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Fergie - Double Dutchess

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ms stush, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. She had a song with Iggy and Major Lazer and she cut it for... one of the songs on that album? Mess.
  2. kal


    Did you listen to it though? The beat slaps but the lyrics are fucking embarrassing.
  3. I can’t help but feel bad for Fergie. Sure, this album was severely undercooked (which is impressive after working on it for 84 years) and the roll out was incredibly messy but she didn’t deserve to flop this badly. Not when you have The Chainsmokers and their Windows 95 generated tunes debuting at #1. Fergie just seems like a genuinely nice person and Tension still bops.
  4. You can't blame The Chainsmokers for Fergie's ass taking 20 years.
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  5. Double Dutchess was actually one of my favorite albums of 2017 (2017 was sort of a weak year for me ddd.) Only 2 or 3 songs were truly awful on it and it had quite a few highlights. Hungry, Tension, Enchante, MILF$ and the bonus track Kleopatra all slap hard.

    The problem was the messy rollout and the album itself being some weird mix between a visual experience (that lacked cohesion, constantly interchanging demos from 2013) and trying to recreate the former glory of The Dutchess. MILF$ is just Fergalicious, Save It Till Morning is Big Girls Don't Cry, etc...

    Like I said though I think it's a (mostly) good album and it's a shame it flopped so hard because we're probably never getting a new Fergie record.
  6. I feel like "Like Dat" with Major Lazer and Iggy should be irritating me, but the croaky vocal that bubbles away between verses is strangely satisfying to listen to.
  7. They flopped into oblivion anyway.
  8. Twentygayteen came through in the end.
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  9. The album isn’t bad, but the messy and delayed rollout makes it seem a lot worse than it actually is. Had they released the record in 2015, I think it would have done more favourably amongst fans (still would have flopped though).
  10. 'To say it's complicated; Understatement of the year' is still one of my all time favourite lyrics. I can't say why particularly, but the moment I heard it in the first snippet of Hungry it just clicked.
  11. She needs to mash up Karnivore with the True Blood theme song and release it NOW.
    Dancing feels like it's missing verses from each of the B.E.P.s and it would be one of their better songs.
    The Bad Bitch sample that she used in MILF$ would've been put to better use as a pre-chorus hook on Like Dat.
    This album remains brilliant, and those three would have added to its brilliance. Too bad they are so unfinished.
  12. GCZ


    “Like Dat” is a JAM! It would’ve smashed if Fergie had released her version with YG and added Iggy’s verse from the other version into the 2’nd verse slot.
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  13. Is she still paying for the videos for this?
  14. I met her yesterday! She was doing an appearance here for her shoe lines. I don't think I've ever seen a major celebrity (apart from Gaga and Rihanna I guess) be so open and giving to their fans. She took time to give everyone a hug, compliment their outfit and have a little chat even if they hadn't bought anything. She spoke for so long to me (while looking me in the eyes and holding both my hands) that the person who was supposed to take our picture was getting annoyed, and she signed my The Dutchess CD even though we weren't allowed to ask for autographs. She spent extra time with 2 stans and their mom taking a bunch of selfies and signing multiple copies of the Double Dutchess vinyl. One of them had on a denim jacket with all her song titles painted on with Wite-Out
  15. I’m strangely here for this. She is so likable, I can’t help but wish for something good that will be appreciated by the fans at least.
  16. She got divorced?
  17. She and Josh split in early 2017 but it's only in the last couple of days that Fergie officially filed for divorce.
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  18. I know she has it in her to deliver something better than Double Dutchess, so that hasn't turned me off of being interested in new music, but I would like her to play with her voice more and sing a bit more in the style of Meet Me Halfway. She tries so hard sometimes vocally that it sounds off putting rather than good. Its the Nadine Coyle syndrome - I already know you're a good singer sis, you don't have to try this hard.
  19. Thank you for the sweet story. This makes me love her even more.
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