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Fergie - Double Dutchess

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ms stush, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. GCZ


    This is everything
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  2. Justice for her best song:
  3. Rob


    I hadn't realised they broke up, so sad because they seemed such a sweet couple. Fergie has had a rough couple of years, hopefully she catches a break soon.

    Controversial opinion but Double Dutchess isn't a half bad album. It could definitely have used a few stronger tracks and the rollout was an embarrassment but Enchanted and some others still pop off.
  4. Yeah I don't dislike the album that much. It's that it got a big meme status a la Bionic or ARTPOP and flopping to oblivion due 'old tracks' and the mess of a roll-out, but everytime I listened to it, I had a good time?

    Hope she gets some goodwill for the next one and step up the game too.
  5. I didn't hate a lot of Double Dutchess, it was just a shame that the entire campaign basically lost it's way the moment LA Love was released.
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  6. I love her so much.
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  7. Kii - I got this album on vinyl brand-new for like, $14, including shipping.
  8. Underrated album. Still enjoying it.
  9. I just want her rendition of the National Anthem remastered and put on streaming
  10. Same, I randomly picked it up on clearance at Urban Outfitters one day. I saw it sitting there and felt sad no one else would buy it.
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  11. Three new Fergie tracks are being put about at the moment. A snippet of one of them has leaked. Here's hoping they arrive in full soon.
  12. I
    New new or leaks from the last album?
  13. She still did that with the visual album.

    The good sis near bankrupted herself filming all those videos and the gays only used her for gifs.
  14. I'm not sure. People are claiming that it isn't 'Clones', which is the last confirmed outtake from DD.

    I can't tell you what she got to offer
    But you might want to fuck with who's popular
    Carry on, ain't no other difference between
  15. Should have released a DVD...
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  16. The visual album is so underrated! "Just Like You" is my favorite of the songs. It's so raw in its anger and bitterness. The video for "Love Is Blind" is delightfully morbid.
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  17. Yeees plus she looked absolutely gorgeous there too.

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  18. I still can’t believe they marketed it as a visual album and then released a physical edition without the actual visuals. Smh.
  19. Hey Mama randomly come on tonight and made me realise how much I miss Fergie-Ferg. Her biggest mis-step was waiting so long to release the follow up album. It's funny when you compare her to Gwen, who rush released a sub-par follow up that done moderately ok, but it delayed and affected the interest in the groups follow up. Fergie done it the other way around and affected her own solo success, but the groups output done well.
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  20. Love Is Blind (song and video) knocks!
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