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Fergie - Double Dutchess

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ms stush, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Wasn't sure whether to post this under Fergie's last singles or B.E.P's works but it looks like she could be starting solo stuff. ( I thought B.E.P were releasing another album this year???) but I guess they could do it simultaneously. I think she has a killer voice and I loved most of the songs off the Duchess so I'm looking forward to a new Fergie album.


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    I really hate her version of Paradise City so can't really say I'm looking forward to a rockier sound.
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    I bought The Dutchess while all the hype lasted. Now I feel a little bit ashamed I bought it (Big Girls Don't Cry and a few others are the exception). I don't listen to it any more at all. I'm not sure if another solo abum will be as successful (stupid comparison I know, but see Gwen Stefani).
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    I love Fergie, and I think alot of BEP's success is largely do to her as of late.

    I loved her solo material, every single was perfect. I think she can repeat her success with another album, if she doesn't stray to far from what people love about her and her music.

    And the Gwen Stefani comparison...wasn't stupid at all, it was spot on.
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    Fergie ruining every song she appears on has become a big running joke in my house over the past year, so BEP having a rest could be a good idea. I've never really enjoyed her solo stuff though, except maybe Glamorous in a 'guilty pleasure' sort of way.
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    I love a bit of Fergie-Ferg. She's a stellar singer.
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    Riiiiight and it has absolutely nothing to do with Will.I.Am making their music more commercial and poppy and the fact he is "THE LEADER OF THE GROUP" and he's the master mind behind the whole futiristic electro pop bep are doing.
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    Fergie is an absolute legend. I hope she gets an album out asap. Her last one was amazing. Better than most BEP material, I thought.
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    Agree. Why does Will think it's so innovative and futuristic anyway to put on weird sunglasses and include dance beats in songs, ugh. This future trend thing is getting old, soon it will be the past.
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    No what is has to do with is the fact that the majority of their success came when she joined te group.....

    Im not trying to take credit from Will.I.Am, but she helped them tremendously.
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    To my utter astonishment, I ended up liking Glamorous so much I spent a princely £1 on the Duchess CD.

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    Taboo and Apl.de.ap said before some awards show recently that they'll be bringing out a new album in June/July.

    If that really is the case or even vaguely right I don't see why Fergie can't bring one out towards the end of the year then, it's possible.
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    BEP helped fergie too before she went solo and i highly doubt she would have done as well as she has done solo if she never joined bep.

    Becaue her musical direction would have been way different back in 2003 and it would have been alot harder for her to come out as a solo artist with no succesfull stepping stone to start from.
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    Lol !! im kinda curious where he will take bep for their next album, It cant be another furistic album they have to evolve and move on to the next thing.
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    I'd love a second album from her I also thought The Dutchess was a great album. Plus she took on some J-Pop with Koda which was pretty awesome.

    Not sure I'd like a rockier sound from her though.
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    They're actually re-releasing their new album in the summer with some new songs:

    BLAST: What does the future hold for the Black Eyed Peas?
    Taboo: We are just gonna continue touring, and we also got a repackaging over the new album that’s coming out this summer.


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    ^^That's exactly why I think they should not ride on their current success and release another album this year. 2011 is totally okay for me! Maybe bring back the "Hey Mama" / Mas Que Nada type of sound in a certain amount and put a little funk / soul in there.
  18. Fergie going into a more rock sound would be horrible. I didn't like Baraccuda or Paradise City. Both sucked! Not like her album was filled with excellent tracks or whatever. Her singles were great, and a few album tracks were good. Majority of the album was shit though! I'd rather BEP's re-release at the moment...

    I would be happy if they gave us a double disc album with these songs on the second disc
    1. new song
    2. Grapes
    3. new song
    4. I Can't Make You Dance
    5. new song
    6. Complicated - Rap version
    7. Simple Little Melody
    8. Where Ya Wanna Go
    9. Don't Bring Me Down
    10. Mare
  19. She should go for a 3 Words sound (but with better songs.)
  20. I would be well up for another Fergie solo album, I prefer her solo album to actual BEP albums although they pick such strong singles!
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