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Feeling Blue - The Alicia Keys Discography Rate, #112

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by D.F.P., Aug 7, 2017.

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  2. No One needs to leave soon. That song is unbearable.
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  3. I'm so happy there's someone else, especially one that may have given it a lower score than I.
  4. I didn't actually vote though, as I'm not familiar with her whole discography. I was here for albums 1, 2, 4 and 5 but not the other two. Actually No One made me stop liking her, but she won me back with The Element of Freedom.
  5. But album three wasn't even that bad. "No One" is definitely one of the weakest songs on it for sure.

    And oops at my presumption. Looks like I must thread this dangerous road alone.
  6. I probably would have voted if this took place a few weeks later but oh well.

    As for No One, it was a big hit with the GP but not exactly a fan favourite right? So hopefully it won't do too well.
  7. @D.F.P., our wonderful host, extended the deadline by two weeks for me and @londonrain to rate the album tracks. Also you could've just rated the singles and help tank "No One."
  8. True, I guess it kind of passed me by unfortunately.
  9. No One is her best single. What even is this calling for it before the top 100?
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  10. Yes, I’m slightly baffled at anybody coming for No One at this stage in the countdown.


    (It’s in her top five singles. It is not her best single.)
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  11. Because it's awful. And it was inescapable around the time it was release which made it even worse.
  12. The suspense of this rate.

    Has anybody seen @D.F.P. since this was posted back on the 19th? @RainOnFire, what happens now?
  13. I might take over a bit of reveals, but definitely not all of them so I would definitely need a cohost.
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  14. I'd be willing. In fact, I was going to offer my services if he ever replied to my question.
  15. Great!!
  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    He messaged me a while ago saying he intended on finishing, so I do feel bad, but he also hasn't been online since the 19th...I hope everything's okay.

    @Sprockrooster @Heaven on Earth I've messaged you guys, thank you for volunteering! I really appreciate it.
  17. People who did commentaries, please send them to me as soon as possible. Please send in to me by Sunday at midnight, British time, so results can start soon. @D.F.P. didn't send @RainOnFire any scores or commentaries, and I don't know the entire voting list, so such information will be extraordinarily helpful.
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  18. There are only eight of us, right? Hopefully that makes it easier for you.
  19. I voted for the singles.
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  20. Can we still vote? Since there's a delay and all that?
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