rates with a little passion and belligerence are always the best ones, wouldn't you agree?
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