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Fefe Dobson Dropped

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by drock689, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Considering how many times its been put back we should have expected this. It's just a shame since the leaked songs were really good rock/pop anthems.

    June 16, 2006
    Sorry to break the bad news:

    I just got official word from Fefe that her second album Sunday Love, has been placed on hold and will not be available June 20. Unfortunately, due to musical differences, Fefe is no longer with Island Records but is currently in-between labels. She hopes all her fans understand that this is for the best, and that when they finally own Sunday Love, they will be holding something very dear to her heart; something that she has molded for the last two years. At this time, I can confirm that because Fefe is still with the Universal division in Canada, a Canadian release and subsequent tour dates are being eyed soon, followed by an American release. Fefe would also like to remind her American fans that the album will definitely get its release in the states! FefeFan.com will keep you posted on all the latest - and as soon I get any official news on a future release date, it will be related here first. Thank you.

    - Victor

  2. Surprised it wasn't sooner.
  3. She still gets the occasional (very occasional) mention here in Canada. She could carve out a nice career for herself here. Too bad, like many Canadian artists, she's (seemingly) too desparate to hit it in the U.S. I like her better than Avril, that's for shit-sure. x
  4. I have absolutely no idea who she is!
  5. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I really liked the 7 or 8 songs I heard from "Sunday Love" - especially "Don't Let It Go To Your Head" - and I think her first album has some brilliant moments here and there, so I hope she gets signed again soon.
  6. She isn't FeFe but Katy Rose is someone I consider to be very, very good. Her album is easily better than Liz Phair's recent efforts.
  7. Boo. I would have bought her album if it did come out (and if I wasn't broke).
  8. I bought her debut album yesterday for £1:97 hehe.
    It's rather good. But I don't think she was any better than the other pop/rock women out there.
  9. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I always thought she came across as a more "real" Avril Lavigne. I also liked that she didn't just do R&B, as would probably have been expected of her.
  10. Nooo! I was ready to rush out to the stores and get this along with Furtado's album. I suppose I'll be getting that Katy Rose album to satisfy my pop-rock, angsty chick needs.
  11. question...if she's been dropped then why have all of the seller websites not taken the CD off? They all say the CD is going to drop on the 20th (or technically) later today! I guess I'll believe it when I go to the store tomorrow!
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